Saturday, 25 October 2014

BLT 5K Recap!

Huge Congrats to my friend Courteney for putting on such a stellar run this morning on the BLT Rails To Trails!!! What a great event!

I thoroughly enjoyed sleeping in until 6:45 (and then hitting snooze 2x) since the race was literally starting down the street.

Pre-race foot selfie :)

I already had my kit but since Heidi and Sam were handing them out I thought I'd stop by and say "hi." :)

After chatting it up with everyone and then switching from a tank to a long sleeve in the washroom, we headed to the start.

I love this shot that I totally stole from Courteney!
I'm on the left in blue. :)
We left the parking lot of the school up a tiny incline and then downhill into the trail. Racing on the trail was super cool. I knew every nook and I'm sure most of the other runners did as well. ;)

Everyone was so happy and even the dog walkers who looked stunned to see their usually calm and serene walking trail be overtaken by runners were cheering us on!

I listened to this song on repeat for the entire 5k! I'm obsessed.

My effort today felt hard, but I knew I wasn't in serious racing shape after my most recent marathon. I was very happy that my body felt good throughout the entire thing. Looks like I'm on the road to recovery! :D

Marg and I will do anything for a photo...even pretend we are putting a medal on someone...LOL. I promise we did actually hand out several 'real' medals. 

The coolest runner of the bunch. :)

I finally met Anna from Piper's Run! She's such a sweetie and I should apologize to her for devouring so much cake as we

Tom made these cool signs to mark each kilometer. This one was my favourite since I knew the hill at the end was yet to come. I'm also renaming it 'Vomit Inducing Hill.' I'm sure you can guess

And of course I had to get a photo with the Race Directer herself!
Who is going to give me some frizz control spray for my birthday??? 

My run:
My bling:
How cool are these medals?!

Thanks Kim for the pic!

Kim, Myself and Marg
I had so much fun at the race today! If you'd like to take part in next year's event be sure to sign up early since it sold out pretty early. :0

I'm off to Moncton now for marathon tomorrow! No I'm NOT running. :D I'll be cheering and drinkin' Starbucks. My kind of day. ;)

Have a fabulous day and thanks for stopping by!

Did you run the BLT 5K?
Will you be at the Legs for Literacy Marathon in Moncton???

Happy Running,
Heather :)


  1. Thanks for being so much help!!! I love that you christened the course...and that it was right in everyone's backyard!! I even felt cool as I packed the truck early this morning...just down the street I went!!! Now you get to enjoy being a cheerleader!!

  2. I met Anna today, too! What a stellar 5k time! Court did a terrific job!

  3. Yay for such a fun race! I like those medals And those signs were pretty cool too!

  4. Those are VERY cool medals! I'm glad the first year of the race went so well!

  5. Great job! I love that first picture at everyone in the front looking at their watches! Ha ha And I love that song too! I know what you mean about having a song that you love at that moment. I am a big fan of "repeat."

  6. You look so good in your Boston jacket :) What a great time. Hope that tightness in your foot i s feeling better post run. That looks like a really fun event!

  7. Great race recap, as usual!! It looks like so much fun!