Sunday, 11 January 2015

My Week in Workouts

I hope you've all had a fantastic week! It's been quite the adjustment getting back into the swing of things between work and working out. Not to mention the sudden realization that I could no longer sleep in until 8:30. :( And also, no tree. :( :(

Brian thought he'd give my physio visit a little 'fancy hotel feel' by placing a block of fudge on my know, like those hotels that leave the mint on the pillow, lol. Hey, it keeps me coming back. ;)

Monday's run was chilly but felt great, especially since Sunday's run took place on the dreadmill!

After work I stopped by to see Sam. You need to send her some speedy recovery vibes since she's nursing a broken foot. But I am confident she will heal and recover in time for some marathon miles before the Summer. ;)

How did I end up leaving with cookies?! lol. 

Tuesday's run  was super COLD! I ran a rolling hill route and after about 2 miles I was good and warmed up. Sidenote: when I pull my balaclava down below my chin because I'm warm, I feel super squished and double-chinney...hence why I'm pulling it out for my

As I ran on Wednesday evening, I could barely see since it was snowing very lightly but I had to squint the entire Footing was still very good and I love how some people still keep their Christmas lights up   ................................................................................including me. :D

I like to call this one "I have an idea!" LOL
P.S. I'm LOVIN' the new headlamp!
Oh dear god, hill repeats! Very very cold hill repeats. Oddly enough, the three body parts that were the coldest were my elbows?!, below my belly button?! and of course my butt, lol. Since these super chill temps have arrived I've been whipping out the big guns....
Yes, it makes me look all shiny on the run, but you know what, the Shea butter Vaseline smells super good! Plus, it really helps block the biting wind for those winter runs. I load it onto my face and neck....and lips. ;)

This was a rest day but if I took down my Christmas tree, went to Costco and cleaned like a machine, does that count? Lol. My Christmas tree only had lights and ribbons on it for about a I just didn't want the warm Christmas light feel to go. #loser

Sunny Saturday
When I am working my runs are often in the dark...womp womp. This makes me appreciate running in daylight that much more! AND, it was sunny!
The sidewalks were finally runnable! Yes I'm deciding that's a word. ;)
Here are some of my attempts at a runfie while running, lol. How on earth do people actually pull these off?!?!?!
This SPI belt I bought for the Boston Marathon last year is probably my best investment ever...all $20 bucks of it. Running Room sells them and you must get one!
 Yay, I got my face in this one!

Almost home....super pretty. :)


I'm heading out for my long run now. I should be good and fuelled up since Matt and I had an old favourite for take-out dinner last night: 
 Yes, this is a meatball Hero...mmm!
and the obvious. :D
Friends has been playing on Netflix non-stop. Look which show was playing this morning! I love the Phoebe and Rachel running show...LOL!

Have a stellar Sunday everyone and thanks for stopping by! 

Do you get sad to take down Christmas? 
What tricks do you use for running in the cold? Mine are layers and Vaseline! Oh, and Smart Wool socks. ;)

Happy Running,
Heather :)


  1. Had my smartwools on today....but I forgot lip chap...and did I miss it!! I felt like a weirdo trying to snap a pic while cars were driving did you do it while running??? Great job on getting those runs in while it was so darn cold...not sure which I would rather...snow or cold!!!

  2. Great job getting those cold runs done! Thanks for the visit really cheered me up! Hope you enjoyed the cookies 😉 I am going to have to watch that friends episode

  3. Vaseline and bodygide. Yes layers are a definitely must too. How's the Nissan?

    1. LOVING the spunky Nissan! I love the colour, the shape, the satellite radio and all it's digital features. :D

  4. What is an SPI belt?

    I didn't want Christmas to be over either! Your living room is beautiful even without the tree!

    I am enjoying daylight runs this weekend too! It makes it easier to see the icy spots...

    1. Thanks I made sure it was tidy before I posted the pic. Usually Lola's toys are all over the place!

      A SPI belt is just basically a sleek fanny pack. I use it to hold my phone, bank card and car key. During the marathon in October I stuffed it with gels. At Boston I put my phone and credit card.

  5. I think runfies taken while running must be taken with gopro cameras. They have such a wide view that it's easy to snap a selfie.

    People have their lights up here, too. I'm wondering if some people will wait til February to take them down!

  6. I still have my Christmas tree up at work. I think I need to finally take it down tomorrow!

    I love all of the plants in your living room. Are they all real?

    Way to keep at it with those crazy frigid temperatures. I would die just walking out the door!

    1. Yes Kristina all of my plants are real. :) That photo doesn't even show half of

  7. Brrrr! That looks cold.

    We finally took our tree out tonight. It's been up with no decorations on for over a week now. It just looked so pretty and green we didn't want to see it go. I think we'll have to get some more inside plants to try to recapture that nice lively green feeling.

  8. Our tree came down pretty quick, but always sad to see it go. Yeah those run selfies were a bit of a fail lol. That pizza sure did look good.

  9. That Shea Butter Vaseline is my favourite - use it all the time and have the small lip balm in every jacket and bag!

    You are a champ for running in that weather last week! I was actually really happy to have Christmas taken down this year...was ready to move on. I have Merino wool socks from Costco that I LIVE in during the winter; all day, running, evening, hiking, skiing you name it and I wear them.

  10. Every year I want to shed a tear when I take all the Christmas stuff down, it makes me super sad! But I make up for it by buying all the clearance stuff from the current year, for the next year! I can't add anything about "cold" weather, because us Californian's don't really know what "cold" is ;) I just wear long sleeves and gloves, I don't have a fancy robber, ski mask yet... xoxo, ganeeban

  11. Great job on getting out there in your headlamp and getting it done!
    My lips are torn up from my long run Saturday, I should have thought of Vaseline! I carried some silk stick but it wasn't thick enough with the wind :/
    My hubby took the tree down and cleaned up before I got home one day, I was so excited! I guess I was just ready and glad I didn't have to do it lol
    Love the spi belt, I have one I always wear.

    1. Oh, and your living room looks magazine like - a very pretty calming space :)

  12. I liked the night picture. I've always loved running in the night time and running in general. It's actually one of the biggest things that helped me recover from the long-term effects of my broken leg - along with physio and rest of course. Good luck going forward and good luck to Sam with her broken foot. Keep it up.

    Emmett Fletcher @ CK Physio