Monday, 14 April 2014

One For the Money!

One week from today I will be running the Boston Marathon. just one week!!!

Great news: My trail is back!!! I ran on this trail every single day last summer and every single weekend up until the first week of December. Oh how I've missed thee. ;)
Even though it was raining on Saturday morning, I did not care. I enjoyed every step of the run on the sweet gravel surface.
The thing about tapering is that when you see 'Just 4 miles' on your schedule for your Saturday run, you sort of question the distance and panic a little. And then you secretly fear that you will forget how to run if you are not logging upwards of 10 miles the day before your long run.  ;) Either way, my drizzly 4 miles felt stellar. 

Last long run before B-Town! A big whopping 10 miles. This used to be my mid-week mid-distance run and also my Saturday semi-long run before I'd do 20 miles the next day! But not during Taper Week. 

I've been really wanting to try Kris' oatmeal & PB concoction for some time now, but to be honest, I kept forgetting! Not on Sunday. ;) Basically I made my Oatmeal with chia seeds and then put one huge dollop of PB in it. It was super YUM! Try it!

Another fabulous run along the Rails to Trails today. AND it was sunny!
I even met some little ducks along the way.
 I had to stop for a pic of the waterfall. I haven't seen it since December!

Post-run I was quite stuffed up and sneezy. :( I thought I had allergies the night before but now I was more convinced that I was coming down with a cold. (whomp whomp).

After a quick trip to harass the Pharmacist at the drug store, I left with this.

 And this...... 

Despite feeling absolutely crappy, I headed to my super duper early Physio appointment.  I feel like my PT was thinking "After all this work we've put into your legs, feet and knees, NOW you're going to decide to get sick?!?!?" LOL. He's pretty confident I'll kick this bug to the curb in a couple of days. Here's to hoping!

 Just to make certain I don't have an infection in my sinuses I paid a visit to my doc....
 He gave me a nasal spray to take at night and is pretty confident that I'll come around in 3-4 days. In other words: Right before I leave for Boston!

Getting 'sick' is super frustrating for me, especially now. I've trained my butt off for 17 weeks, taken preventative measures, ate super healthy and avoided sick people like the plague. I've not been sick since the fall but as Murphy's law for Runners would have it, this is my week. :S

Hmm, I'm pretty sure I can tick off each and every single one of these now. :(
 Please take note of the top right hand side point. Also, I fell asleep on the couch today for an hour and in that nap I dreamt that Matt and I were at the Convention Centre in Boston and couldn't find 'The Jackets.' I was so upset that I would go to Boston and not get the Boston Marathon Orange Jacket. One last note: I cried watching a clip of the Boston Course. I have no idea why. I think I am just going insane....LOL.

Lola napped with me as a part of my recovery. <3

There was also a lot of FRIENDS watched today.

I'm so glad you came to visit GGR today!

What are your cold remedies??? 
Have you ever experienced the Taper crazies???

Happy Running,
Heather :)
Boston in 7!!!


  1. Love that you tried the PB and oatmeal… it really is the BEST :D You are rocking your taper girl… so close to Boston I am so excited for you!!

    Lots of rest, water, tea, and fruit for the cold! Take it easy :)

    1. Oddly enough even thinking of drinking water makes me sick, but tea is great. I also ate a load of fruit today! That PB oatmeal is the bomb! :)

  2. I totally understand the taper crazies... but obviously I am not feeling them this year!

  3. I always seem to get sick before races...I think it's the taper! Like seriously, it throws off my immune system or something! Rest up've got this race in the bag!

  4. I hope you feel better! I'm sure you're going to rock Boston!

  5. I cannot believe Boston is in a week! You are going to rock that race! I'm so sorry you are sick. I'm sending you healing thoughts!!

  6. I can't believe it is almost here. I want to go to Boston so bad and cheer everyone on but I know it is going to be SUPER crazy. I will be cheering everyone on from NY! I hope the next 7 days you don't go "crazy." You got this girl!!!!!! :) Hope you feel better SOON!!!!!! BOSTON HERE YOU COME! :)

  7. I'm so excited for you! Last year I only knew my sister and one other person who ran Boston! This year I know about a dozen! I will be cheering you all on!

  8. I'm so excited for you! Last year I only knew my sister and one other person who ran Boston! This year I know about a dozen! I will be cheering you all on!

  9. SO exciting! Tapering is always hard, let alone when it’s for BOSTON!

  10. It really does not feel that long ago that you started your Boston plan, so crazy that it's already here! You stay in and get healthy, you hear? No sniffles on race day!

  11. I know you're body is just getting it all out and you're going to be good to go on race day!!!

  12. Haha I love how you fully admit that you have the taper crazies! ;) Hope you kick that colds butt though!

  13. I can't believe that the marathon is almost here! I just started reading my April issue of Runner's World today and was starting to get really emotional. I can't believe I'm not even going to be in the Bay State when it happens! You'll be in my home state and I'll be in South Carolina, lol. Well, hopefully, this time next year I'll already have one marathon under my belt and be running Boston. I'm not expecting any miracles (would be really, really surprised if I qualified!), but I would love to participate in a charity team. Boston or bust!