Friday, 12 September 2014

Maritime Race Weekend Sunset 5k!

Oh em gee! I'm totally wiped. (insert ginormous yawn).

I seriously questioned my rational thinking this morning as I scored assessments with burning eyes and pulling out some serious lion like yawns after my first full week of 5:30 wake ups knowing full well that I was running a 5k race later that evening. #runnersareacrazybreed

Yesterday after work I headed over to the race kit pick up to pick up a bunch of bibs!

It would have been much more swift if I hadn't been chatting it up with all the volunteers and the organizer's mother...who is the ultimate sweetie by the way. :) One of the volunteers recognized me from my blog! I had a mini "I feel like a celebrity" moment and then it passed, lol.

I think I have at least 17 photos of pins. Why do I feel so amazed when I see huge clusters of these???

Everyone's gear in hand!

Best swag ever!!! p.s. the black t-shirt's graphics is said to glow in the dark!!! it just me or does Lola look like a little old lady in my Buff???
And yes, I keep my bike in my Don't judge. ;)
 So I wasn't completely on board with dressing up in full pirate attire as many folks were doing, but I was okay in my running skirt, buff, pro compressions and massive earrings.
I look sort of like a pirate, right? LOL
I picked up the gang and we were off!

First stop: Ask random stranger to take our photo!
Katie, Courteney, Marg, Sam and I 
 Start line Selfie time!!!
We are ready to roll! ;)
There was some pumpin' East Coast Music playing in the start line area! I love the atmosphere of this event. :)

 Ready, Set, Go!

I wasn't sure how fast I'd run all! I'm racing the half in the a.m. so I didn't want to run 'stupid fast,' but I knew that when race adrenaline kicks in, I sometimes allow myself to be suckered in by the speedsters and push it. :S Tonight was a hard run...pace wise. Totally flat route right along the ocean's edge at sunset = beee-u-ti-ful!

It's an out and back where you see everyone ahead and behind you when you make the turn back. I saw many friends along the course that way. :)

There were sooooo many pirates! One guy had a boat, a boat strapped to him!

I was floating around the 7 min mile pace and decided to haul it back during the last mile. See, I have no self control.

I saw 21:something when I headed up the finish chute. My friend Nick gave me my medal since he was one of the official bling volunteers. :) Thanks for volunteering!

Official time was 21:51, 2nd in my division and 5th woman overall, 43rd overall runner.

Matt came to cheer me on!

Group Shot at the finish! Sorry for the foggy photo, but my phone gets like that when I run with it sometimes. (sigh).

The obvious Garmin Selfie.

After downing an awesome chocolate milk we headed for the bagel line. mmm :D

I thought this guy was pretty cool:

A gorgeous evening for a Sunset race East Coast Style!

My bling! It glows in the dark!!!

I am sooooo off to bed now! I can't even fathom that I am running 13.1 miles in the morning. Pray for me! If you need me after tomorrow's race, you can find me in my bed. Sleeping!

Thanks for stopping by GGR and TGIF :D
Are you taking part in the Maritime Race Weekend???

Happy Running,
Heather :)


  1. #runnersareacrazybreed yes, yes we are. who else goes for a run in the middle of winter?! LOL PS. I want to hug Lola!

  2. Great race! How fun! I wish we lived much closer together because I think we would make great running partners.

  3. Your pirate outfit is so cute!!! Fun story: Matt's nickname for me is Pirate. I have no idea why lol. I'm feeling you on the TIRED, LION YAWNS. OMG. I went to bed at 6PM yesterday. No joke.

    Great job on your race!!!