Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Weekend Runs & Other Shenanigans

I am running on a Treadmill, of another sort these days. :S You know, the kind of metaphorical treadmill run you experience when your day to day work endeavours seem to have a never ending to do list. Aaaah, the life of a teacher during year's end! But never fear: Summer Vacation will soon be here! Not that anyone's counting. ;)

Tempo Tune Tuesday
I really think that sub title has a ring to it. I could be on to something. ;)

You are just gonna love me! I dare  you to listen to this song and NOT want to go for a run, (or dance around your house...not that I would EVER do that!), when you hear it. It's called "The Walker," by Fitz and the Tantrums. I love F & the Ts but I have to say this is the first song I've added to my running playlist. Secretly I want to rename it "The Runner" since I'm pretty sure the first few lines are about me...possibly?
You're Welcome!

Saturday morning was one of my best runs in a while! I'm talking since Boston, since my silly long-lasting cold virus, etc. Chilly temps, great tunes and an awesome trail = 7 spectacular Saturday miles.

So naturally I was pumped. I took my snow tires into the shed and saw............

My Bike!!! I pumped the tires and decided to go for a short spin on the trail, (~45 minutes or so).

It's too bad I'm so overwhelmingly sexy in my bike helmet. I know. Be jealous. BTW: what the heck am I doing here????? LOL.
Since I had time to kill when I got home I thought, "8 minute abs and 8 minute arms would only take me less than 20 min in total to prep and DO!" :D So that's what I did. And then I napped, lol.

 Of course Lola joined in.

So as it turned out, I was a little sore from my super short bike ride. :S This did not bode well for my Sunday long run. Whomp whomp.

I fought so hard to get my Garmin saying '14 big ones' today. Mind over matter for sure.
My face in the bottom right corner about sums it up.....exhausted!
When the Yoga mat comes out, so does Lola. What is up with this girl???

The movie Frozen should come with a warning telling you that you will want to watch it over and over again. Sorry for such a crappy picture.
After my last post I felt pressured to keep my arms up to snuff!  LOL. I did 8 minute arms and a few other arm moves. Here's my set up for 8 min arms:
All the weights are laid out right there so I can easily access them. I use different weights for some of the various arm moves with 'The Gang.' ;)
"Lola, I'm heading out for a short run now." :)  She didn't move but I'm pretty sure I heard a sarcastic, "Oh really?!?! Let me go update my facebook status about your run right now!" Always supportive.

Now that you think I'm totally bonkers for giving my dog a voice, I'll get back to the run.

Tonight's theme: bright colours! The picture doesn't do justice to the actual beaming glow of my cep compression sleeves, which I LOVE by the way. I picked them up at the expo in Boston and will use any excuse to wear them on my runs now.

I did 4 easy miles in reverse of my usual route....on the advice of my PT and sneaker guy. Running your usual route in reverse order is sort of weird at first. But it's good to keep your joints and muscles guessing so that they're not subject to the constant repetitive pressures of the turns/caber of the road. Mix it up...you may find it exhilarating! ;)
It has dawned on me that I need to blog more frequently. That way, each post is not 17 pages long and won't bore you to death. :D

Either way, thanks for reading all the way to the end, and of course, for stopping by GGR. Have a happy day!

Happy Running,
Heather :)


  1. My labrador does the same thing as Lola! As soon as the yoga mat comes out she's all over it!

  2. I friggin love those 8-minute videos. The ab one kills me every time! LOVE those socks - I love all neon running clothes haha!

  3. Of course Lola has a voice....what are you talking about? The school end is near and then you are FREE!!!!

  4. Hehe Stevie does the same thing with my mat. What do you mean you don't want me to sit here with you? I can lick your face easier from here,

    1. The yoga mat permits for the optimal licking opportunity, ;)

  5. My treadmill ends today. I was at school until 10pm last night for 8th grade "graduation", and today is the kids' last day.

    You're nearly there!! Just keep chugging!

  6. I do like that song, thanks for sharing it! :) My kitties come out whenever I get a towel out for stretching. Jelly just loves to lay on it and look cute. :) Congrats on some awesome runs! I know you were struggling due to your cold. I haven't been on my bike in forever... yeah I'd be really sore too!

    1. I'm hooked on that song! The bike is certainly something I have to get used to.

  7. You crack me up!!!!!!
    I love reverse runs....they make running exciting :)

  8. i was always surprised how different my run feels when i run in reverse. seriously, like a whole new world! (ok, now i want to watch aladdin. that and frozen---LOVE)

    1. This is so weird, but I felt like I was running slower???? Oh I love Aladdin as well!

  9. Haha "The Gang"...see you in 24 hours ;)

    Nice job on your Saturday run, geeze. Also, where the heck does all your energy come from?! :P
    Take me along on your next slow run, I need a good push!

    I agree, Frozen is a super cute movie!

    1. LOL....I always secretly think 'yeah right!' when he says the 24 hours line....hehe.

      You can so join me Sunday morning! I'd love that!