Sunday, 7 September 2014

Cole Harbour Harvest Festival 6 Miler & 20 Miles!

I truly meant to do this recap yesterday, I promise. I was just waaaay too tired! I yawned all the way home from the run yesterday and completely intended on napping the afternoon away, but that just did not happen.

So anyway, here goes the recap!

Sam and I headed over nice and early to pick up our kits...I know I read online that kit pickup was only until 8 so clearly we were there at 7:40 for a race that began at 9! LOL. Kit pickup did not end at 8 as an FYI. ;)

I thought that in true blogger fashion I would capture as many moments for my readers and went on a little photo spree.
The finish chute! 

A guy who juggles while he runs! Heads up: He ran a sub 39 minute 6 miler while juggling!

Start line selfies.....if only I didn't look like I had ten chins
LOL I am just noticing that man's head between Sam's and my face!
Hey look---I see Kim! Unlike me she was listening to the route My plan to follow the people in front of me worked like a charm though. ;)

Kim's in the pink tank and headband     ^
The route was a two mile loop x 3. Some people did not enjoy the laps, but I was a fan. In fact I really really enjoyed the course yesterday. It was not hilly at all and I liked when we'd run by the finish line on each lap and the announcer would get the crowd cheering. :) Instead of racing hard I ran comfortably hard and used it as a tempo run.

The shot below was during the first lap I'm pretty sure since there were so many people around. Because we were mixed with the runners doing the 2 miler it thinned out quickly. There were 301 people taking part in both events!

Tim Chesnutt comes out to many local events and snaps stellar shots of the runners. Thanks Tim!

I cannot explain what is going on with my facial expression in the photo below so I won't even

and here I am again... apparently deep in thought, lol.

Grabbing my Popsicle stick at the finish line!

My official time was 45:37 and I managed 2nd woman overall. :) I could see the first place women for pretty much the entire run and I really wanted to push the pace at times and see if I could catch her, but I knew I'd regret it...especially with my planned 20 miler for the next day and the Maritime Race Weekend Half the next weekend!!! So tempting 
Look at the cute medal!

 When I was done I cheered Sam to the finish!!!

I snuck over to check out the results as they were being filled

A lovely sight for some hungry finishers!

 A very lovely sight indeed!
Hello Red Velvet with Cream cheese Icing! :D 
 All done race #11 for 2014. :) This was a great race for a very humble fee and bling! You need to add it to your race schedule for next year if you're in the area. :)

This 86 year old puts us all to shame. Look at her finishing 6 miles!!!

I was super excited when the horses rode by! p.s. The lady with her arms folded in the blue tank won. :)

We are too cool for school. ;)

No wait, Lola is too cool for school in my free Buff. ;)

Today's 20 Miler!!!!!!!!
Waking up the day after a race is sort of like playing muscle soreness roulette. I am never sure what part of my body is going to yell at me as I take that step off of my bed. Well luckily, today felt pretty good for long running. :)  I was sure to do my self care routine after the race  yesterday so as long as I ice/heat/stretch, etc. I'm A-OK.

20 miles can be intimidating for me. In a weird way I love pushing myself to go that far though. I actually had a lot of time to think on the run today, a lot! One thing that stuck out to me was how much I enjoy running long and how after a marathon is over I always miss that part of the training since it is necessary to scale down and take some time off from distance. Well, that is unless you are Dean Karnazes, but I think we can safely say I am NOT! LOL.
Ready to run!
I ran the first 5 miles on the streets and then linked up to the trail system. I actually managed to run a part of the trail today that I hadn't run on in many many months since they have literally dug it up for construction. It was so beautiful today! I even saw a lady wearing a Tely 10 shirt and I yelled out "Hey, Tely 10! I ran that this year too!" She smiled and we chatted for a super quick minute.

The weather today was cloudy with a spit of rain here and there. Perfect weather for running evidently so since I saw a katrillion other runners along my route. :)

Can we just talk about how awesome the Salted Water Melon Gu is for a sec??? Like hello! Why don't we have this at our Running Room Stores??? Sam brought me this one back from her Boston trip and I immediately wished I'd asked her to pick up a box of them after I ate it today.

Not paying attention I ran slightly over 20

2nd 20 miler down, 1 more to go!

I hope you are having a marvellous Sunday RUNday and thanks for checking in on the running rambles of GGR!

Any running stories from the weekend you'd like to share?
Are you running in the Maritime Race Weekend? If so what distance??? I'm doing the Tartan Twosome 5k and 1/2 just like last year's 5k and 1/2 Marathon!

Happy Running,
Heather :)


  1. I think 2 mile laps would be awesome because you'd get lots of cheering going on, but I'm afraid I'd lose count of my laps! lol GREAT job on your race!!

    I just bought some of that watermelon gu. I'm excited to try it!!

  2. the heck do you go over on a 20 miler...LOL. I'm watching my garmin like a hawk the last kilometer and stop it precisely at the end.'ll have to get Heidi to pick you up some more of that Gu when she goes on her little vaca! And finally....awesome job on the race (even if you didn't 'race' it!)

  3. the heck do you go over on a 20 miler...LOL. I'm watching my garmin like a hawk the last kilometer and stop it precisely at the end.'ll have to get Heidi to pick you up some more of that Gu when she goes on her little vaca! And finally....awesome job on the race (even if you didn't 'race' it!)

    1. LOL...I was trying to figure out who the lady was further up the road running! Plus my ipod was on and I didn't hear the beep!!!!

  4. Great job staying calm and not trying to catch the first-place woman! That is why I can never do races as training runs... I'm way too competitive. I would've been like, "Screw my 20; I'm gonna win this!" ... and then cursed myself the next day. :)

  5. You always look so awesome in all of your race pics!!!

    Congrats on your second place finish despite not even really racing! Wow!

  6. Great runs, Heather. I need to channel you for sure. Yesterday I had my first run in a week and it was HORRIBLE. I felt crappy the whole time. Today was a lot better but now I am sort of weirded out. I mean, it wasn't just a bad run, it was REALLY bad right away and never got better! Oh well! Reading your posts are very motivating for me to go get it next time!

    1. Thanks Meg! I really hope your next run is amazing!!!! I have those bad runs pretty much at least once a week :S

  7. Great job on your runs! Look look solid in those photo's! I had a terrible 16k run on the VHM course this past weekend but it beat running the 16k on the treadmill!
    I am running 5 and 10 at the Maritime Race Weekend - there is SO much hype about it, I can't wait! I've been wanting to try the Salted Watermelon Gu for a while now but can't seem to find it here. :( I need to find someone in the States to mail me some, ha ha!

  8. Your race sounds very similar to the race I ran yesterday. I wanted to catch the woman in front of me, but I am nursing a hip problem, so I decided to be smart and not sprint to catch her. You always look like such a goddess in your race photos. I need that photographer to come here!

  9. Your speed is awesome :) Great job on the podium finish! You look so great in race pictures. You are seriously amazing to run 20 miles the next day ")

  10. Great Blog, I love the mention thank you!

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