Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Training Tuesday!

Girl Goes Running is linking up this evening with the lovely Heidi from Idle Hide.
After my big 20 Miler on Sunday I rewarded myself with this: 
That's right: My first, and certainly not my last, PSL!!!
 Then Lola and I did a whole lot of this...........

Oh look, here's my orchid! One little bloom left to open. :D

And before bed I took this running quiz and was reminded how much running controls my life...lol. Oh well, I guess there could be worse things to obsess over. ;)
LOL---> I was not on a TM, but I WAS icing my shins and heating my calves! 

I just want to show you what Lola does approximately 25 seconds after I arrive home from school:
I let her out back and she sprints super far from me as if to say "I'm free!" and will not return until I bribe her with treats. Sneaky girl. ;)

So I get her back by making her wear my Nike Pro bra, lol.
"Note to self: Avoid Mommy like the plague when she's folding laundry!"

Monday Training
Since Sunday's run was 20 miles I cross trained on Monday. I'm really going to miss biking when the dreaded white stuff arrives, but until then I plan on biking like Lance Armstrong! Sort of. ;)

Oh hey, just me in my super stylin' helmet! LOL. No I don't get sick of my helmet jokes, but I'm quite happy it protects my noggin'.  

I have to say I was quite envious of all the runners I saw along the trail since they had a gorgeous evening for a run.

The only time I'll see sub 6 minute miles as an average pace is when I bike!

When I got home I did some strength training since I've been hitting up the gym less. Funny thing is when I'm at the gym, no one licks my face.....{cough} Lola.

Hey did you see this marathon prediction chart based on your current race times from Runner's World???
According to this chart I should see a sub 3:30 this time. Yeah, we'll see! LOL.
Good morning cotton candy sky!

I have to tell you this week is going to be juggled so much and become all wonky in my training. My training plan OCD is going to make for a challenging week! I have school curriculum night tomorrow, rest day on Thursday since I'm racing the Sunset 5k on Friday and the Sunrise 1/2 Marathon on Saturday....bonkers!

After work today I set out for a 7 mile steady run. Nothing crazy. Just 7 miles.

I always forget the 10 degree rule when I'm getting set to go. I ALMOST wore a long sleeve tonight since there was a nip in the air! How crazy am I???? It was totally unnecessary and I'm thankful that I remembered how hot I actually get once I'm running...lol.

Well, that's my training update. How's your training going????

I'm so glad you could stop by GGR this evening!

Are you taking part in Maritime Race Weekend???
Do you have "Training Plan OCD?"
Please tell me you LOVE the Starbucks PSL so that we can remain friends? ;) just kidding!

Happy Running,
Heather :)


  1. I hear you about the training going wonky this week. I have something after school every night until right before I have to pick up Max. Then my husband has something in the evenings pretty much every night (it is (9:30pm and he still isn't home) - so any evening running is completely out the window - I don't run in the dark, so running in the morning is pretty much out too. Blah! So basically I am running when I can - today it was noon hour. Tomorrow I'm lucky enough to have Xcountry practice but I still have to add on KM. I really want to get my 20K run done before the weekend as I need to give myself a mini-taper before Army Run which is in 10 days!

  2. Thanks for the link up! Oh man, Lola is hilarious!
    Hmm, I should be able to get a 3:39 marathon- perhaps at Fredericton?! :)
    The sky yesterday morning was really beautiful, I should have taken a picture too.
    I got a PSL, well, a misto, and it was delish. Def. will be purchasing more;)

  3. Hope you're doing well! Looks like your training is coming along great :) That's such a beautiful trail to have near you - looks like it was such a nice night!

    Theoretically I'm running the half on Saturday - hopefully I will see you there!

  4. I only checked 24 on that list haha. It said I have a "very healthy relationship with running". I can't get enough of the Lola pics.

  5. Good job on your training...When you bike for cross training do you substitute the time that it would take you to do your normal training run? What effort do you put in on the bike? (Just trying to figure this all out myself... :) )

    1. Hi Cheryl!

      When I cross train I usually bike for longer than what I would be running. I love it because it's less taxing on my joints and tendons as well. I make sure to use a low gear as well. By doing that it helps increase your leg turnover rate and it's less effort...win win right? lol.

  6. Lola is just too darn cute! I have never had a PSL from Starbucks. I do enjoy the Chai tea from Dunkin Donuts though. My training is slowly getting back on track since last weekend half marathon in Virginia Beach!

  7. I love Lola pics :) I am jealous you can feel a nip in the air- still not happening here! Enjoy the biking. I am sure you will have awesome races this weekend :)

  8. I love that you bike so much! Have you ever done a duathlon or tri?

    Lola looks so cute in the sports bra! I think you should let her wear it out during a walk ;D

  9. What a beautiful sunrise! I've been sick all week...no runs for me since Saturday! Boo!

  10. My little sister and I had a discussion regarding the RW prediction chart, it is NOT right ;) haha OR we're both just really off on our marathon times compared to their predictions. I definitely have OCD when it comes to training, I'm religious with crossing off each workout on the calendar. I know that's how I am so I'm a little apprehensive for my upcoming marathon training. Sorry, I might be one of the minority, but I don't like anything pumpkin :/ But I hope we can still be friends! Have a great weekend! xoxo, ganeeban

  11. I think it's a very good thing that no one licks your face at the gym...

    Also, I think a sub-3:30 is TOTALLY doable for your next race. Your easy run paces are about the same as mine, and I just ran 3:13. You can definitely go 3:30 or less!