Saturday, 1 November 2014

Lucky 7 Relay Eve!!!

Happy Weekend everyone! Hopefully you're staying dry today wherever you may be. Halifax is getting sloshed right now with sideways rain. :S And guess what? The weather is going to continue on into the morning for the relay. {Insert girnormous crowd sigh}. But fear not! We will run no whatever the weather.....we're just crazy like that. ;) 

If you remember last year's Lucky 7 Relay you'll see that I ran with Courteney and Erin. It was super fun! This year Sam, Marg and I will be running together as the Timberlea Trailblazers! We put some thought into our team 'uniform' and came up with this: 
After a kazillion hours of measuring, cutting and tying we finished the tutus! 
I think they turned out pretty cute! Just do not ask me to ever make one again. I am done. I quit tutu making. 

Love the bibs and mismatched gloves!
  Ta da!
Wish us luck!

Now let's see how Halloween went: 

We made a Witch's Brew in First Grade. 

I got pied in the face for the first time ever as a part of a

Dressed as a pirate....obviously having a lot of fun, lol.
Okay, let's get this over
 Squeezed in a run before the trick-or-treaters arrived!
Even wore my Halloween spider socks. :D
Lola was wondering what was up with all the door bell ringing while standing guard for the entire evening.

And hey, guess who has a birthday soon!

Thanks for stopping by the GGR blog on this soggy evening. Have a great night! 

What did you dress as for Halloween?
Are you running the Lucky 7 Relay???
Tell me anything random from your weekend!

Happy Running,
Heather :)


  1. Oh Lola in her kerchief is adorable. :) We are not allowed to dress up for Halloween at our school. We used to be allowed and all the classrooms had Halloween parties, but they did away with it. Now, they are allowed to have "Fall Parties" but that is it. And kids can't dress up. Except one of the first graders came to school with a fake slashed throat. I thought it was extremely inappropriate but by the time he came to my room it was 2:30pm and I was like "wow... no one made him take that off yet?" so gross and inappropriate for anyone in elem. school! Or am I overreacting????

  2. Those tutus look great! Can't wait to see you blazing by! At least you didn't have to worry about Lola running out the door!

  3. OMG I can't believe you got pied in the face!!! How funny!

    Love the tutu! I am sure it will give you superhuman speed for the race :) ... Not that you need the tutu for that, you already have it!

    Have fun and happy early birthday!!!

  4. Hopefully the rain lets up for your race! After working so hard on the tutus it would be a shame to have the rain mess them up!!

    I love your Halloween costume, super cute :-)

    I dressed as a Ninja Turtle and it was a hit with my students :-)

  5. Those tutus are cute!! I hope you have a GREAT run!

  6. I love the tutus! I hope the relay was fun and not too soggy. I was a "ceiling fan" for Halloween... I wrote "Ceilings Rule!" on a shirt and carried a sign that said, "Go ceilings!" Because I am lazy.

  7. Super adorable outfits! I can't believe you made them. That's awesome!

  8. Tutu is super cute :) Love the supermanT! You did great with the pirate costume, I love costumes I am goofy like that. Cute Halloween run socks.