Saturday, 7 February 2015

This Winter's Just Getting into Gear :S

In case you haven't heard, Winter has land-did in Eastern Canada! You're not going to believe this, but there were 3 legit snow days this week. THREE! That has been completely unheard of since I lived in Nova Scotia. Hey I'm not one to complain about a snow day, but once it starts interfering with my training runs, I mean business. ;) I guess on the bright side I've had three strength training days if you consider all the snow and ice removal I've done???
Okay, so Matt actually cleared most of this stuff, I just tidied it up and lifted the ginormous ice chunks that the plow sent our way. :S

So I decided to finally register for the Hypo Half on one of the snow days. :D Who knows what conditions will be for the run!

Wednesday's run was a super snowy one. I had to pull on the Yak Trax for grip and I ran a crazy hilly snowy route.  Looks like hill training is coming along but I guess my speed workouts will have to wait. Sigh.

Thursday gave us snow day #2 for the week. To be frank, it was more like an ice day since we had some mild air and rain move in followed by ice pellets and then later snow. I checked out the streets and decided there was far too much ice to venture out so the treadmill it was for a 7 mile progressive run.

Hot hot hot hot hot. Did I mention how hot it was????

Reminder to self: Always sport a braid when running inside and wearing a tank. Sweaty hair on the back does not feel
I LOVE getting Lulu gift cards! Check out this cool tank I got from a Christmas one! 
Post-run I headed to the store to pick up chicken and the lady gave me a sample of pizza! Yes please!

When I got home my new sneakers were here. :D Yes this is my third pair of pink Nimbus 16s. Unfortunately with wide feet you can only get the one girly colour for now. At least they're pretty. :)

This song by Lana Del Ray is where it's at right now on my playlist. I repeated it over and over on the treadmill and on every other run this week. I know it's not new, but I LOVE it.

Running on the crazy hot TM and shovelling sure works up an appetite. I'm loving chicken fajitas with mango salsa these days! Try it'll love it. :D

Friday was a rest day AND another SNOW DAY!  What?!?!? Roads were deplorable so I was thankful there wasn't a run scheduled, (virtual fist pump). 

Of course with another snow day comes more shovelling and ice removal. Plus I picked up this super cute cabinet which required some manoeuvring and lifting between Sam, Matt and

The PLL Halloween Train show is on TV in case you're
My Saturday run Roads were still a nightmare so I had to use my yak trax AGAIN. Plus I overdressed so it felt like I was melting only a mile in and with the traction in the snow it felt like a beach run, only not as beachy. You get what I mean right? LOL.
I've been stressed a bit lately about how sluggish my pace is in all this snow and ice. I'm seeing super fast runs on Instagram from people who are also going to Boston and it's really freaking me out. :( I'm afraid I'm going to be super slow compared to everyone else even though I'm running with a hard effort. I actually can't believe how hard the effort is! For instance I told Matt that my 7 miler this morning felt like a 15 miler at the end. I would love to hear your thoughts on this!!!

Oh, and someone had a haircut! Clearly they're not too thrilled about it 

Come on Winter, I have 14 miles to do tomorrow. Please oh please ease up on the snow! 
Winter running vs. Speed thoughts???
Are you doing the HYPO 1/2? 

Happy Running,
Heather :)


  1. I am definitely not doing the Hypo 1/2

    We get snow all the bloody time in Ottawa and around my house the sidewalks are way too snow covered 90% of the time. This January hasn't been too bad for snow and with a week break, people's footprints on the sidewalks make things not bad. But the other day we got another 19cm and boom, there goes the sidewalks again. But you guys got a crazy amount of snow!

    I do not like running in the snow at all. It really messes things up for me and it definitely feels like beach running OR it is too flippin cold out (like -25C gah!). The only thing, is that when you get to run on clear pavement again, it feels SO easy - that is why I think I got a random 5K PB on New Year's eve because I had been running on snow for a month ;-)

  2. Do you remember last year at this time?? You were having the exact same thoughts! You're doing great!!!

  3. You r getting stronger and when the weather gets better you will be flying! I felt the same way last winter. Just get the distance in that's what matters. I wish I was doing hypo half with you again this year. :( but I will be there to cheer you on :)

  4. Running in these conditions only makes you a stronger runner. If anything, when you get there, you will be faster than you think you can be simply because it will feel easy to not have to dodge ice! I have been doing long runs with a couple of people from the running club who are from the midwest. They just came back from a visit where they had to run in icy conditions. While we were struggling to go forward into a 25 mph headwind, I asked if they would prefer wind or ice. They both said wind. So you are a beast!

  5. Running on snowy/slick roads is killing me! Fortunately I'm not in snow full time, but when I am out here for work it is so discouraging to see splits that are a minute per mile slower than what I run at home. I try not to worry about it because I know the effort is there but it is so frustrating!

  6. Glad you're getting a blast of winter too :) We've had it for months! Ha ha I am not doing the hypo but I will volunteer to take pictures. Winter can kill the very best of intentions! I don't think I will get any "real" speed work in until the snow melts. :(

  7. Just focus on your exertion and not your actual pace. Running in snow is tough. A "slow" snow run may build more endurance than a faster run!

  8. That shirt is so fantastic! I wish I felt more confident about baring my back.

    Is it usually this snowy in February?? When does spring usually start!