Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Out-Running the Storm!

So in case you have no access to social media outlets like facebook, twitter, Instagram, etc. I thought I'd let you know that Eastern Canada is getting another blast of Winter today. Uh huh. More snow.
I couldn't resist! ;) 

Here's a look at my week so far:

Sunday post-long run
My afternoon was spent like this:

Applying a lot of ice and heat on Sunday afternoon.
Frozen peas are truly the best ice pack ever. There's a reason people who get hit in the head on TV use them. I love how they form to whatever you are icing. And I also love that I purposely bought them for icing

Later on, I was feeling a little Rachel-Ray-esque so I put together a batch of Mango Salsa. I love this stuff.
I was worried my 'easy 5 miles' would be very very challenging today after Sunday's 20 Miler (32k) run. It wasn't too bad actually though. I ran real easy and the heating/icing I did on Sunday really helped.

By the way, it was freezing today. The morning was -21 Celsius and we couldn't even let the kids go outside to play at Recess. It had 'warmed up' when I headed out for my run.....sort of.
Today's workout was supposed to include hill repeats. I think I'm breaking up with Hills for a while. After the super duper hilly Moose Run, my calf muscles were screaming at me for a few days. I've been taping them, getting physio, massage, icing and heating them. So I think I'll choose not to piss them off for another little while yet. ;)

Instead of conquering hills today, I decided I'd do some Yasso 800s. I still didn't want to go too crazy since I had run my first training cycle 20 miler on Sunday. Therefore, I did a 2 mile warm up with 5 x 800m repeats with recovery jogs in between. I could have done a few more, but because of how far I was from my house, I wanted to keep it to 7-8 miles in total. I stopped at 5 repeats and headed home. It felt pretty great actually.
As I blog, my neighbour's house across the street is getting harder and harder to see through the wind/snow. :S

I have to thank Heidi for her text this morning asking if I was running before the storm. I was highly considering it.....if my legs felt up to it. I usually like to space my runs 24 hours apart. I had an easy 5 miles on schedule for today so I definitely had to run it 'easy' after last night's Yassos. I moved around a bit and decided, "Heck ya, I'd better go do this before the Blizzard-a-cane arrives!" Off I went.

"You'll never make it Mommy!" Lola is always so

The good thing about running before a mega storm is that you have the roads completely to yourself. Everyone in my neighbourhood had hunkered down for the day with the impending Winter Hurricane on it's way. But I was literally trying to out-run it.
I ran along the main road and the snow-flakes were falling. Not crazy bad or anything. Just tiny snow-flakes constantly. The wind did seem to pick up as I was on my way home.

But I made it. Safe and Sound. :)

The Count is on folks!

The Civic proudly wears John Hancock's 26.2

Thanks again for vising GGR! Stay warm, cozy and safe today. :)

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Is there a storm where you are today?
How do you spend your storm days? Breaking Bad with Lola. :)
Who's running Boston this year???
Happy Running,
Heather :)
Boston in 26!!!


  1. You're such a trooper! It probably wouldn't be safe to go out now! Sadie is pretty much going crazy so I'm bribing her to stay inside with pb treats haha.
    Have fun with Lola today! Is Matt out at work?
    PS I can't believe Boston is in 26 days! :o

    1. I loved my snow day.....and now I'm enjoying snow day #2! And of course Matt was at work, lol.

  2. I saw on our news that the US is getting a storm that is blowing down from Canada! Stay warm up there!
    Are those actually a bag of frozen peas or is that the name of an ice pack you use?

    Lola is too darn cute!

  3. I'm going to use the shovelling as my cross training today! Spring needs to hurry up and get this rate, we'll never see the trail!

  4. March is so weird. We had high-80s on Sunday, but yesterday and today it's in the 50s! Make up your mind, weather!

    That chocolate PB shake has me jealous!

    1. I can't wait to complain about how hot it is! ;)

      Make the shake!!! They're great. My protein powder if GF :D Chocolate flavoured. I just add banana, almond milk, ice and chia seeds. :D

  5. The "so cold" pic of you is so cute!!

    1. LOL thanks! Don't you love my vaseline covered face glow???

    2. I didn't realize it was vaseline. I just liked the look on your face, it's like it was too cold to even take a pic!

  6. You are really amazing. You are going to kill it at Boston!!

  7. Running in -6 in March is not okay! I'm glad you beat the storm, and i hope you get some steady spring temps soon!

  8. No snow where I am, but I was at the gas station on my lunch break...pumping gas and being blissfully unaware of how windy it was (OK, maybe not blissfully), until a leaf came up and slapped me in the face...and it hurt! So no snow, but some painful wind and gas station leaves. Those are the worst kind of leaves!

    1. lol....omg! That would have frightened the life out of me!

  9. Glad you got your run in and beat the blizzard! I can't believe you did a 20 miler and 800s a few days are going to kill it at Boston!

    1. Only 5 of them so all is good. ;) Thanks Emmeline!

  10. Yay you got out before the storm hit. It's true there's nobody on the roads during pre-storm events. Love it! Hope you are staying warm!

  11. Sending hugs from the prairies! Hopefully it will blow over soon. We are all done with winter and I really hope spring starts in April for real. Stay warm. Stay safe.

  12. Glad to hear that you survived the storm!

  13. You are rocking it girlfriend!!!!!!
    I am so excited for you and Boston! I can not wait to hear about it :) :)