Saturday, 5 July 2014

First Week of Summer Vacay

It has been a great first week to launch my Summer Vacation! I thoroughly enjoy sleeping in with Lola until 7:30-8 every morning. :D You know, while Matt is off to work...hehe. Coffee tastes better, cereal tastes better and I actually have time to read blogs in the morning. Win win right?!

Here's a bit of how I've been occupying myself over this past week:

Taking extra long walks in the morning with Lola Ludy. I love how she acts like this is her 'work' and she's on some sort of mission sniffing every single thing.

Pumping iron...sort I've been a frequent visitor to the gym in an attempt to make my body stronger, and hence help prevent injury. And I think we can all agree no runner wants one of those!

Running on the trail...........clearly. 

IG repost 

Dinner dates with friends where the conversation revolved around teaching stories over the past year, female inmates at Litchfield Prison and the ongoing drama of Walter White & Jessie in their attempt to manufacture and sell meth. (Or in other words, Orange is The New Black & Breaking Bad). Hopefully people in the next booth didn't think we were talking about our real life friends!!! LOL.
This Sombrero Pizza is where it's at! Try it out!! 
I also spent some time at Physio for a strained metatarsal to running around my school packing up in ballet flats! As if I didn't already know that wasn't a good idea!!! At least my PT gives out timbits. :D

More time at the gym. I love when the studio is totally empty. :D

Chillin' with this lady post-shopping excursion with Sam. I hope you love the Gap shorts I'm wearing in the picture! I was a pure daredevil and didn't even try them on until I got home! Gasp.

More running. I felt so good on this run. Other than the random mosquito I swallowed....eew! And boy was it ever humid!

And since trees are snapping off and I've had to already move and pick up my ginormous compost bin due to the winds of Tropical Storm Arthur, I decided to take my run to the gym today where I could also get a good workout in. :)
 Followed by a hearty breakfast of course. :)

Well, I guess there hasn't been any ground-breaking adventures yet on my But I sure did enjoy my week!

Thanks so much for stopping by GGR. Have a beautiful day!

Are you watching Orange is the New Black????
How has your week been??? 

Happy Running,
Heather :)


  1. I'm still on last season of Orange is the New Black...gotta get moving I guess. That pizza looks AMAZING! So jealous of your summer off...getting to sleep!

  2. Looks like your first week was pretty close to perfect! Too bad your hubby has to work. Jordan's a teacher, too, and in the same district, so all our time off aligns. It's fantastic.

  3. I need to watch OITNB! Were you doing box jumps on that giant box jump? I keep eyeing that one, but it's too big for me yet. I love that gym, it's my go-to! Good job on the humid runs!

    1. Gracious no...that box is way to high for me! Lol. You totally need to watch OITNB!!!!! You won't regret it!

  4. Buggy runs are way worse than just plain hot/humid runs! The other day I ended up with little black bugs stuck to my face and neck. So gross!!!!!

    Lola is such a cutie! :)

  5. You first week sounds perfect... just doin' your thing and enjoying the freedom. :) We are watching OITNB but we're severely behind. I think we only saw 4 eps of the 2nd season so far!

  6. Sounds like you've got a really awesome start to your break!!!! Enjoy it! You totally deserve it!

  7. I don't watch that show but I have heard of it. That pizza looks amazing. Is that a taco pizza? What re timbits? Sound like you are enjoying your summer so far. Too bad it goes by way too fast!

    1. Yes it's a taco pizza! Yum :) timbits are like donut awesome!

  8. I can't even stand the wait for season 3! I need to re watch season 2 to keep myself occupied! Its a love/hate with Netflix, since they release the entire season at's too much goodness at once. I like watching it weekly, cause now I have to wait months until the next season :/ #FirstWorldProbs