Saturday, 29 March 2014

Giveaway Winner!!! & Other Running Rambles

You'd better be having a spectacular Saturday! I'm pretty sure it's my favourite day of the week. :)

Let's get down to business!  Last night I eagerly waited for Matt to get home so he could draw a lucky name from my hat of entrants....Literally. The elementary school teacher in me thought it was perfectly acceptable to cut up all the names, fold them and draw from my Johnny Miles Marathon hat. :D

And the Winner is................

Running this Journey!!!! I am so excited for you---winning a 1/2 marathon girl tee 5-6 weeks before your first half, what motivation! Please contact me via the Contact form on the left hand side of my blog with your mailing details. :)

Thanks so much to Runalicious and everyone who entered!  

Other Running Ramblings

Guess what? We had a second snow day on Thursday!!! Can you  believe that??? The roads were incredibly awful early in the morning, but that afternoon, the sun came out in full blaze. Bring on the massive melt!

Here are a few shots post-blizzard:

I was able to run a few errands that I usually do on Saturdays.

Starbucks counts as an errand, right???
 I squeezed in a 5 mile tempo run late afternoon and it felt awesome!   
No running today. I am enjoying my rest days more and more. My last super long run is next Sunday and then the Taper begins.

This is sort of random, but I am really loving this cereal these days:
It has berries and dark chocolate!!!! LOVE it. :D

Apparently we are getting an insane amount of rain tomorrow. Yay! :S  (Sarcastic cheer). I decided I'd do my scheduled 2 hour long run today instead. I ran it super easy pace because I'm teeter tottering between the brink of peak training and injury right now. I can tell. Plus I think I'm due for a new pair of running shoes. Anyway, long story short, I was shy of 15 miles when 2 hrs hit, so I ran for another few minutes because running 14.XX miles would have driven me crazy all day!
 It was so awesome out today! I couldn't wait to pop on my capris to to run! Then I remembered that my PT suggested supporting my lower leg muscles as much as I could on my runs these days, so I also wanted to wear my compression socks. Hence, the kind of crazy running apparel shown above, lol.

15 miles done! I do plan to do my original Saturday run tomorrow.....I'm just not sure what time that will happen.

Thanks again for stopping by GGR on this lovely Saturday! Have an awesome day. :)

How were your Saturday miles?
Did you end up with a blizzard this week too? 

Favourite cereal right now?  

Happy Running,
Heather :)
Boston in 23!!!


  1. I saw you run by and LOVED the pink compressions!!!
    I'm not in a cereal mood these days...I've been eating raisin English muffins. When I do have my cravings, I usually reach for good ol' shreddies with blueberries on top.

    I hope your injury or start of an injury goes away!!! You've done amazing on your training and can't wait for your trip to Boston!!!!

  2. winner, winner, chicken dinner. lol
    I have been on a cereal kick these days too- the Heritage kind from Costco- it's a granola type and it's so good!
    The kids and I walked by your place today- a 5k walk, which is a challenge with Sadie and a stroller lol!
    Boston! SO close!!

  3. We got a dusting of snow on Tuesday... that better be the END of the snow for us. I want spring!

  4. What an adorable way to choose the winner! You are so cute! Nice job on your run! I hope you get to stay inside on the couch tomorrow.

  5. I hate ending runs on weird decimals, too! I did a training plan from Greg McMillan's book for my last marathon, and a lot of the runs were scheduled by a range of minutes (like 40-50), and that really messed with my head because I wanted to run the max minutes (because I'm an overachiever) AND even miles. Ha.

  6. Great long run! I love that you drew names out of a hat too :) I'm kind of creepily excited for you to run Boston btw, stay healthy and compress away so you can race your best after all this training!! :-D

  7. Ah man, I wanted to win :) :)
    I wanted to run 6 miles today but the damn rain got in the way. I legit can't run in the rain. It makes me so uncomfortable! Maybe, I'll do some yoga tonight to stretch out the body!
    Hope you had an awesome Sunday!

  8. My Saturday run started out sunny and nice, but turned very cloudy and windy. So ready for this weather to be gone!

  9. Someone needs to tell March to get with the program...snow's still falling?!?! What the heck!

  10. Smart thinking doing your long run Saturday instead .. wish I would have to freezing rain! Im so excited for you! Boston is soo close :) stay healthy your ready you've done the work!

  11. Here's to staying injury free! No blizzard for us, THANK GOD! The weather is finally getting nicer for us here in Massachusetts!