Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Chicken Tacos & Back on a Plan

We have to start by talking about dinner last night! Two words: Chicken Tacos....mmm!

When you eat chicken as often as Matt and I do, you've got to become creative.

  • I sauteed some boneless skinless chicken breasts, red, orange and green bell peppers, and red onion in EVOO. Then I added some Tex Mex seasoning.  
  • After that was done I whipped up some corn salsa: (Corn, green onion, red onion, red pepper, jalapeno peppers and EVOO....heated on stove top for a few minutes). 
  • For the shell(s) I did the Taco Duo that I get at Habaneros.  Genius idea! You put a soft shell outside of a hard shell to avoid clever is that?! 
  • My tacos included the chicken/pepper mixture, corn salsa, regular salsa and of course, cheese. Super yum!
The only thing I wish I'd had was cilantro. But then I had a thought: every time I have cilantro I never use the whole bunch and when I don't have it, I want it. Weird. 

I had a short run on the training plan today. Did I tell you that I LOVE following a plan??? :D 

It was drizzly out which offered some relief from the heat and humidity. I ran 2.something miles out to the lake and then home. On my way home my Garmin actually beeped right by the post office boxes. Perfect! "I"ll check the mail!"  
In case you are wondering, those are petals that have fallen off of my peonies. Don't they look pretty?!

Taa daa! Running related mail is the best!

I cleaned up from the run and headed over to the gym for a core/arm workout. I have a weird thing about 'having to bike first' in order to feel warmed up. The bike makes me sweat like crazy! The gym was not busy at all today...which was awesome!
Raise your hand if you know where this caption's from! ;) LOL
 Lola and I enjoyed a super nap this afternoon on the couch. :)  I am really going to miss those when school starts up in September. ;)

So I've also created a Girl Goes Running Facebook page! Yay! Now you can like my page and see when I've updated the blog. :)  Just in case you aren't sick of me I just need to figure out how to get the little facebook badge for my site. I'm working on it. 

I hope you've had an awesome Wednesday and thanks so much for stopping by! 

Happy Running,
Heather :) 

P.S. I have a leg massage tomorrow and I can't wait!


  1. I have the same feeling about cilantro. Actually I think there may be some unused rotting cilantro in my fridge right now....

    I have a massage booked tomorrow too - yay!


    I definitely know what song that caption is from... and now I am adding it to my current running playlist :D

    Afternoon naps with a cute puppy on the couch? I am really jealous!

    1. Ha, LOL. I wasn't sure if I was showing my age or not with that one!

  3. I wish I knew you wanted some cilantro because I used my few leaves and the rest is sitting in my fridge ready to die lol!! After our gym date next week we should hit up Habaneros! I'd say I'm all ready for a chicken bowl! :)

    1. You had me at 'Gum date.' LOL.

      Note to self: check with Heidi next time for garden herbs. ;)

  4. I do NOT know were that quote is from!

    1. I guess you are not feeling Fergalicious! ;) lol

  5. I keep a cilantro paste in my fridge...I love cilantro so much. I never understand people who hate it!

    I have to do cardio before I lift weights, too!

  6. Whoa those tacos look amazing. Nice workout! Omg afternoon naps are the best aren't they??

    Hope you have a great massage!

  7. I hope you enjoy your leg massage :)
    Chicken tacos sound amazingggg!!!!!

  8. Want to come make tacos for me? I love following a plan, too. The first few weeks after a race, I love no-plan freedom, but then pretty soon I start craving that structure.