Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Bedford 5k to Beat Lung Cancer

Another place, another race!

Sunday morning I picked up Marg and Sam to head over to Bedford for the 5k to Beat Lung Cancer. I've run in this event a few times before but this year was a total last minute sign up: as in 'race day registrant.'

The route is pretty flat and you get a medal at the end! This is awesome since it's such a modest registration fee. ;) Sweet right!

What a gorgeous morning to run!

One thing I did when I got there was take a shot of the winners' trophy. If you look over on the right plate, you'll see that Matt won this race in 2010!

I'm pinned and pink and ready to go! 

At the start line we chatted about the warm sun that was beaming and I knew it'd be a hot one. But I didn't care. I did this run since it's for a great cause and I wanted to  get another 5k under my belt. So with the warm sun and great friends, we were off!

I did my first mile in 6:57.....hmm, slightly too fast, in this heat anyway. My speedwork days have taken a back seat since marathon recovery....but I'll get it back.

I opted not to take any water along the route but it was all I could think about along the way, lol.

My Garmin read 22:04 as I crossed over the finish line. I was super pleased with this especially with the heat and my lead legs......oh and it probably wasn't the smartest decision to run 20k on the trail the day before...lol. Oh well.

Steve's wife caught me chasing her husband up the finish line!  LOL

And of course, the part we all care about: the stats! ;)

Look at all those speedy finishers! Even if 3/4 of us took our socks off at the finish line to compare bunions.....yep, that happened. :D Running buds understand. 

I'm always a fan of the bling!

Once again it was a great run with great fun. Thanks for checking out GGR and have a lovely day!

Oh by the way, I'm on SUMMER VACATION NOW!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Running,
Heather :)


  1. Happy Canada Day to you! Glad you celebrated with a run! It's nice and hot in Alberta for a change! Loving the weather!

  2. Great run, Heather! And happy summer vacation!!!!!!!!!! Any plans?

    1. Thanks Meg! My plans are to workout and relax....as contradictory as that sounds, lol.

  3. Happy Summer Vaca!!!! Looks like you had a great run. The cause is amazing and very dear to my heart! :)

  4. Congrats on a solid race in the heat! That's a really cool medal, especially for a 5k. Enjoy your summer vacation!!

  5. Great race and that is a great finishing time given the heat. Nothing wrong with a little bunion comparison after the race lol. Congrats on the finish and on being on summer break.

  6. I think my comment from this morning got eaten!

    Awesome, awesome, awesome FAST race in the middle of the summer!!! way to go!!

    Happy kickoff to summer vacation! :)

  7. I love bling :) Wow! what an awesome time on tired legs...amazing girl!