Monday, 6 October 2014

Marathon Week Do's and Don'ts GGR Style ;)

We are down to 5 digits until race day people!!!

I thought I'd compile a list of my favourite Do's and Don'ts in the days leading up to the Marathon. So here it goes!

#1 DO Hydrate! 

That being said Don't be surprised if you go to pick up Beet Root Juice during marathon season only to find that there's none left. :(

#2 Do run less! Tapering works guys!!! I like to spend my 'extra time' relaxing, walking Lola or catching up on my favourite Netflix binge show...hello Walking Dead! Don't assume that cramming in missed/extra runs will allow you to play catch up or magically improve your fitness in the last few days before a marathon. This is not a good idea!

#3 DO create a Kick-Ass playlist for your marathon/race. Don't forget to add the song that kicks it into high gear or allows you to dig deep in the late miles. Here's one of mine:
My Dig Deep Song! :D

#4 Do go back and review your training to solidify your confidence and ability to run this race! Don't get hung up on that one week/workout you missed because you had a cold/almost injury...we all had those weeks in our training and if not, I want to know  your secret, lol.

#5 Do create a Mantra or heck, even a warrior name that you can sharpie on your wrist or say in your head when the going gets tough. ;)

Don't let the toxic thoughts in!!!

#6 Do stock up on your favourite flavours of Gu/fuel several days before the race. Don't wait until the day before the marathon to do this since chances are all of those flavours will be gone!

#7 Do paint your nails a rockin' colour because let's face it, cool nails make you run faster. ;) Don't forget to clip those toenails!!!

#8 Do plan your race day outfit/gear. Don't obsess over the weather and its influence on your outfit/race. It is what it is so thank goodness you've run in all sorts of weather and didn't cancel any training runs due to, let's say, 'the Rain,' right? ;) Garbage bags look pretty fly if I may say so. ;) Also, if it's chilly, magic gloves from the dollar store and old tee shirts make excellent throw-aways plus many races donate them to people in need!

#9 Do lay out your clothes/gear the day before. 
Our outifts for Johnny!
Don't try anything new on race day!!! Just ask my arm pits if that's a good idea. (New race day singlet at Boston this year made me super happy to see the medics holding out tongue depressors with Vaseline on them...need I say more?). Wearing new gear on marathon day is for daredevils in my opinion, lol.

#10 Do stick with pre-race nutrition that is tried and true in your training. Take note of your nutrition and remember that your body will put out what you put in. 

Don't piss off your digestive system! Maybe that habanero chilli the night before a race isn't such a good idea, lol. Having to make a port-a-pottie stop during the race is no fun and ain't nobody got time for dat! ;)

#11 Do catch up on sleep/rest. This week is about resting and nutrition. Easy short runs, at or near marathon pace, have worked for me and I only do them 2-3 times this week. Don't go too fast or too far (according to Mr. Hal Higdon) :)
Lola is the resting pro!
Well, I hope the GGR List of Marathon Week Do's and Don'ts offer you some ideas. :) Hey I'm no pro, so share the info! What tips do you have for someone during Marathon Week??? 

Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful day! 

Happy Running,
Heather :)


  1. Those Nike Pro shorts are ADORABLE! I hate the hydration part! The constant peeing is terrible haha

  2. Love the advice! My favorite advice is just to stay off your feet, even when it comes to standing/walking. I walked all over town before one and my legs felt tired by mile good!

  3. Great tips! Going to use some for the half :) I think I am ready for it now!!

  4. love this post! I would add in to make sure you have extra hair elastics on your wrist! I actually think you told me that before Oakland ;)

  5. Thank you for sharing! I have a good stock of salted caramel and salted watermelon!!

  6. ha ha ha you're so funny. great tips! Beet juice ... now I feel guilty. Mine is still in the cupboard since this summer.

  7. Great tips! I'm going to make sure to paint my nails for my next race. Seems like a fun thing to do with the extra time during taper.

  8. Thanks for all the tips...I was actually trying to decide what color to paint my nails this morning...funny!!!

  9. AWESOME TIPS Heather!!! I like how you said review your training plan to feel confident- awesome idea. I can't even add anything to the list because all your tips are perfect. You are going to rock this!

  10. Love this list!! I am so excited for you!

  11. I love all the tips! I am going to save this and reread again and again - you will have a fabulous race ") How is you look that awesome in a trash bag!?

  12. You are going to rock this race! You always do. I love these tips. Thank you!

  13. Beyonce Pad Thai...I'm still laughing!! I feel like you covered all the DO's and DON'Ts well enough...not much more to add. But maybe remember to "have fun"! Sometimes we lose sight of why we run and all that training we put ourselves enjoy the moment, you worked hard for it :) xoxo, ganeeban

  14. OMG I can't believe I forgot to channel my inner Beyonce Pad Thai during the marathon! So silly of me!

    You know what's funny? The song that I expected to be my pick me up song was so random! It was a song that almost didn't even make it on my playlist!

  15. Great list! Next week is Marathon week for me. Although it's my third, it will be my first in 7 years. Gulp. I read your report on PEI and am hoping the hills will not be too hard after a summer of training in downtown Halifax / Dartmouth. Good luck this weekend - I will be curious to know how the valley compares to PEI.

  16. I need to commit this to memory!!

  17. Great tips. I like the inner warrior name...I will have to think on that one!

  18. Great post!!!! GOOD LUCK TOMORROW! :)

  19. Great tips! I knew I read this before! Thanks for sharing. I am also a fan of RUNNING LESS. NO running 3 full days before races for me!

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