Sunday, 27 April 2014

Reflecting & Recovering

Still basking in the afterglow of the Boston Marathon, I've been taking some time to reflect and recover. There has been no running, not even a smidgen. (even though it's all I can think about right now!)

Tempo Tune
I played this song on repeat the entire weekend in Boston and it seemed very fitting. Even though I ran the race without music, I kept singing it to myself. :) Check out 'Team,' by Lorde. I love it.

My Pro shots from the race finally arrived!!! I kept checking my email like a mad lady so eager to see them! Hotmail probably thought someone was trying to jack my account. Finally after an entire 48 hours I got them :D

This is my second favourite shot from the Marathon. I can see the hurt, heat and exhaustion. But I can also remember my determination at this point. I can smell the finish. It is moments away. <3

Super big thanks to Heidi for helping me keep it tight with her powder blues! And a thanks to Kim & Ash for the Canadian cheek ink ;)

Another huge thanks to Courteney for taking care of my best chickie while I was away. :)

"Yeah yeah Mommy...we get it: You ran a marathon." LOL
I don't know how I forgot my Sharpies at school :(  Next time, Crayola will not be my bib decorating marker of choice! Luckily there was one black sharpie in my bag that somewhat held up in my
Next time, I will also remember sunscreen!

Some gorgeous celebratory flowers from Mr. Matt and Miss Lola of course. :)
When I left the finishing chute on Monday, a lady was selling hand made bracelets right at the entrance to the T. I peeled some wet sweaty money out of my pouch and got a Boston one from her. I have not taken it off since. :)  Notice my John Hancock bracelet? Well I got goosebumps when I opened this up in my kit packet:
 It was made from one of the limited edition 2013 street banners! We wore them as support for the 2013 Marathon and all it's victims. <3

Lola thinks that Mommy hogs all the glory sometimes. ;)
 I had a notification on my phone Monday afternoon when I finished the race:
I thought this was pretty cool.
 I keep reminiscing about Monday's Marathon.  I already miss it. It felt like we were running the race of a lifetime and we were running it together as a cohesive unit. It wasn't about competing: it was about celebrating.
15km show boating
Thank you for all your congratulatory and supportive messages before, during and after the run. I read every single one of them and they made me smile...and maybe cry a little. ;)

Have a beautiful day and remember, no dream is ever out of reach if you pour your heart into it.

Happy Running,
Heather :)

Next up: The Blue Nose 1/2 Marathon in 3 weeks!


  1. Again....tears in my eyes as I read this and can only imagine the emotion you must have been feeling! So proud of you and all your hard work!!! The picture of Lola doesn't even look real...she really posed for that must have had a treat near by. HEHE!

    Cannot wait to follow you for your next marathon, a short 6 weeks away!!!!!

  2. Oh my word did you get burned! That will turn into a nice tank top tan in no time. When I ran outside yesterday I purposefully didn't put on sunscreen in hopes of evening things out but it didn't work yet!

  3. That last picture of Lola is just too much! I love it! You are so amazing and inspiring. You probably think I'm so weird for saying that all of the time, but it's true!

  4. Beautiful post! Yay for resting, your body needs it!! I love all the swag you received from the race! :)

  5. The shot of you passiing the finishing line is just brilliant! It looks like the most amazing race ever... makes me excited for my first marathon! The sunburn, however, does not look fun ;) We had a guy stay at our house for the London Marathon as we're so close to the start and when he came back to pick up his stuff he was similarly lobster red.

    Again, HUGE congratulations!

  6. Lola in your medal is adorable! Love the race pics but that sunburn looks like no fun! Congrats on your awesome race and I'm so glad you had such an amazing trip :)

  7. Congrats on running Boston! I love the picture of your dog with the medal! I've ran races without putting sunscreen on as well... it's no where near as fun as the race! haha

  8. Great stuff! Love that pic of Lola! That sunburn looks nasty! Ha ha Enjoy your rest & recovery!

  9. I love your outfit choice and you look so strong in all your race photos!

  10. Congrats on the great finishing time! What a fun experience!

  11. Love this, H! You can tell how much fun you were having:) Aloe that sunburn up!

  12. hey i'm new around here, but i love reading through your boston experience. you made it come to life and i'm sure that you will never forget it.

    that braclet is amazing!

  13. Ah, I'm sooo proud of you! It makes me feel better that I can't run knowing you've taken time off, even though you have a way better reason as you recover from the race! I love your finishing pictures!

  14. Ohhh, girl, I feel for you! I got burnt last week, too (biking, not running), and was in sever pain for the first 5 days and now I'm super itchy from peeling. I hope yours wasn't as painful as it looks! I am promising myself to wear sunscreen every time I go running and/or biking.

  15. What a fun post on reflecting and giving thanks!!! I love your race pics and what they mean to you. And I cannot even imagine the pain from that sunburn!!! I love reading your blog and want to pass on the I've nominated you for a Liebster Award on my blog Daydreams & Shoestrings:

  16. What wonderful pictures you have to remember that event, except the sunburn shot. Ouch! I hope that healed up quickly!