Friday, 29 August 2014

Friday 5 +1 :)

TGIF everyone!

I really mean it this week too! What a week.

Let me fill you in:

1. My Car: See the blue civic in the background? Yes the one with 3 running related bumper Yep, that's mine and it broke down on me for the first time in our 9 year relationship Wednesday morning. :(  Oh, and it did so while I was driving. Nice... and super safe of course (sarcastic remark). I'm just happy I wasn't on the highway when the engine died and stopped suddenly. See the red civic? I almost hit this car trying to steer it into my mechanics parking lot when the steering wheel wouldn't turn! Don't worry a few sensors were fixed and the civic is back up and running. :D

I took this photo while sobbing on the way home. I think Matt thought someone was trying to murder me when I called him crying I was devastated since it was the first time my car totally died on me!!! 

2. Running: When you're car-less and 'trapped' at home, sort of, going for a longer-than-planned run is totally okay....and recommended. ;)
5 miles planned, ran 3 extra for stress.

On hot days I'm still sporting the one calf sleeve, lol. Maybe I'll start a trend?! You know, like LL Cool J back in the day with the pant leg tucked up??? Am I showing my age, lol? 

3. Speed Work: The most nerve-wracking workout in my entire training plan...even more so than the 20 milers!

If you want to become a faster runner you have to run 'fast.' It's that simple. The key is to do it correctly and not to get injured. More and more I am hearing from faster runners the importance of speed work in their training plans, especially for marathoners who are looking to improve their time. It also helps you improve your running form, so it's win win right?
Thanks for the reminder Matt, lol. 
With all the research I've done, Yassos are right up there as an integral part of speed work for marathoners...and I had 7 of them on Thursday's workout plan. Gulp.

I did a 2 mile easy warm up, 7 x 800m repeats with 400m recovery jogs, followed by a 1.5 mile cool down. My paces were pretty consistent, except when I had to navigate around a man and a woman on repeat 3 and when I had to dodge a crazy car who so did not have the ride away on the last repeat, {eye roll}.

I hid my fuel bottle of nuun water in the church sign again and zoomed back and forth by the Tim Hortons. :) I'm determined that the workers think I'm somewhat of a nut job.
I feel pretty darn accomplished when they are done by the way. ;) 

4. My office: This is only the second time in my ten years of teaching that I've had my very own office! :D With the car situation this week it proved to be a challenge to get there with coordinating with Matt, but I got it done. I'm just going to take in a few plants on Tuesday to add some greenery. :D

I was getting excited and even gave myself a blister from sharpening so many pencils! LOL.

My energy was totally fueled by the new espresso from Second cup...mmm! Matt and I had a mid-afternoon coffee date and I just had to try it out.

5. Food! (cough, I mean Fuel) ;) 
I've been making it a habit of fuelling with a loaded up protein smoothie after a hard workout at the gym or a hard/long run. I like to mix it up and throw in any type of fruit I have, chia and flax meal, spinach, kale and ice along with some almond coconut milk. I usually get two very large glasses. :D

LOL---> post gym workout and heading to a leg massage short on time, I refuelled with a Tall Americano and a Greek yogurt. My stomach was actually rumbling.

I think the folks at Running Room and GNC love to see me coming. But I'm appreciating these protein bars when I randomly find them in my purse and I'm starving while I'm out and about.

I'm going to miss my mid afternoon snacks and Netflix binge watching when school resumes. :(

UPDATE: I am now loving............. 
I am planning on starting 'The Good Wife' very soon too....thanks Heidi!
My +1: My Pro Compression Leggings! LOVE them :D I apologize to Matt and my friends if this is all  you have seen me in this summer, but I pretty much lived in them for 2 months, lol. They are great for the gym, running, groceries, whatever you like! Plus you can tuck the leg cuff up and make people believe you are in fact wearing a different pair of pants. Clever & classy! ;)

That's all for tonight! Thanks for visiting GGR on this Friday night. Have a great weekend!

FYI: we now have 4 blooms on the orchid. :D
Can you spot Lola? LOL

What type of car do you have? And has it ever broken down on you???
Speed work: are you a fan???
What is your 'binge watching show' right now?????

Happy Running,
Heather :)


  1. Another good show is Girls but I don't think it is on Netflix...some parts are shocking but I'm hooked can't wait until season 3 - Caitlin Clair

    1. I won't rule it out just yet, lol. I did watch 2 seasons of Orange is the New blACK!

  2. I LOVE The Mindy Project!! Such a funny show. I loved her on the Office and she cowrote some of those episodes so you know her show is going to be hilarious! I am binge watching Game of Thrones right now!!

    1. After loving two pretty dramatic series back to back the Mindy Project is so refreshingly funny! I loved the office!!

  3. Yes my civic died on me last year just across the street from my destination! It was the alternator. It was my husbands crap commuter car and he thought the battery light was "no big deal" and told me to drive the car for track practice. The car was weird on the highway and when I got onto a regular road it started acting really weird and then finally died. Then my husband thought he could drive it home....
    He made it 10 metres

    I do like speed work because it is like track practice - however my last speed work session is when I really noticed my stress fracture. I am pretty much banned from speed work for this training cycle!

    Cool office!! I'm in a giant office with tons of people again. I get no work done....

    1. I would totally get nothing done if I had to share with a bunch of people, for real. I am totally hoping my car makes it the two-three years my mechanic tells me it will do, lol. We'll see! Speed work is tough but I 'm hoping to reap the benefits! I hope your injury feels better!

  4. Speed work is definitely not FUN, but it has worked for me every time! I watched that video on Yassos. Very interesting! I don't get how he has figured out that it can predict your marathon time??

    1. I have no idea how it works!!! I just know with only three more to pump out, according to Yasso, I could run a sub 3:30, Yeah. We'll. See. LOL

  5. Hope your car is back to normal and that it will not break down for another 9 years! :)
    Great job on your speed work! I really need to incorporate more into my plan! I have some speed work scheduled for next week :)

    1. Thanks Heather! Speed work is super tough but I'm hoping it's worth it. ;)

  6. Whoo! Glad that they were able to fix up your car!!

    I LOOOOOVE The Mindy Project!!! I am currently rewatching all the episodes to prepare for the new season lol.

    1. LOL....I can definitely see myself doing the same with PLL!

  7. I have had car troubles since July! Unexepected & costly! Sigh. I feel your pain :) It's stressful too! My poor Versa. Great job on the intervals. Those are some good numbers that you put up there. I haven't been doing any speed work because I have been focusing on "time on feet." After I finish this 50K, I will get back into it for the *fun* of it :) I

    1. Funny thing: when I frantically thought I'd need a new car asap, I decided on the Versa! I hope your's is doing well. :) I wish I was doing a 50k :( Next year!!!

  8. I totally remember the LL Cool J pantleg thing! Hilarious. I've never had an office... not sure if I'd like it or if I'd just forget stuff in there all the time and have to run back and forth between classroom and office.

  9. Well, at least you are in a great enough position to write that fascinating article, so that's cool. Like you said, at least it didn't happen while you were in a highway. I think your car should be revved up and improved better than ever to withstand those kind of scrapes. Though, purchasing a new car doesn't seem to be a bad idea as well.

    Felicia Simmons @ Brandon Auto Repair

  10. Good thing you didn’t cause severe damage to the red civic, by the way. Haha! Kidding aside, I do hope your car is fixed by now. If not, I hope you’ll find a new car that will serve you for the next nine years or more. While it may have been its first major breakdown, it only takes one big problem to render it ineffective. Drive safe!

    Diane Wilson @ Fletcher Chrysler