Monday, 11 August 2014

Runalicious Caption Contest & Giveaway!!!

Runalicious is teaming up with Girl Goes Running for another fantastic giveaway! It's super exciting too if you ask me. ;)

If you are an avid reader of GGR you already know that we did a giveaway earlier in the year and that I own 3 Runalicious shirts, lol. I couldn't wait to do my first ever marathon so that I could buy the "Marathon Girl" tee!

I also have the "Running Girl" tank and the "Some girls chase boys, I pass 'em" favourite!

And now they make mugs!!! I NEED one of these so bad!

So here's the deal: 

The lovely crew at Runalicious are looking for a new phrase so we thought, "why don't we combine that with the prize???" You get to enter a running phrase/slogan that is not already being used or branded by a company and the winning phrase will be produced onto a t-shirt!

Runalicious will ensure the very first shirt off is in your size and will post a sequence of photos showing your shirt being made! That's pretty cool if you ask me! 

How do I enter? 

Piece of cake!

1. "Like" the Runalicious page on facebook and then

2. Enter a phrase or slogan along with your name in the comment section of this post by Sunday evening (August 17)

3. Include your size in the comment

4.  Originality is key! :)

Be sure to check out the Runalicious website and have a look at their awesome gear! 

Good Luck and Happy Running!
Heather :)

*All of my opinions are my own and I am not paid to promote Runalicious.


  1. Sounds great! I'm gonna go check out their site to get a feel for their products then I come back and leave a suggestion!

  2. Fast Girls Have Good Times!! xl or lg

  3. What a fun idea!!! I do a blog series every Monday called "Leave It All On The Road..." The thought behind the series is that good/bad/ugly/happy/sad....go for a run and get all the feelings out :) I think that would be an awesome phrase on a shirt! S or M size.

  4. I've never heard of this company, but their shirts are dope. The saying I love, but I'm sure is copyrighted somewhere or somehow is "Run Girl Run"! I definitely didn't coin it, but I love it as inspiration! Or just a goofy one "#run" ! Apparently I run, no do creative ;) Have a great week! xoxo, ganeeban

  5. I am so bad at coming up with stuff like this but I like what Tina said!

  6. Opps forgot one to sparkle & shine in XL

  7. "Chasing my Dreams, One Step at a Time!" size XS

    Super cool give away!!!

  8. "I know I run like a girl! Now try to keep up" I know its not too original, but I love that phrase!! Medium

  9. If you're reading this, you've just been passed by a girl.
    Size small

  10. I am going to work on this! The shirt is really cute :)

  11. I like "Run to Rest" because it reminds me to put my all into every run (never ever waste a run); it also reminds me to practice self-care through rest. I believe that 4 solid runs a week are much better than 7 mediocre, tired runs that could result in injury. I think as women that genuinely love running, we forget to nurse our muscles sometimes. If this was made into a shirt, I think I'd take a small (unless they run small, then is take a medium.)

  12. I don't run from my nightmares, I pass them.

    Size small

  13. My slogan would be: Transcend.

    I know it's simple and short, but it says so much. Not only must we transcend fatigue, pain, heat, cold, whatever, to get to our goals...but running also helps us to transcend the normal, the boring, the tough stuff in life. I transcend during my run, and running helps me transcend!

    Size small :o)

  14. This is totally not my quote. I stole it from Charlotte from Commitness to Fitness (if you don't follow her, you should. She's hilarious), but I really want it on a shirt:

    I stink, therefore I ran.

  15. I have been trying to come up with a slogan but my favorite of all time is the one Tami stated: "I know I run like a girl, now try to keep up." I SO love that saying!!! :)

  16. "Superhero - in Training"

    "Every race is the Olympics for me"

    "Running Goddess"

    "Sweat is Sexy"

    That is all I can think of :-)

    1. Hmmm...."Sweating is Sexy" sounds better...

  17. "Some girls chase boys, I pass 'em" is adorable! Haha

    I run like a girl - can you keep up? Size S :)

  18. Respect the distance

  19. The road is my gym

  20. Runner Girls Don't Sweat, We Sparkle! Size Large :)

  21. "Just keep running"

    Not original but my mantra!

    Size L

  22. "Running is my Happy Hour"
    awesome giveaway :)
    size small

  23. Live to run, run to live

    Probably size large, I'm a size 8 in most things.

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