Monday, 2 March 2015

Hypothermic Half 2015 Recap

Alright stop! Collaborate and li-sten.  LOL...I'm sorry, I absolutely couldn't resist throwing in a little Vanilla ice after running 13.1 miles in quite challenging conditions to say the least.

I had eagerly registered for this race some time ago and yet I found myself in tears on the edge of my bed Saturday night before the race. I was pouring my heart out to Matt about how my training had fallen to the wayside as Mother Nature had gotten the better of me and all of my running routes. The treadmill and I are becoming good friends, although it's not actually a relationship I hope continues for too much longer. ;)

Getting quality training in has been a struggle between storm after storm after storm after cold after ankle sprain, (womp womp). With the Boston Marathon in less than 50 days now, I was about to head out and run a half marathon on a completely glazed paved trail. Yep....I know what you're thinking. Just don't do it! The thing is I really did want to do it and get some sort of a quality outdoor long workout in, I was just petrified of the course.

Matt offered to run it with me and if we decided it was too icy we'd bail...which would be a totally legitimate decision. But I decided I'd take my spikes, get a feel for how people were approaching the race and run it on my own. Sam and Katie offered to tag along being my own personal race-arazzi and cheer squad. :D

The air was crisp and the sky was blue, perfect running weather. Oh except for the fact that the ground beneath us was as slick as a bobsled course....gulp.

Hat and bib are on All signs point to a terrified runner.
As I headed out to the start I tried to get an idea of how many people were wearing traction and nearly 3/4 of the runners appeared to be. I'm just going to go ahead and call the remaining runners Daredevils since they ran the route in the regular runners! :0
The Start
At 8 a.m. we were off! The picture below is us leaving the golf course start. This was also the only section of the route that had actual pavement showing through.

Can you spot me??? ;)

As soon as we hit the trail which was only about 400m down the road I was amazed at how bad the trail actually was! Yikes, it was icier than I had seen the day before when I headed over to check it out.:(  I immediately patted myself on the back for taking the yaktrax. ;) I was also in sheer amazement at the runners in regular footwear who zoomed by me! And then later not surprised that they had wiped out. Many runners called it quits after a few miles deciding it just wasn't something they wanted to do.

Cautiously I proceeded and with each garmin beep indicating a mile marker I watched my pace flirt between 8:40 - 8:50! Yep, it was slick!

We ran a little over 4 miles out towards the Coke plant and I saw Nick and Michelle at the water station telling me to hold out my arm. I was like "Okay but I'm sort of running on ice," lol... but I did it anyway. They were snapping bracelets for Maritime Race Weekend onto everyone who was sporting the MRW swag! Sweet :D I had my MRW toque and buff on.

At the Coke Plant water stop Anna @ Piper's Run was volunteering! Her and I had a great little pow wow the day before in a line up at Target discussing the conditions.
Here's a finish line pic of us 
As I headed down towards the golf course again, around 8.5ish miles, I saw Sam and Katie and yelled out to them "This is a skating rink!" Hence the pic below, LOL. I tried to occupy my mind with music and when Jay Z came on saying, "I got 99 problems..." I thought "but lack of ice ain't one!" I really couldn't come up with anything better, lol. 

On the second loop a runner named Mike caught up with me and I'm usually not a chatty runner, but I needed something/someone to take my mind off the fact that I was RUNNING ON ICE, by choice. He was great to keep company and we talked about training, winter weight vs. summer weight, how crazy brave the runners were who wore normal We also saw a few near wipe outs and some full out crashes.

Tim Chessnutt was out on course once again to capture some great shots! Hey there's Mike and I . :)

"Hey look a camera!" LOL

Every so often when we felt our strides opening up I asked Mike to kindly remind me that we were running on ice. After a while your body becomes comfortable and you sort of forget, you know? FYI: on a day with clear ground, this route would be a-mazing! It's flat and gorgeous. :)

Yay, the finish is in sight! 

I really feel that I deserve a special award since I did not fall once! Most runners fell somewhere between 1-3 times!!! :0 There was even an ambulance and a guy with a bloody eyebrow at the finsh! Scary. :(

Oh hey, Steve even showed up after being out to sea until the night
Don't mind us, we're just icing our glutes. ;)
Sam, Katie and I. :)  Super dedicated Runner Pals who will come out to cheer on a frigid March morning.

I was happy in the end I decided to go through with the Hypo Half. I was even more glad that my ankle held up and I didn't have any crashes, (virtual fist pump). I am not too thrilled about how sore all of my little stabilizing muscles are today from bracing on the ice, OUCH!

Thanks to all spectacular volunteers, organizers and anyone who spectated along the icy way! See ya next year....err, maybe? LOL.

Have a great evening and thanks for stopping by to visit GGR!

Happy Running,
Heather :)
Boston in 48!!!


  1. Brave girl! I probably would have run too. I hate wasting a good race entry. Great recap. I felt like I was running too!

  2. Oh my gosh, that medal is BEAUTIFUL! I love it!

    Congrats on kicking the ice's butt! I imagine it takes a LOT more energy to stay upright when you're racing on deserve a hot chocolate and a box of cookies!

  3. Hey, I'm friends with Anna and found your blog through her :) Great re-cap, the conditions were downright scary. I was slipping even in yaktrax, no idea how people without them survived. I escaped with only a minor sore knee and MANY sore muscles that I don't normally have... apparently that ice takes a whole new set of muscles. Running Room gets a big fail in my books for this event, I had even called them Thursday and they assured me that the course was going to have fresh salt, sand, or crusher dust on top... obviously that did not happen. I think it was very poorly managed and they should have changed the route. We certainly earned that medal! I feel so bad for those who got injured or couldn't finish, not fair at all. But you ran amazing, congrats on surviving and good luck in Boston!

    1. Thanks Krystol! I heard so many negative comments about the RR based on their judgement with this race. :( Let's hope next year is better.

  4. You earned that snowflake!!! Hard core Canadian! I would have been so nervous on ice. I am glad you survived, your ankle is good, and I hope you can get some melting so you can zoom like you want to!

  5. Congratulations on finishing a really tough race! I can't even imagine running on ice. No thank you! Or running in all of that gear you guys are in. I feel heavy when I wear a long sleeved shirt.... Come to California and run with me!

  6. I am so scared to run on ice. Kudos to you for running a whole half (haha) marathon on the ice! Before you mentioned your stabilizers, I was thinking about how I bet they are sore!

    I can't believe Boston is so soon! I bet a lot of people training for Boston have been doing their runs on the treadmill. I am sure you're not alone! New England got PUMMELED this year. And the lower part of the North East (where I am) had FRIGID temps.

  7. Great job! I love the race photos - thank goodness you didn't slip on the ice!

  8. Wow, that looks like a brutal race. It sounds like you did great though! I agree - there should have been a special award for people who didn't fall at all. I guess you just get the "smart runner" virtual pat-on-the-back. You even got nice race photos! That's awesome.

  9. That course looks absolutely terrifying! Kudos to you for running it smart and staying upright!

  10. Great job maintaining a vertical stance the whole time. You guys are a determined bunch...that is for sure!!!!

  11. Way to go you bada$$! Although we do want to tell all of you eastern North Americans to stop stealing our snow. We have had a sad snowless winter here in Alaska and we are insanely jealous of your winter wonderland.

  12. Oh man, running on that much ice sounds tough and no fun at all! Way to stick it out though

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