Saturday, 12 April 2014

9 Days Out!

I am 9 days out from the Boston Marathon!!! :0

 A little Tapering humour for you ;)

Hello Monday! Ignore the screaming red warning and notice the temperature!

 Lola and I headed out for a great long walk. Since I wasn't running today I wanted to still get out and enjoy some rays.
 "Okay Mommy, I can't take this heat!" 
Lola was literally panting and it was only 14 degrees Celsius That will just show you how abrupt the warm temperatures appeared. Once we got home Lola took Guard dog duty to a whole other Short dogs need a little help to look out the window. ;)

I've started my "Post-Boston-Easter-Pig-Out-Stash." :D I'm overly excited to try these. Yes. Peeps are a weakness and I usually eat the whole pack in one setting. That's how classy I can be.

Some pretty cool Tuesday mail came today. Shalane is determined to be this years female Victor at Boston.
I was really hoping to see her and Kara at last year's expo, but no luck. :( Matt Did get to see them barrelling up the Newton Hills and snapped this awesome pic:
I can't even imagine how squeal-worthy this would be to see in real life!!!
Kara said that even though she's not running Boston this year, she's heading to the expo! I am super bummed about her stress fracture, but I think she's handling it quite amazingly. I am absolutely determined to meet her this year. Last year I met her husband Adam and he was super humble and sweet. He had his arms full of boxes as Run the Edge were packing up and he laid them all down and got his friend to take a photo of us. How sweet: Adam Goucher & I

I didn't run again on Tuesday, but I did do a short and sweaty workout: Abs and Arms.
Just as an FYI, I used my 8lb dumb bells and not soup At first I thought 8 minutes wasn't really much of a workout for my arms since I usually do much longer with heavier weights. But I was pleasantly surprised that my chest area/arms were successfully sore the next day. :) Try it out: 8 minute arms

My Wednesday run was oh so good!   I wore shorts for the first run of the year!!!!!!!!! Yes, I need that many exclamation marks. :D I warmed up for the first two miles and did the next few in Tempo Style. Then I eased off for the final mile and half. Awesome run :D

I've been checking the weather like a mad lady for Marathon Monday. When I first checked it the little icon displayed a sun with SNOW FLAKES!!! All I could think was 'Throw me a freakin' bone here!' The next morning it was showing rain drops. Bummer but not like SNOW! And now look at the forecast for the Boston Marathon: Let's hope this one stays put. ;)
 Browsing through the grocery store I spotted this display:
I'm thinking Beet Root Juice is on the grocery list of many marathoners these days.

So my Thursday started with a bright and early batch of physio. My PT is super easy going and isn't at all letting on that he's worried about any little ache, pain, twitch, etc. I'm experiencing. He continues to express his opinion on my attitude: "This Marathon is making  you crazy." Yep. He said that. 
Later that same day. In the same building....... LOL
 Good thing my masseuse knows how to work the "marathon crazies" out of me.

And if the massage didn't do it than my 4 miler sure did!
 No shorts tonight! It was a little chilly. :) Like gloves on the run chilly.

Friday was my rest day. It was very nice running weather out when I got home and I really wanted to hit the road. :S I was well-behaved though and settled for a nice walk with my furry BFF instead. :)

How is the weather where you are these days? 
Have you ran in shorts yet this year?  

I hope you've had a great week and was able to enjoy a few sunny miles! Thanks for visiting GGR. :)

Happy Running,
Heather :)
Boston is in 9 Freaking Days!!!!!!!!


  1. Sooooo many things! First, thank you for your Boston posts because they really pump me up! I try not to talk about it around my friends and co-workers because they don't understand... Second, how do you have such cute feet??? I was mortified when I had to go to the podiatrist and actually have someone mess around with my disgusting feet hehehe. I am so glad the Boston weather is looking good. Guess what is on my agenda this weekend??? Heading to the Salvation Army to get some cruddy old sweat pants and sweat shirt to throw away at the starting line. I like to be soooooooooo warm before a race. I hate being cold. I will look like a marshmallow when you see me in the village, no doubt. So I watched some of that 8 minute abs... the music is awesome. And that guy is so sexist! "Men like this, women on your knees" when describing push ups. I wanted to be like, hey buddy, I can do REAL push ups. And I have a feeling that girl in the video can too. :)

    1. Ha, my feet are not cute underneath! I have calluses that would put a lumberjack to shame! Seeing other Boston posts/pics pumps me up too. :)

      Luckily I have an old winter jacket I'm using and a great pair of sweat pants that I spilled purple nail polish all over to use. I was bummed about the pants but now they get to go to Boston. :)

      That man is ridiculous. Now I mute him. LOL. I burst out laughing with his 'That's why women wear shoulder pads.' comment! And yes, she can SO do a pushup. Come on.

  2. I think it's funny that the video is so 80's style but so many of us use it. Guess exercises haven't changed that much. LOL

    9 can that be? Seems like just yesterday you got the news that you were going!

    1. Oh I know. How does time go by so quickly!?!

  3. You're going to rock! Don't go stir crazy counting down the days! Are you staying in Boston for a bit of a vacation too? I've been to Boston a few years ago (not to run obviously) and I loved it.

    1. We are actually leaving on Monday evening, lol. We'll travel to Maine and get a hotel there like last year. Every day after Monday that I take is a day without pay!!! :0

  4. So close! Take a picture of Kara for me ;) I've been making Joe give me leg massages all the time, I think I need a real masseuse lol.

    1. LOL....that's a great idea for a massage! I will totally snap Kara's shot if I can see her!!!

  5. I looove Peeps! I can eat a whole box too, but then my teeth feel sooo grimy. We got some free ones from our admin team at school; they know the way to my heart!

  6. So good to catch up on your training! I've been absent from the blogging world this winter, but always hope your training is going well when I hear about Boston!

    I really hope the snow stays away - how awful would that be after such a rough winter!

    Also, there are few things I love as much as cheesy old youtube videos, so I may need to try this out...


    1. There you are Janet!!! :)

      Boston is crazy close right now and I'm totally psyched! I'm hoping my health and the weather all cooperate on race day. ;)

  7. I have been thinking about you and I'm so excited for your race! You should write about some of your taper madness "symptoms" so I know what to expect when I start to taper!