Monday, 19 January 2015

Winter Training & A Few Confessions

The Boston Marathon is 90 days away! I've been diligently following my training plan like a trooper. Saturday morning's run proves just that.

8 miles in -24 degree Celsius temps with frigid headwinds ALL THE WAY HOME. :( {sniff sniff}. When I took off my jacket I discovered ice that had frozen on the back of my neck, hair and jacket.

Confession: After Sam and I saw Mockingjay, I could not get The Hanging Tree Out of my head. I even downloaded it and used it on my Saturday run. 

Another Confession: The JK peeps had an area set up at the grocery store on Saturday so naturally I ended up leaving with another pair. :S

Last Confession: Matt and I ordered from Sal's 2 Saturday's in a row now. Yes, that's another Meatball Hero on my plate.

Long run fuel: (+ a slice of thin crust cheese pizza that I ate before I snapped this pic)

Well if all of this running in the snow, slush, ice, on hills, while wearing multiple layers doesn't injury me first, I'll surely have some massively strong legs. You see, I get very much spoiled by the super flat gravel trail in the spring, summer and fall. Since the trail becomes a treacherous bumpy skating rink for runners in the winter, I'm forced to channel my creative side mapping out miles upon miles in nearby subdivisions that include rolling hills, many turns and snow covered streets. {sigh}

Sunday's run: 15 miles in warmer temps than Saturday, on a crazy all over the place route with my usual headwind from the lake on the way home, done. :D

I have been listening to Hal Higdon's advice in the area surrounding pace. During this time of year, especially in Eastern Canada with winter conditions like ours, it's best to base your runs on expended effort rather than pace. :) I've been noticing my legs are usually more sore post-run than my typical runs on flatter, less slippery surfaces. Let's just say my foam roller and I have reunited and yoga is really helping. ;)

Post-run warm up treat:
I wasn't too sure how I'd feel about this coffee, but it's perfect. Not too light, not too dark. :D 
Thank goodness for Skinny Pop! When I'm RUNgover and craving salty snacks it's nice to have another alternative to my 'Eat anything and everything in the pantry' motto, LOL. P.S. I think everyone on my Instagram feed has a bag and has taken a photo with the ginormous bag next to their torso to portray it's massive size. ;) Thanks IG pals for the recommendation!

Later that same day:
Lola and I hit up Tim's for a peppermint tea and of course a timbit for the lady. ;)
 I have a bit of a head cold! So today was a complete rest day. I thought that instead of accepting the fact that I may be getting sick and making soup, I'd spring for Mexican instead. Tacos it is!

I hope you have a great week and thanks again for stopping by!
How do you adjust your running/training in the Winter?

Happy Running,
Heather :)


  1. I run most of my runs on the treadmill right now - my street is constantly a layer of ice and snow - and like you, I would have to run circles in a few subdivisions to get a decent run in. There is very little else to run on - I'm not a fan of running on ice since it tends to overwork things and I get owwies. But it has also been really, really cold.

  2. As you know I''m a beginner runner, coupled with the fact that I live on a hill!! So I usually stick to running on the treadmill at the gym. But if I find a low lying area that's totally clear I love running outside, it's totally refreshing! PS - Love those leggings and the tacos look delish!

  3. My run when I am lazy and don't want to drive anywhere is literally circles around my neighborhood. I don't feel safe running alone if I go left approximately a quarter of a mile into my run, so I always go right and do 2 or 3 loops. It's boring, but it gets the job done. You are so hardcore. I hate the cold. And here, cold is 40 degrees...

  4. I definitely agree that running on icy/snowy surfaces is more effort. Fortunately I don't have to do it very often (only when I'm out in the midwest for research).

  5. You are still maintaining a great pace for a snowy icy run! It's cold here but we rarely have ice and snow so it isn't that bad, last week our ice had melted in two days. I do love winter running in VA - but the 6 months of humid summer kind of stinks lol
    I really like the Mockingjay song too. I can't wait for the next movie.

  6. Does your RUNgover last multiple days? Generally the day of the long run I'm not crazy hungry, but the next day and possibly the day after that I'm like a maniac when it comes to food. I'm hungry every two hours and never quite feel full! I have the HH Half Marathon book, I just need to read it! PS - That meatball hero looks delicious!! I love me some meatball sando's! Happy Running girlie! xoxo, ganeeban

  7. I should not have been looking at all these food pictures in the midst of my 2 weeks of no running! Looks really yummy. :) LOVE YOUR LEGGINGS!

  8. 90 days away? That sounds so soon! I love those leggings too! I head to the inside track if the roads are impossible to run on. I avoid this as much as possible.

  9. Those leggings are ridiculously cute. Like, cute enough to convince me to run in leggings, despite the heat!

  10. I downloaded the Hanging Tree too!!! It's one of my "keep it on repeat" songs. The radio DJs down here have done a remix with a more upbeat tempo... fun to listen to but the original is better.
    Keep up the great work with your training!!!!