Sunday, 20 April 2014

Boston Marathon Eve!

We arrived in Boston Friday around 5. Our hotel is actually very close to the infamous Heartbreak Hill! So obviously Matt had to take me on a tour of it that very same night. :)
 Yo yo yo...Heather's in Baastin! ;)
The Newton Fire the bottom of the series of Newton Hills.

Okay, this was just the base of the Newton got worse! Like, waaaay worse....GULP!

I'm attempting to post this from my phone...and have yet to successfully add photos:S  I have returned home and CAN successfully add photos...LOL.

Yesterday we headed down to Boston Common for the BAA 5k. Wow! It was such an amazing sight. The runners, the spectators, volunteers and glorious weather just made for an awesome experience! The noise of everyone was hushed when the national anthem played. It was incredible and very emotional. When the mayor said "it's time we take back Boylston!" I thought the crowd would erupt.

Matt ran a stellar 5k! So we celebrated by shopping at the convention. ;) this is where I may have spent my entire life savings, lol. JK

I think I have a problem :S
Last night we were invited to an amazing dinner with Hal Higdon and the other runners profiled in the book 4:09:43. I had such s great time and got to meet THE Hal Higdon!
 Some of the other runners/people involved in 4:09:43. Super group of gals!
 Oh yeah just BFF'n with HAL HIGDON!!!

How is it already Marathon Eve!?!?!? :O

I started the day out with my last training run, which was actually a 2 mile shake out run. Canadians, I hate to say this, but the trees are blooming here in a Newton, MA!

The rest of today will be spent resting, hydrating and eating. Sounds pretty good to me! ;) I will also have to change my mind another 76 times on my outfit choice. Race day will be 64 degrees Fahrenheit ... A far cry from the Nova Scotia temperatures I've been running in! I'm not expecting a PR tomorow. But if the running gods are in a good mood, I'll certainly take one. ;)

I expect an emotional run tomorrow with tremendous support along the course. The entire city is super engaged and supportive to the runners! They are expecting a million spectators tomorrow!!!!! :O how crazy!!!

Thanks for stopping by GGR today!

Happy Easter & Happy Running!
Heather :)
Boston is tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Whoo hooo! I can feel the excitement in your post. Run strong!

  2. I‘m crying already! I wish i was there! It sounds amazing! Best of luck tomorrow, and i‘ll be cheering and fist-pumping for you from PEI!

  3. Sounds amazing!! Best of luck tomorrow - I'm sure you will have an amazing day!

  4. Good luck!! I'll be watching your race tracker :)

  5. I know you are going to rock it. Enjoy every single second along the way and take it all in. 1,000,000 spectators is crazy!!! I've got your number in my phone app...and I'll be watching it closely! Kill it girl!!

  6. Good luck tomorrow! Boston is all about the experience (especially this year, I'd think!) so don't worry about that PR. I wish I were there, too!

  7. Incredible experience, thank you for taking us there with your awesome description. Best of luck! Will be tracking you.

  8. Such exciting times for you. All the best today, we're cheering from NS! Have FUN!

  9. Cheering you on from here as we speak:D :D :D

  10. Yay! It's Boston day. You are long done, so congratulations! I can't wait to read all about it!!

  11. I hope you had a simply AMAZING race!! I can't wait to hear about it! CONGRATULATIONS!

  12. Hope you had an amazing race today!!

  13. That is so cool that you had dinner with Hal and you were able to meet him!
    Awesome pic of your husband - I have never seen one before - I was like thinking "he does exist!" LOL!!!!! :)