Sunday, 4 January 2015

Sometimes It's Okay To Be a Wimp ;)

Today is my official last day of Christmas vacation, sniff sniff.

Yep, the lunch bag is on the counter so now it's definitely real.

I'm sure going to miss spending the day with this crazy gal. <3
This photo was taken mid

Lola clearly likes to be comfy on my lap when Friends is

Today we had our first real blast of winter with snow, ice pellets and then rain. This made for super slick road conditions and I debated going out for my run several times. After checking out the roads, I decided against insanity and wimped out. But sometimes, it's okay to be a wimp. ;)

I did a serious upper body workout with some core exercises and then hit up the treadmill for a super duper long 7 mile run. The first two miles were certainly the most challenging for me mentally so then I made it a game, sort of. I did each mile faster than the previous and it actually worked to keep me engaged. 7 miles certainly does not meet the standard of a long run in marathon training I know, but this week was a scale down week that only asked for a 8 mile long run, which I did yesterday in fear of the storm today. So basically I switched Saturday and Sunday's runs. :)
7 miles, 57 min, 8:08 pace/mile
I also started taking down Christmas today. :( Lola rebelled and sat under the Christmas tree as a I am going to miss the cozy Christmas ambiance.

But no worries, I'll be babbling on about this from now on in...........
That's right, only 105 days!!!!!!!!!!

I hope you have  a lovely evening and didn't get pounded too badly with snow today. Thanks for checking in on GGR. 

Do you get sad when you take down Christmas?
How did you enjoy your break? 
What are you training for next????

Happy Running,
Heather :)


  1. Okay...after seeing that picture of the snow I would wimp out too :( Soon you will be back to pounding away the miles! I wish I could run on the treadmill also (just to be able to have another go-to running option during bad weather times), but I get dizzy on the treadmill so I have to find other cross training options.

  2. long runs on the treadmill are tough. I was there with my sister around 6 tonight!
    Hope you have a good day back tomorrow- March break is not too far off;)

  3. I am super sad about the Christmas breakdown and going back to work. I even used food to cheer me up, ended up eating too much, and now I have a tummy ache. I can really sabotage myself if /i want to...

  4. haha LOVE the Boston count down!

  5. I do not get sad about taking down Christmas - I'm glad the clutter is gone :-)

    I'm training for 5/10K races right now - keep toying the idea of a spring half but I don't really want to decide anything until my second semester placement is figured out.

    My break was ok - pretty busy and only a bit relaxing. I'm actually looking forward to going back to work

  6. I wimped out and did my long run 8 miles) on the treadmill too! It's totally mental for me too!

    I took down my Christmas decorations today too. I don't get sad, at all really, I appreciate the lack of clutter haha!!

    I'm training for the Phoenix Half Marathon next month! I am so pumped for you to be running Boston again!'

  7. I bet it was nice to work out in shorts and a tank!

    I go back to school tomorrow too :( I'm not ready!

  8. Perhaps you will have a snow day tomorrow! I put my christmas stuff away on new years. That way my house is all clean and ready for the new year!

  9. So all week, I ran on the treadmill because it was icy and nasty like that. And then I'd look at Instagram and see your badass outside-in-the-cold running pics and think, "I'm such a wimp. Heather's out there." So knowing that you don't do treacherous ice makes me feel better. Is that weird?

    Good luck back at work tomorrow. My lunch is also packed and ready to go. And my alarm is set. Sigh.

  10. Uhg I know how you feel, I was miserable driving into work today lol.

    Well unless guys it's a new year and a new attitude, so here is to work going as well as running in 2015. :)

  11. Not easy to run 7 miles on the "dreadmill" (mine now is property of the spiders) but I understand how difficult can be to make a workout under the snow.
    Of course I am also sad because I have to come back to work.
    Happy new year.

  12. Hope your first two days back have been good! We sure are having quiet the cold snap right now - I'm thankful for my treadmill these days .... well really, every day I use it I'm thankful or else I would get my run in.
    I'm currently training to get my hamstring back in top shape...then maybe my first FULL Marathon!

  13. I was so ready to get my Christmas stuff down!!! After a while it's just time. I've been running outside but fortunately in Texas we don't have much ice or snow. Good luck with your training!

  14. It's so hard to go back after break! We are crazy busy right now. No snow in VA yet :)