Saturday, 27 September 2014

Rum Runner's Relay Recap!

Happy Saturday Guys & Gals!

Today was my 6th Rum Runner's Relay. This is such a fun relay to do if you are in the area or hey, want to come visit and take part. :D

For the past 4 years I've run the hilly Leg #8. I have a love/hate relationship with #8 because the first half is quite challenging with the last 4 miles having some glorious downhill. You can read last year's RRR Recap here. This year I was super excited when I was given the opportunity to run the flatter Leg #3 that runs along my home turf and even includes a super short section along the Rails To Trails I ALWAYS run on. As I ran that section of my leg today I realized that it was the first time in my 6 years of running that I've ever 'raced' on the trail! :0

Backtracking just slightly to a few days ago:

I hit up Physio and massage this week because I've been having super duper tight calf muscles that seem to be affecting other areas of my left leg. :(  But hey, I guess those are the breaks since everything is connected.

It's a good thing Physio feeds me well! ;)
latte, fudge and banana bread. :D
 Also a good thing that Brian lets me have the pink K Tape too!

This little tool caused me some great discomfort, but to be fair to Yee, I felt a kazillion times better after she scraped the life out of my foot with it. :D

Leg #1 starts bright dark and early (6:30). Gahh, I'm soooo sleeping in tomorrow!
 And they're off!

Sure I'll say "Cheese!" LOL.
Ready to run!
Marg and I were running the same leg! FYI: She's super speedy!
We are going to ignore the fact that I look like a giant next to her! LOL
We headed up to the start line and got set to go. One thing that makes me nervous about this relay is the fact that music is prohibited since we run on the actual road with traffic not closed. :(  I agree with this rule completely but it makes me weary since I ALWAYS run with music and hate hearing my heavy breathing during a

Something weird was up with my stomach this morning, yet again! I'm a little worried since so many people at work have had stomach bugs these past few weeks. :S After about 2 miles I felt okay so I tried to pick up the pace again.

Courteney was cheering and got some great action shots!

Matt, Lola and the other teammates offered great support that made me pick up the pace along the way. Another thing about relays is the feeling of wanting to do well, not just for yourself, but for your team. I think that's why I was able to clock my fastest 7 mile run ever today! 
Marg and I stomping out strides along the SMB road.
 "Sure I'll have a water!" Great, most of it went up my nose since I'm too stubborn to slow down. 

I'm going to pretend this van wasn't trying to send me a signal about pace as it drove slowly next to me for a while. (raised eyebrow, lol).

Team 60: Upright and Mile-ing!

The finishing stats for my leg:
Leg 3: 7 miles, 50:00 (exactly, lol) 7:11/mile pace 4:28/km pace. 

Hey look! it's Nick finishing Leg #4!

Some speedy guys cheering at the beach. :)
Nick, Matt and Paul
The "Joggler" and Andrew. Yes, he juggles when he runs!

Nothing like an ice bath in the Atlantic Ocean once you're done. :D

"All this running nonsense is making my paws tired." 

 Good thing Lola and I had nowhere to go this afternoon. We had the best nap EVER!

So there you have it. Another day another race. :) We're off to replenish some fuel now, or in other words get nachos. Have a wonderful evening and thanks for checking out GGR!

Happy Running,
Heather :)


  1. Great recap ever and GREAT pace! I bet there is nothing like curling up with Lola and then Nachos after a long run. :) How is your foot?? It is interesting you said your calves were tight because that is what my chiro told me last year when I had PF really bad... he said my calf muscles were tight and that was what was causing it. Crazy. Do you go to the physio every week no matter what? Just wondering. I bet that is awesome maintenance.

    1. Thanks Meg! The foot is okay..not perfect, okay. :) It didnt' but me on the run at all! It tightened up immediately after though. I go to physio when I feel tension or something that is actually hurting. I incorporate regular leg massages into my training when mileage increases before a marathon more as a preventative measure. :) My calf muscles are super tight so that's apparently the cause. :S

      P.S. Lola is a great nap buddy.

    2. I should do that too but I really hate going to the dr. I get anxiety. Isn't that silly?

  2. Awww Lola got tired out from cheering on her mom so hard! :)

    AMAZING 7 miles! Congrats on the new best!!

  3. What a fun race....reminds of me Ragnar. I have never done one but it is on my bucket list! :)

  4. Awesome PR on the 7 miles :) What a great recap, it looks so pretty every where you run. I bet the ocean water felt great. The no music rule would kill me, I am so used to it now, I usually take during all races. I am awed by people that tell they like to hear their own breathing and feet falls-not me lol

  5. Nice pace! Congratulations! I am so jealous of all of the races you have near you. Here in the middle of nowhere, we have very few races. Now that I've joined the running club and hang out with a bunch of runners, there are a few more available to me, but still. Yours look so fun!

  6. I love's so true that you are really running for your team, not yourself, and it makes your legs stronger!

  7. Ha ha I know what you mean about the heavy breathing bit ... hate that part! Sounds like it is a fun race. I love doing relay races with friends. Super fun!

  8. I think my 'heavy breathing' has become a cathartic grey noise for my runs now ;) haha! Wow, girl you are F A S T! Love reading your recaps, makes me want to get faster! Nothing more annoying that tight calves, I cringed when at the pic of the tool he used to scrap your foot :( xoxo, ganeeban

  9. I've never run a relay before but I have always heard great things about "Rum Runners". There is nothing like jumping in the ocean (or lake) after a good run!

  10. great job, H!! I love how Lola goes to your races, how cute is that!

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