Monday, 19 May 2014

Blue Nose 1/2 Marathon 2014 Recap

Half Marathon #18 is in the books!

It was only the third time in my Running Career that I have cracked the 1:40 barrier....and I literally limbo-ed my way under it!

An 8:10 a.m. race start meant a super early 5:20 rise for me......ugh. I know we are so over the Christmas Season, but I decided to use my 2010 Santa shuffle shirt as my throw-a-way.
 I picked up Sam and Katie before heading to downtown Halifax for the run.

First stop: Port-a-Johns....Make that, Polly-John (as it was so aptly named). :D

Right from the get-go I questioned my decision to run the full half-marathon distance considering my cardio capacity post-world's longest cold ever. The buzz at the start line was awesome as always, but my mind kept saying, "Don't be stupid. Don't be stupid. Listen to your body signals." I was just a tad bit worried I wouldn't be able to finish. Just a tad. ;)

I took an Espresso Love Gu, wished my friends luck and with the sound of the horn, we headed off! I heard "Go Heather!" around 1 mile in.....It was Courteney! I didn't even see her through the crowd, but I knew the voice. ;)

I have to admit that the first few miles (up to mile 3ish) were pretty rough for me. I was surprised at how sunny and warm it was and I also was fixated on my breathing because of my recent cold virus. Do I need to cough? If I start coughing will I go into one of those coughing fits and be done???? Sometimes I swear, I am my own worst enemy. So finally I told myself to "Just SHUT UP AND RUN!"

After cresting the first awesome down hill, I felt like my lungs opened up and my legs got some sort of snap in them. I even did a sub 7 minute mile....oops! LOL. Then I decided that my next mental battle would be not to get too excited. ;)
 I was feeling really good. And I was happy.

The picture above was taken by Erin.....while she was running HER VERY FIRST HALF MARATHON!!!  Head on over there and give her some mad props for her race will ya? ;) I did not even know she took this one!

The Blue Nose route is certainly not your typical morning jaunt. It has some amazing parts and some nasty parts. So I'm guessing with a hill named "Serpentine" at mile 9ish, you can make your own conclusions. ;)

There is a very awesome spot for spectators of the half marathon at around mile 8 or so. You head up Inglis Street and take a left onto Young Ave. where you head into the Park. Your fans can see you enter and when you exit the park. FYI: This section of the race is no 'Walk in the Park!' Heading up Young Ave. I saw Matt and Lola! I heard "Go Mommy!" It was really cute. :)

After that you coast down another super hill where you take the right that leads  you into Point Pleasant Park. I always dread this part of the race. The gravel is super amazing to run on and you get the breeze of the ocean, but man it's hilly! On a brighter note, the sun disappeared and the clouds rolled in during this part. I was a happy runner.

I was a hurtin' unit when I got out of the park. My garmin was reading 10.1 miles and I was at 1hr 15min and 11 sec. If only this were a ten mile race. I'd PB!

A few nasty hills later and I saw Matt and Lola again. This time, I knew he'd see the hurt and exhaustion on my face. But oh wait, someone else is yelling my name a few strides later??? It's Erin! I was so excited to see her I looked like this..... lol.
After the above picture I had around 2.5 miles to go. And they were tough for me. I had no juice left. No juice People! When a super sweet older lady shouted and clapped "Almost there!" I gave her the stink eye I'm I like to hear "Almost there!" when I can clearly see the sooner! But she was super sweet to come out and cheer. :)

With less than a 100m to go, I could see the clock saying 1:39:XX. :0 Panic! "I need to get in under 1:40! I just need to!"

Check out my garmin stats. Clearly I squeaked through. ;) 

So relieved! Official time: 1:39:44. I was 150/2081 overall, 9/332 in my division and 26/1241 in my gender.

Sam and I had a mini photo shoot. She paced the 2 hour half and had a great time doing it! I'm highly considering pacing next year. :)

Of course we celebrated with a big brunch skillet afterwards. :D

Another Blue Nose medal to add to the stash! This is such an awesome event that is uber organized and well run. Come join us in 2015!!!

Thanks to all the volunteers and organizers and thanks to you guys for stopping by GGR! Have a wonderful day.

Happy Running,
Heather :)


  1. GREAT run, Heather! Congrats on breaking 1:40! Ummm I can't believe you have run 18 half marathons! I have run 3 and one was on trail so I don't really even count it. The other two were the Harrisburg Half Marathon. Boy, I should expand my horizons a bit, shouldn't I!? Anyway, what I great pace especially just getting over that cold. It is so sweet Lola came out to cheer you on! I think she is your secret good luck charm. You don't need Matt, just Lola ;) hehehe jk!

    1. Thanks Meg! Do I have a problem??? ;) Matt and Lola are my biggest fans! I tried to convince them to bring pom poms, but no luck.... ;)

    2. You should take Lola to the doggie salon and get her little pom poms on her ears and feet and stuff.

  2. Great job....I laughed when you said you couldn't see me but knew my voice..LOL. Love the skillet breakfast....where was that?? Now onto Johnny!!!

  3. Oh my gosh, congrats on your awesome race!!! I'm so glad you had such a great time, and overcame that cold just in time!!

    I have to giggle at your 8:10 start time...I totally prefer 7am starts because it stays cool longer! :o)

    1. Thanks Ali! I was glad to say Audios to that cold!!!

      We certainly don't have the heat to contend with like you do, yet! LOL. The early start marathoners started at 7. :D

  4. What a great job "squeaking" in under your goal time! that is funny that there is. Pink port o polly! I've never seen that before!

  5. Boo, I totally commented last night on my phone, but it didn't show up! Anyway, awesome job!!! You know I think your time is stellar ;) A fun recap, I realized this year that missing the BN is just not an option! :)

  6. that's so awesome!!! i love it when i can pull out a strong race unexpectedly... when it just starts to click and i end up holding on for dear life :)

    i love the thumbs up picture! it is the perfect illustration of the day

  7. Great job!!! I'm such a big fat baby when I'm sick, I would've totally doubted my ability to run at all, much less post an awesome time like you ;) You always look so freaking strong and awesome in your running photos, like a pro runner...teach me your ways! :-D

  8. Congratulations on such an awesome run! And after being sick too!!!! You always look so amazing in your race photos, like an elite! You have some fast people in Canada!

  9. Amazing job! I'm glad you "finally" got to race after having to spectate in Freddy ;)

  10. Running after illness is never fun, but you did awesome! Great job, I loved your recap:) I just stumbled across your blog today, and I am glad I did! Love your race bling, congratulations!!!

  11. Holy cow! Nice and speedy race lady! :)

  12. Congrats on a great race! I'm glad you were still able to run so fast even with being sick for so long. And good job on going under 1:40, I love close races like that. This past track season I ran a 5k at 19:29.99 and I was so happy I was under 19:30 (even though it was just .01 seconds from it!)

  13. Congratulations! Glad to hear that your run went better than expected! I hope you're feeling near 100% soon!

  14. Awesome job! I am so jealous that you are on half #18 (and that doesn't even count all the marathons you've done!). I'm about a third of the way there. I would be SUPER excited if I was running and my Bassets were there to cheer me on. I've been in two races where OTHER people's Bassets were there to cheer THEM on and it totally pumped me up, so I would be totally psyched to see my own puppies! Lola is such a cutie!

  15. Nice race, especially coming off sickness! You'd be an awesome pacer; you should totally do it next year.

  16. Congrats on beating 1:40 for the 3rd time!

  17. Awesome race Heather!!! I can't believe it was your 18th half! HOLY SMOKES!!!!! :)