Saturday, 10 May 2014

Getting Ready for Freddy!

I'm trying out this 'spectating' thing tomorrow at the Fredericton Marathon. You got it: I'm NOT running. :D I'm secretly happy about it too since I've been not-so-surprised with my post-marathon cold. Boo! I always know it's coming, but when it does it Let's just hope it takes a massive hike before next Sunday's 1/2 at the Blue Nose. ;)

Matt is running the full tomorrow! :0 GO MATT GO! :)

Fredericton is my second favourite marathon ever.....second to Boston obviously. ;) It's where I ran my first ever full marathon
First Full: 3:49:08

 and where I got my first ever BQ time!
BQ Baby! ;)
The Marathon runs on some pavement for a short while before you hit up the super flat gravel trail. It's a two loop course that crosses over a cool train bridge as well. I love it. Matt and I planned to run it together this year if I didn't get into Boston. If you're looking for flat and fast, do Freddy!

Now that I'm not pounding out mega mileage, I get to do a little more of this in the morning: 

 And watch this crazy girl howl at the dogs who dare to walk up our street, (insert eye roll here @ Lola). LOL
Since I'm not running tomorrow, you can bet that I'll be sporting my super duper bright orange zest jacket telling the world that I just Ran Boston.....because I'm like that, lol. ;)
I'm really excited to cheer tomorrow. I know many people running the 1/2 and the full! Too bad my cold has my throat feeling like razor blades, or else my pipes would be hollering tomorrow. I guarantee Matt is happy I can't yell, lol.

Lola is also coming too and she's guarding this bag with her life, (It contains her treats).
Whether you're running or racing tomorrow, Good Luck!

Thanks for checkin' in on GGR. :)

Happy Running,
Heather :)
The Blue Nose 1/2 is in 8 days!


  1. Why else would we buy a $110 jacket if not to proclaim to the world I CAN RUN A <3:35:00!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I love that Lola is going with you guys:) I love that jacket, I couldn't believe how bright it was in real life. Go, Matt, Go! Have fun spectating, I love's a great little city:)

  3. Yay to road trips!! I hope the weather holds in Freddy for the marathon. Because you can't really should make some fun signs to cheer people on!!!

  4. wear the coat with pride! you earned it :)

    i've never actually spectated a full marathon. i imagine that i would be stressed out the entire time thinking that i missed my runner. hope things go well for you!

  5. I would be wearing the orange jacket every day :-) Even though it is super bright - BUT I can spot a Boston Marathoner from miles away!

  6. Love the orange Jacket! As I have found out, sometimes spectating is just as exhilarating as running! Have fun!

  7. Good luck to Matt tomorrow! I really need to spectate at a race one of these days.

  8. Have fun! I love watching races and cheering people as they run! If I had a Boston jacket I would wear it everyday! Ha ha

  9. I hope you have fun and good luck to your husband!!!

  10. Your leg muscles are insanely awesome in that BQ pic!

    I hope Matt had a great race!!

  11. Aw good luck Matt! Hope you had fun spectating :) you are obviously just meant to be a marathoner if you've been kicking butt at it from the beginning, I still haven't figured that beast out yet! I think I'm meant to be a 10k/half person no matter how much I love the 26.2. Lola is the cutest howling like she's all tough :)

  12. Fredericton sounds like my kind of marathon, sign me up! I don't mind traveling all the way up to CA to make it my first! :-)