Monday, 22 September 2014

The Brain of a Runner, Last Long Run & Other News!

Well this was an unexpected start to the work week if I do say so myself. 

I battled ginormous puddles, near hydro-planing, and gusty winds to get to my school today, only to discover that we did in fact have none! :0  Last night's storm was ruthless with our power lines (thankfully my home power was a-okay) and several areas were flooded. 

This leads me to my thinking on how the brain of a runner works:

So when I was told that our school was closed, my mind immediately went to: "I should call Brian to see if he can squeeze me in this morning! (Brian is my PT). And I can also go to the gym since I have my gym bag in the car! I can do this all before Lunch and then go home to watch Netflix all afternoon!!!"

I don't know why people say runners are crazy. ;) 
Enjoying my 'I would be teaching right now if I had school' coffee at Physio. ;)
My shin was sore this weekend so I taped it for my long run yesterday. I wanted to get it looked at since I have my marathon in 19 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  
We're going to pretend I am not wearing odd socks. To be fair,
 I had no idea anyone would see them since this was an unplanned visit, lol. 
 I left with a new massage ball that I always 'try out' while I'm waiting in the PT's office. ;)

I think Lola has a few trigger points to work!

I think I look pretty darn fly in my shin!

I knew I'd appreciate keeping my emergency gym bag in the car. :) I just knew it!
Last Long Run
Yesterday morning I set out for my longest run yet of the training cycle. A 3 hour run was on the plan! I knew that to go far I'd have to go easy. I'm also at peak mileage right now so my body is teeter tottering on the brink of injury, therefore I kept the route solely on the trail. 
Long run fuel prep!
 5 miles in I saw these guys!

10 miles in I fuelled up.

17 miles in I thought I'd take a Runfie!

 And then a 'trailfie?' LOL.

At 3 hours I'd just passed 21.XX miles, so obviously I had to aim for 22. It just makes common runner-sense right?
Calf stretch against the civic.
 The stats!

The rest of my afternoon....

While icing my legs I discovered something: I think I have a pumpkin addiction!!!
 Pumpkin candle.......
 Pumpkin coffee......

Pumpkin lip gloss! I DO have a problem! LOL

Other news:
I am now doing Leg #3 for the Rum Runner's Relay on Saturday! I am really excited about this since I have done Crazy Leg #8 for the last 4 years and 3/4 have been really hot in the mid afternoon sun...the other time it was raining cats and dogs. Lola and I drove the route this afternoon, you know, since I didn't have school...hehe. It is a fantastic route! Beautiful, familiar running territory and no giant scary hills as seen on Leg #8. ;)

Gracious me, I still have around 45 hours or so before I get official acceptance or non-acceptance into the Boston Marathon! How will I ever survive?! I've already had one mini-meltdown when I discovered that the pending charges from the BAA on my credit card had been taken off. :(  Then I found out several others with faster and slower qualifying times had the same thing happen. Come on Wednesday! I just want to know!!!!!!!!!!!!

So I think I've rambled enough Thanks for listening. ;) Have a fantastic day!

Happy Running,
Heather :)


  1. I love all your pumpkin stuff! I need one of those trigger point balls. I sometimes use a tennis ball but then my Labrador always tries to take it from me cus she thinks I want to play. Hopefully you'll have good news on Wednesday! I'm sure you'll make it in to Boston!

    1. Thanks! I am thinking of nothing else until

  2. I definitely know that feeling of school being canceled and the day being FULL of training possibilities! I workout before school, but if the weather is bad and it is canceled, I usually get the call before my alarm goes off. Then I of course sleep in! What time does your school start up there? I have to be there at 7:55, the kids come at 8:40. Kids get dismissed at 3:20 and teachers leave at 3:40.

    1. This year school starts earlier for me. 7:40 we have to be there, we start at 8 my students go home at 1:45, older kids leave at 2:15 and I can leave at 2:45. :)

    2. Wow that is a short school day compared to our's. It makes sense though. Our K and 1st grade students are DONE by the end of the day. Which is when they have music class- OF COURSE. They are falling out of their chairs, laying their heads down, asking whether it is time to go home yet. They're not trying to be rude, they're just so TIRED! I think you guys might have a longer school year than us? Our students go 180 days.

    3. Our lunch is quite short and we have 195 school They added on 5 extra to make up for snow days!

  3. You have your pumpkin stuff out already?? Oh girl....I think we might have to do an intervention!! Love the shot of Lola....priceless...she just wants to be like her mom!

    1. I can't get enough! I didn't even show my body wash and body lotion. :D

  4. Pumpkins? That's funny :) You teachers are whacky ones! Good job on the 3-hour run. I've enjoyed reading your blog this year & following along with your races. I admire your determination and dedication to running! You're a great role model!

    1. LOL.....thanks Crystal! I have really been enjoying your recaps and training as well. :) I need to take gardening advice from you for next year. ;)

  5. Your pumpkin addiction cracks me up lol Pumpkin everything is really wonderful though. Great job on the long run, it amazes how you can hold your pace that long. I love your arms I am working on mine :) I sure hope you get to run Boston again!

    1. Pumpkins just smell so good! Thanks so much! I was really motivated by the transformation you showed on your blog this week! Way to go :D

  6. You are amazing...I can only HOPE my 3 hour run goes that well this weekend!!!

    To answer your question about getting back to blogging while back at work...taking a full week off really helped. I came back WANTING to write and catch up with everyone, and it helped me get my work schedule under control. Sometimes we have to drop a ball completely before we can start juggling, you know?

    1. Have a fantastic run this weekend Ali and thanks for the pep talk. :)

  7. Yay for your last long run! Sadly, I don't think I will be running my first marathon this year. :( I still have a few more days to decide so we shall see! Hope you get into Boston!!!! :)