Sunday, 5 October 2014

Long Time No See, err I mean "Blog"

Hey there folks!

I am so happy to be back to posting and catching up on my favourite blogs! I've been very stressed and preoccupied this week and here's why:

The Civic and I had to say our farewells on Tuesday. :( I drove my little blue car off the lot in 2005 and it treated me kind for 9 years! But after a fender bender Tuesday morning our time together was over. :( This was my first ever accident so I was very shaken up. Everyone was okay, thank goodness!
I tried really hard to get my Boston stickers off the bumper before it got towed away and no luck. :(

Say 'Hello' to my snazzy little Versa note! I picked metallic peacock for the colour and I love it!!!

On to more positive catching up:

Froyo Date with the hubs. :D

Where's Lola????? LOL

Heidi's trip to the states proved very beneficial to me. ;)

Carb/Gab fest with Erin
Friends don't let friends carbo load alone. ;)

Running! (My saving grace)

It's getting dark earlier now. I can't say I'm a fan, but at least I've got reflectivity! ;)

Hello there Neon dots! I love these compression socks.

And my final 'Long Run' before the big Marathon #10!

8 Rainy miles at 8:08 pace on the gorgeous trail!

It's okay to be jealous..........


Very Jealous.

Last one, lol, I promise!

And of course Lola wanted to pop by and say 'hey.' 
"What up Runner Peeps?" ;) LOL
I hope you have had a fantastic week and thanks so much for checking in. 
What do you drive???
I'm trying to decide between neon dots and solid black compression socks for the marathon: Help!

Happy Running,
Heather :)


  1. I'm sorry about your civic, but you're new versa is so cute!

    I'm so jealous of your weather and seasons. Your runs lately will be so comfy and pretty!

    I say neon dots for your marathon!

  2. Buying a new car is so stressful, I understand! And our cars are like our HOMES you know? I am driving mine until it dies, that is for sure. I have a Chevy Cobalt... one of the ones they had to recall because they apparently just TURN OFF. Several people died. I am pissed and will never ever buy a Chevy again. Wish I could ditch this one, but it is paid for. And of course it is now fixed so it is no longer a death trap.

  3. OH AND LOLA IS SO FREAKING SILLY! Does she go nuts when you make your bed? Chrissy does. He hops right up to play and it just takes foreverrrrr to make the bed then!

  4. Lola is too cute! Yes very jealous .. beautiful pictures!

  5. So sorry about your accident! Sadly, I have been through several now, but it's always a pain and causes lots of stress. My last car died and I got a Kia Forte, I really love it and hope it lasts at least 10 years...hate a car payment! I love the car and color you picked. I am very jealous of your trail! Those are great neon dots speedy!

  6. Dots!!! You took some amazing shots on your run..I wish we could freeze time and the trail would always look so amazing! Can't wait to see you finish your marathon on Sunday.....eeeek!

  7. oh no :-( Sorry about the car - but yay new car!

    Fall running = the best!

  8. I'm sorry to hear about your car! But your new one is adorable. I am very jealous of your runs! They look super beautiful.

  9. Oh no, sorry to hear about your civic but I am glad you are okay and you got to pick out such a cute new car! My first car was a blue Civic that I got as my high school graduation gift!! I know how special blue civics can be :) Now I have a blue Honda CRV!

    Awww Lola in the bed is so cute! She's gotta keep warm and get her beauty rest!

  10. Super bummed about your accident! Glad you are ok! Been missing my weekly dose of Lola pics!

  11. Glad you are OK--I drive a Honda Pilot. It fits 3 growing kids and has 4 wheel drive to take us skiing! I love the peacock blue of your new car.
    Neon dots. Definitely.

  12. Sorry to hear about your accident. I am happy that you are okay!
    I also want to say good luck tomorrow!!! Hope you kick some running booty!!!