Saturday, 29 November 2014

The GGR 2014 Runner's Wish List!

 Happy Weekend everyone!

If you're about to head out for some holiday shopping and still pondering a list of ideas to get those runner pals of yours, or even for yourself, have no fear! GGR is offering up a new list of ideas for the 2014 Holiday Season. :)  Be sure to also have a browse at last year's gift ideas since there are some super sweet gifts there  too. ;)

Let's get started!

The Gift of a Good Start to  your Day
I know I can't get my day going without a good cuppa-joe, so why not enjoy it in one of these snazzy Runalicious mugs?! And while you're over at their site take a look at some of their new cool gear! I bought this bright sleeveless tee at the Moncton expo and I can't wait to sport it in the warmer temperatures...or even at the gym!
"Life is Beautiful Run with it." 
And do you know what would go so lovely with this mug???
A great find at Marshalls!
What better way to show you care than giving the Gift of Reflectivity

Lululemon has these super swanky mittens that have reflective polka dots all over them. Cute right? They are super thin but on cold cold days/evenings you can wear those little magic gloves underneath. I love them for running this time of year. If you are super duper freezing you can check out these convertible mittens I wear during the real brisk runs.
The Gift of Being Seen and Warm is also pretty great. I love this running vest from Saucony that has a light on the front (you can actually see it shimmering on my chest) and a light on the back that you can press a button and it glows red. I love this vest for night running...and of course for day runs, since it's super cool pink. ;) ***Sport Chek carries it and it has been on sale for a little while now. :D

The Gift of Fuel tastes pretty great if you ask me. 
These would make great stocking stuffers for that distance runner of yours. You can find all of these goodies at the Running Room and Sport Chek carries a few of these brands as well. :D

The Gift of Warmth
Keep those ears nice and toasty with this lulu 'Run With Me' Ear Warmer. I mentioned this gift last year, but I figured with the festive holiday colour, I'd show you my newest addition. ;)

The Gift of Badass Runner ;)
Cait Chock designs these totally awesome running shirts and has a crazy good blog. I can't wait to start 'Chicking' people in this one! ;) LOL.

The Gift of Style and Smell (a good one, lol)
My skin tends to get super dry in the winter when I'm out logging miles in the frigid air. I love moisturising with a super sweet scent when I'm all showered up. Bath and Body Works have some amazing things to get you on your way to soft skin that smells good enough to eat! I also love their Twisted Peppermint body scrub, especially for my 'Runner Feet.' #runnerproblems

When I first started running, I was really fascinated with Kara Goucher, and that actually hasn't changed  She mentioned in a Runner's World Spread that she likes to paint her nails a cool colour before a race to feel 'hardcore.' I definitely soaked up that little tidbit and I always paint my nails a rockin' colour before a race. I always get compliments on this Mega Pink Quo colour with huge sparkles in it...AND it only requires one coat!

The Gift of Style
Strappy bras are definitely in right now! They go super cool with opened back tanks for your run or for your recovery Yoga afterwards.;) You can find this Energy Bra from Lulu here and also check out Oiselle for their awesome collection of bras! While  you're over there check out their swanky cool tees! I have 3 of them! :0  

The Gift of Race Jewelry
Matt bought me a Boston 26.2 Charm Necklace when I first qualified and I LOVE it! Erica Sara has some beautiful designs so that your runner can sport their success with class. ;)

The Gift of Marathon Memories
My Sister Carla gave me this very thoughtful Boston Collage mug last year and I LOVE it so much! As you can see I use it to keep my fuel in. ;)

The Gift of Tunes
One great gift I received was an iTunes gift card! I am a music marathoner so I always run with tunes. And if your runner doesn't, they can use it to buy a few episodes of The Walking Dead while recovering after their run. ;) Okay, that's what I do, lol.

Well this should definitely give you a good start. :D 

Happy Running & Shopping!
Heather :)


  1. Awesome post....I know my mom used your same post last year for some ideas...thanks so much!!!

  2. this is an awesome list, Heather! I'll leave the post open on Kenny's computer tonight hahah!

  3. Such great gift ideas. I would love anything on this list for Christmas! -L

  4. That is a cute T-shirt and a very cool pink vest :) I don't have sidewalks when I run through the neighborhood, so i have to be lit up. Love all the gift ideas, the mug is a really cool idea.

  5. Great gift guide :) I love the mittens and the vest!

  6. I love that vest, running gifts are the best!

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