Friday, 24 October 2014

Oh What Do You Know, I DIDN'T Disappear! ;)


Normally on Friday evening's I look forward to NOT hearing an alarm clock the next morning, however tomorrow is the first ever BLT 5k fun run hosted by my pal Courteney! It's the first year for this race and I'm super excited because we are doing it on my home turf (in other words: the trail I run on all the time!). :D

Okay, let's take a look at my week since I've been {cough} MIA from blogging...oops!  Let's do a sentence per picture shall we?

First run post marathon. I like to call this one "Fuzzy hair, don't care." ;)

I didn't even wear my Garmin! :0

Lola got a hair cut! She looks super stylin'....maybe not so with her tongue covering her face, lol.

Bought new shades! Love these babies <3

Ate some pizza...mmm.

On Sunday I biked to the Bike and Bean with HeidiCourteney and Sam.

Obviously I had a scone. Obviously.

Watched waaaaay more of The Walking Dead than I'm sure is mentally I may have even dreamed that I got scratched by a Walker! :0
LOL: I kid I kid. 
 Got a good 10k run in .

And a 4 miler....

In the rain. :s

 Fell in love with this Creamy Cashew Silk.

Laughed really hard at this from Run Nerds Rock! LOL

Helped Courteney with Race Kits!

So did Lola.........

Don't worry: I am not 'racing' this 5k...for real! My legs are so toast but there is NO way I'm missing this run. ;)

Found out I know most of Phoebe's songs pretty darn

Super cool session at our Conference Day today! Erin and I tried our hand at dissecting Owl Pellets!

We took this.....
 and picked out this.........

and this!

Erin will be hired on as a paleontologist, I will
I just noticed that it looks like I'm about to scare her with my What am I doing??? 
Thanks so much for not forgetting about And thanks so much for reading the rambles of GGR. Have a wonderful weekend! 

Are you running the BLT 5k tomorrow???
Are you a Walking Dead fan?!?!?!

Happy Running,
Heather :)


  1. haha yes! "how was your marathon?" "how was that 10k marathon?" "are you running a marathon?" I usually just smile since they mean well haha

  2. Oh so many thing to say. First off, I loved this post.... one sentence per picture! Also, I missed you when you didn't post all week. :) I love you with fuzzy hair.... but NO GARMIN??? WTH??? Your shades look awesome. I love aviators. Lola is a beautiful little princess. Good luck at your 5k tomorrow I hope you have FUN! ps. We dissected owl pellets when I was in 5th grade, clearly the Canadian student are waaaaay ahead of the Americans as they are dissecting owl pellets at a much younger age.

  3. I love to analyze TWD but I try to wait until after it's over or during a commercial so I don't get bitch slapped haha!!

    At the 10k last weekend, I heard someone say, "When you run a marathon of this distance..." and I shuddered. I'm sure it was a non-runner trying to cheerlead their runner friend and start conversation etc but OMG it killed me. I guess to non-runners a 10k seems just as long and impossible as a full!

  4. Love love love that you are back! I adore your sunglasses. Have a fun race tomorrow!

  5. What great rambles lol I want to bike with you! The path with great views looks awesome :) Your runs look great for marathon recovery mode :) That's a bunch of race bags. Are you really sitting out?

  6. I'm running it! Probably really slow because of my high attendance on the injury list. I should take the stroller with me so I have an excuse for my bad time lol!
    that owl crap sure holds a lot of bones, and skulls lol! Also love your new shades:)

  7. Good luck at your race tomorrow. I know you said you are not "racing" it but have fun!

  8. Lola is so helpful!!! Cecil would just be sticking his head in each bag and knocking them over for "fun" :D

    That road you're biking on is so pretty! I'm so jealous of everyone who is experiencing leaves that are changing colors!!!! I want some pretty yellow and orange crunchy leaves!

  9. Have fun with the 5k tomorrow! So cool that it's on the trail you usually run on. I'm sure that'll be lots of fun. You'll have to tell us all about it later!

  10. What? A BLT race? I hope there was bacon! I need one of these in my life ASAP! I did go back to your blog to make sure I didn't miss something, glad you are no longer MIA :) Ps- that paleontologist thing you were doing looks way interesting...and kinda creepy ;) xoxo, ganeeban

  11. I'm glad Matt had such a great race! I love that picture of Lola on the hotel bed! It's nice to find a hotel that allows pets.

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