Saturday, 3 January 2015

First Post of 2015!

Happy New Year everyone!

Lola is always down for a paid-photo shoot: Paid in Milk Bones that is ;)
Matt and I rang in the New Year doing what we do best:

A New Year means a new Runner's World Calendar. :D

And a new training log! :D
Would you believe this one is from the 2010 Miami Marathon race kit?! I am JUST using it NOW! :0
My first run of the new year was an introduction into speed work. Apparently, I have a lot of work to do, lol. 

I headed out on the trail for a warm up of 2.5 miles and then did 1min hard/1min easy followed by a cool down for a total of 7 miles. Twice, I felt vomit coming.

Matt and I recovered the right way at the Esquire. :D
Happy New Year to me!
 In case you haven't heard, Netflix is now playing a show you may have heard of before. ;)
Say "Goodbye" to any sort of productivity on my part. LOL
Friday was a REST day for me, but I spent the day running around getting everything I needed to renew my passport. It literally expired a few days ago. After the marathon waiting session at the passport office, I had a couple of friends over....obviously there were treats. 

My Saturday run was FREEZING! A -21 Celsius windchill doesn't make it that appealing to go out and run. :S I bundled up so much I felt like a parade float....slight exaggeration. ;)

Smart wool socks for the win on this frigid run. :D

 PB toast and coffee for the warm up recovery.
Would you like toast with that PB???? 
Still experimenting with the new camera. I very much would like to take an intro. photography course to figure out how to actually use this new camera of mine. I am sure it can do so much more than I will ever know how to do with it. Have you ever taken a photography course???

Lola is LOVIN' all the treas she is getting from posing!

At least my plants let me photograph them for

Well that's it for today. :) Thanks again for stopping by the GGR blog!

How did you spend your New Year's Evening? 
How are your workouts going so far this year?
Favourite recovery food????

Happy Running,
Heather :)


  1. Fresh trail tracks - love it! NYE was spent volunteering at the Wolfville Resolution Run and just relaxing withe family.
    My workouts have been different so far - running with my daughter :) and skiing twice! This year, I want to take a photography and pottery course! Happy 2015!

    1. I love fresh tracks too! I have never been skiing!!!! :0

  2. You get 5 stars for running in today's chilly run!!! I don't think I could eat toast with that much peanut butter!

  3. Apparently it is going to be a high of -20C on both Wednesday and Thursday in Ottawa - I'm not impressed! Wednesday is my bday and Thursday I am supposed to be walking around downtown with my class. and -20 is the high, so it will probably be much colder :'-( I hate winter....

    I've never taken a photography class, and like you I probably don't know half of what my camera can do!

    No workouts for me so far - a combo of travelling, being at home with Max and pure laziness means I am waiting til I go back to work and (funny enough) have some more free time.

    1. We've been totally spoiled with Winter weather so far here in NS. Today is our first real blast of stormy weather and I feel like a baby here at home.

  4. Good way to spend new years eve and a great run to start out 2015. Hey those pics look great so your starting out week.

  5. Your runs in the cold make me feel like a weenie. I was on the treadmill every day this week -- although, really, it was because of the ice, not the cold. I've got to get some YakTrax,

    Confession: I've never taken a photography class, yet I teach a 4-week photo unit every year to my journalism classes. Please don't tell my kids...

    1. I will not tell your kids. :)

      Well, don't feel like a weenie. We've just got our first blast of stormy weather today. So far we've not had to deal with icy or snowy runs, which is weird for Nova Scotia.

  6. Oh my gosh, -21?! I would die! (I have to remind myself that -21 is NOT the same in C as in F lol.)

    I like your photos so far! Photography is so fun. I kind of miss using a real camera but phones are just so much more convenient!

    1. So I just checked, -21 is -5.8 Fahrenheit. :) I have no idea how to convert so I always have to look it up.

      I'm enjoying my camera, I just feel a bit clueless when it comes down to it.

  7. Never took a photography course. I am bad at pictures! I just snap and hope for the best. I can't believe how cold it is up there! We had a couple cold days this week, but nothing like that! Now today, it is supposed to b 57. How weird!!!

    1. Our cold weather just suddenly 'came.' We've been spoiled with mild air and we're not toughened up

  8. I haven't done photography ever. I think you are doing pretty well with the pictures, of course you have the cutest little model ever:) Great job on the speed work- you held a great pace. How the heck did you do that in the snow?! I had some delicious cheesecake on new year day too, seriously, why can't broccoli taste like that :) Peanut-butter is one of my favorite recovery foods for sure.