Saturday, 1 March 2014

Hello March & First Race of 2014!

Happy Saturday!

I'm doing some race preppin' right now---I'm running a 1/2 tomorrow!!! :0 Where did that come from? It feels like the Hypothermic Half crept up on me big time. 

Housekeeping item: :) Remember on Sunday when I slept for a kazillion years and then made soup??? You can check out the recipe here. The recipe calls for potatoes (russet I believe) but I used Sweet potatoes.

So, after Tuesday night's hill session, my legs felt like wobbly noodles today. Fun. I was determined to run this 4 mile easy run, 'easy.' Not like I had a choice in the matter with the fatigue in my I procrastinated as long as I possibly could because it was bitterly cold once again and I was warm and comfy in the house.
I keep forgetting how quickly I warm up once I'm out there, plus how good it feels.

Dinner: Tacos and salad!

Fine! If it's going to keep snowing forever until the end of time, I will look for the positive. These paws <3

Isn't it funny how I searched the city in the fall for Beetroot juice and after requesting it from every grocery retailer I could possibly think of, I now find it almost anywhere??? ;)

I was seriously dreading my 8 mile tempo run tonight. Mostly because I was afraid I wouldn't be able to hit pace with the hills from Tuesday, as well as my 16 mile on Sunday. The accumulated fatigue had my legs feeling tired. For real.

My run was easy for the first two miles and then I gradually worked up to near 10k pace for several minutes with the last 1.5 miles easy again. Tempo pace was low 7:30s which I was  pleased with.
You know it: Rest day! ( or in other words: wonder if I should run today since I am racing on Sunday and would have to take a rest day or super duper easy day on Saturday????) This was a mental decision that took place the entire  day!

Matt and I discussed it some more over this dinner................ Chicken, roasted broccoli and Linguine with Pesto. :)

After work today I also headed over to Kim's place since she was so lovely and picked up our kits for the 1/2. Thanks!

p.s. I did not run on Friday :)

I had to take a photo of the cracker chips right away since the bag was in the trash approximately 7 minutes after I snapped this. ;) Yum.

I love love love the gloves that came in the race kit! The beanie is cool too, except I look sort of silly with it on, lol. So I'm guessing Matt will gladly use it as a running hat. :)
I usually do not run the day before a race. I know what you're thinking. And you shouldn't! I know. But I have not planned the Hypo 1/2 as my 'A' race for the  year, and am seriously using it as a good training run where I will run at 80-90% effort. Therefore, I worked on discipline as I ran crazy easy today. Even though there were a few parts where I really wanted to kick those heels back, I resisted. Yay me. It was an awesomely gorgeous day for running too.
P.S. I am now crazy good at running in Winter temperatures. I do fear what will happen to me once June, July and August comes though. :S

 I think I had guests in my driveway while I was running. :0
Next stop: Hair appointment! (Much needed). Some might say I'm a plain Jane with my hair. I just get a basic trim and keep my original colour. amazed at the risks I'll take. ;) Random Fact: I have not coloured my hair since 2010! 

As you know, I have mentioned that my sports bras have been chafing me as of late on my long runs. :(  I have an extreme loyalty to my bras and will not part with them, even after 4 solid years of service it I decided that it is time to end it. :(
The other day Emmeline said that she was loving the Nike Pro. It's her birthday today so I think you should head on over to Run For The Pizza and give her a birthday shout out! :)
Naturally, I headed over to the store to try on every Nike pro they had. And then I wanted to leave with all 5 that I tried on. Even though I have decided that trying on sports bras is my least favourite thing to do. :S  
Are  you wondering which one I bought??? lol.

Taaa daa!
Once I got home I didn't waste any time hydrating. A well hydrated runner, is a happy runner. :)
I have a confession about race prep: There are certain things that I MUST do the day before a race or mentally it will crush me. No lie, lol. Take a peek at some of my calculated race prep routines:
  • Paint nails a funky colour. Even if it's winter and no one will see them. :)
  • Shave legs. I think this one started as an attempt to be more aero dynamic??? ;) JK!
  • Lay out ALL race gear the night before.
  • Set alarm on my phone and check it 74 times to make sure it's 'ON.'
  • Double, triple, and quadruple check that all tech gadgets are charged!
  • Grab a handful of safety pins in case 4 just won't cut it or you get that rogue one that won't punch through fabric: Grr!
  • Get a friend to agree to text you to make sure you're up: Thanks Sam! ;)
  • Obsess over outfit choice until 'GO Time.' Yep, I do that. 

One of the girls I am travelling with is racing her first 1/2 tomorrow!!! Wish them (cough: and ME) luck tomorrow!!!!!

Thanks so much for stopping by GGR. Have a wonderful day!
What are your race prep routines?
Sport bra loyalty: yay or nay?
Happy Running,
Heather :) 


  1. Good luck on your race! You are going to rock it! I wish I were able to keep such a slow pace, but every time I say I'm going to go easy, I end up doing low 7's. I can't help myself! Also, I am a plain jane when it comes to my hair as well. I colored it once when I was in 6th grade. It was a terrible mistake.

    1. Thanks Rachel! I'm really getting better at pacing difficult as it can be!

  2. Good luck in your race!! I am loyal to sports bras as well...I've tried too many that don't work...Nike Dry for me. Where did you find these ones?

    That taco supper looks super yummy!!!!

    Have you tried the pretzel crisps from Costco? Yummy!!! Thanks for the soup link...will have to look at making it soon.

    1. Love the pretzel chips!

      I got my bra at Sport Check. They have a great selection.

  3. Best of luck on your race tomorrow! We have the same pre race routine ( especially checking all our gadgets)! Not really loyal to a sports bra but would like to go shop for one!

    1. I think we all have certain routines, even if we don't realize! :)

  4. Good luck in your race!! Have fun :)

  5. The first "real" sports bra that I tried (after using terrible old ones from Target) is my go-to right now, and I'm VERY loyal to it. Moving Comfort Juno. It keeps the girls in place, dries quickly, and it easy on/off.

    Good luck at the race!

    1. Thanks Liz! I've heard great things about Moving Comfort!

  6. Good luck tomorrow! Awesome that they gave you gloves & a hat. And if it makes you feel better, I always do an easy run the day before a race. I feel stiff and stale if I don't.

    1. Thanks Cassie! Reading this comment did make me feel better :)

  7. Thanks pretty girl! Did you like the Nike Pro? I love the color you got! I absolutely love that the race gives you gloves and a hat, that would be enough to entice me to run it :) I always paint my nails something funky before a race too, post pics of what you ended up with! And kick some butt today!!! Good luck :)

    1. Thanks Emmeline!
      I hope you had a wonderful birthday! I absolutely loved the Nike Pro. I wore it in my race. I got the lime/fuchsia one. LovE!

  8. Woohoo I hope you have a wonderful race! Can't wait to hear about it. I wear the crappiest sports bras. Half the time, I just wear camisoles I cut off into sports bras. My boobs are so small though. Like, "almost" and A cup small!

    1. Thanks Meg!
      Ha, I'm almost an A cup as well. ;)

  9. Happy racing! Can't wait to hear how it went!

  10. hope your temps aren't too redic!! I am totally loyal to moving comfort. I have boobs and they need a good bra. funny...was looking at those chips the other day. I put them back. :-)

    1. We had great temps! You should definitely get those chips :D

  11. I hope you had a super duper race!!!!!!!
    I love your pre race check list! Some of those things are on mine too!!!!

    1. Thanks Heather! We all have our pre-race rituals. ;)

  12. My hair is uncolored too, but lately I'm playing with the idea of going honey-blonde. I wonder what it would look like on me!