Sunday, 8 March 2015

Let's Get This Show BACK on the ROAD!

Happy happy Sunday RUNday!!!

It's been a loooooong 3 weeks of hittin' the 'mill for some miles, (womp womp). Of course that is with the exception of last Sunday's 13.1 miles of Ice Capades, I mean (cough) half marathon. I have to tell you, I was super duper sore ALL over the next morning, like the type of DOMS that have your eyebrows hurting and all. :(  So let's just say that my next run was not until Tuesday.

Here are some of my TM runs....

I definitely did not notice this sign until I was at home swiping through my pics...LOL. "I didn't choose the treadmill life. The treadmill life chose me." ;)
 Oh look, more TM running! Thanks Sam for totally creeping my runs....LOL.

Okay, I just have to say, everyone on the TM is all like "lalalala, I'm just here running and watching TV or whatever," and I'm over here all like "OMG I can't look up or I'll fly back on the thigh squeezy machine." I'm pretty sure I almost fell 71 times in 8 miles. :| Why the heck can't I run AND watch the TV??? 

See our streets were looking a lot like this for a very long time and this photo was taken a day or two before they were 'Good,' not 'Great' just 'Good.'
Excuse the fuzzy pic, but Lola was just too busy to slow down and wait, lol.
And on top of crappy road conditions, work was NUTS! I drank my weight in these over the past week....

And some Career benchmarks were reached! :D
I finally secured my Probationary 2 was only 9 years in the making. ;) 
 Yep, more treadmill runnin'.
Obviously I was racing the chick on the left, obviously. ;)

That moment when you realize one of your compression socks made it's way into the DRYER! :(
I have to show you these beautiful earrings I ordered from the Etsy site! They are handmade by Peri Sokol and I LOVE them!

Lola the demon dog apparently stares at me when I'm
"Oh, were you asleep?" 
 GUESS WHAT I DID ON SATURDAY?!?!?!??!!? RAN OUTSIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I ran on actual pavement with actual hills and actual wind and it was awesome!
Speaking of running outside, the streets are still quite narrow and the sidewalks remain treacherous so it's important that runners/walkers and drivers respect each other out there on the road. As a driver myself I know it can be quite scary to see a runner/walker coming up with little room so I hopped out of the way as soon as I saw a car coming today. I don't want to cause any grief, I just want to get my miles in. ;)

Sam and I had some macaroons to celebrate our first successful neighbourhood run in forever!

Sunday's long run fuel...

I had 18 miles to do today....18! I wasn't going to run along the main road even though it would offer a lot of distance because traffic is just too busy for me with no sidewalk. I ran 75 000 loops of the neighbourhood to make up my big 18.

Along the way I noticed some neighbours got creative with their
"We were here"
One of Sam's neighbours yelled out to me after seeing me at least 6 times lapping his street, "Hey you're gonna wear out pavement!" LOL. I put my arms in the air and replied, "Maybe I'll get rid of some of the ice." ;) I can be clever you know.

I started getting hungry at 8.5 miles, and then at 9.5 and 14.5 miles I had a Gu.
Good runners stash their GUs in their pocket or trash them. ;) Don't be a litterbug! 
 I finished. It was tough. It was hilly. But it was beautiful out!

Now if you need me, I'll be enjoying my Tim's Birthday Cake Timbit. :)

Thanks for stopping by the GGR blog. Have a beautiful day!
How was your weekend in running? 
Did you get to run outside???

Happy Running,
Heather :)
Next up, the Moose Run 25km next Sunday.
Boston in 42!!!


  1. Congrats on your benchmark success! The weather has been warming up here but I still am in no condition to be going for a run. I can't WAIT till I do though!

  2. Love it!! Congrats on the outdoor run!!! AND your teaching benchmark!

  3. I ran outside today too! I ended up doing weird parking lot loops mid-run toget my 5 miles in. The trail in Saint John was pretty snowy/icy but it was worth it to be outside.

  4. I ran outside today too! I ended up doing weird parking lot loops mid-run toget my 5 miles in. The trail in Saint John was pretty snowy/icy but it was worth it to be outside.

  5. I admire your dedication to run, even if it means getting on the dreadmill. I am at the point where I am opting to either rest or lift instead of treadmill. I just hate it so bad!

    What is a probationary 2 contract? I know it is a good thing!!! :)

    1. It means that as long as I accept a 100% position for next year I'll secure my permenant teachers contract and hopefully no more bouncing around between different schools. :)

    2. GOOD for you!!!! :) Is it for 1st grade?

    3. Well it could be for any grade from kindergarten to six. I am in the first grade area now with my Early Literacy position plus I teach first grade in the classroom for one hour a day.

  6. Yay for outside running! I'm sure you'll have spring weather before you know it.

    And congrats on your contract!

  7. Glad you were finally able to run outside! 18 miles!!!! That's pretty impressive. I haven't reached that distance yet. And congrats on the work milestones!!!!

  8. I hate when it's cold out and my Gu is like...solid. It's hard to eat! I'm glad you were able to get back outside for your 18 miles. Can you imagine running 18 on the TM?!

  9. Yay for outside running! I ran on the treadmill for the first time in forever the other day. Only four miles, but I wanted to die. How did I used to do so many miles on the treadmill before? Even watching shows, it feels terrible.

    Congratulations on the contract! That's really awesome!

  10. Congrats on the new contract! Lol that sign is too funny! Love it! Yes I ran outside in a running skirt! It was that warm! whoo hooo! I am so ready for spring!

  11. I love this post. It's so random. YAY for running outside, finally!!

  12. Your ice piles look scary and your running looks great :)