Saturday, 15 February 2014

End of Week Recap

Hey everyone!

Here's a bit of what I've been up to. :) 

Super duper cold run today.  Like frozen eye lashes cold. Yep.  Thankfully it was short and sweet. Some sections had black ice....which is always loads of fun. ;)  I was way to chilly for a selfie photo shoot when I got home so you will have to settle for my Training Peaks data page screen

Yet another storm was supposed to be moving in today so I was sure to be 50 shades of prepared if it did by packing my treadmill gear just in case the storm hit mid day and running outside would be less than ideal.
I had PD all day and what would PD be without some treats from Lynne (chocolate covered apricots) and our Leader ( those addictive chocolate squares from Costco)!

Naturally we headed out for Thai at lunch.

And, Thursday afternoon ended with some Physio for my "non-issue" knee, as my PT put it. :D Yes, my legs are ungodly white. Maybe shorts wasn't the best

The storm didn't begin until late late there was no need to hit up the TM. Hallelujah! I headed out right away for my run as soon as I walked Lola. Like much earlier than I usually do. I was exhausted before I left and was slightly whiny when my plan said "Tempo" when I thought all day long that it said "easy." I'm a baby. Somehow in the sideways snow and strong head winds I managed to hit slightly below target pace. I have no idea how.

A good Tempo run is always more appreciated when you follow it with the chocolate PB protein shake. :D

Oh yeah, so I usually wear waterproof mascara....a tip a student's mom gave me once when I complained to her about how it runs when I run... you see what I did there? ;) Anyway, on Thursday I forgot that I wore normal girl mascara and after running in the sideways snow for nearly an hour I looked like this.................classy.
Yep, there was pink and red everywhere at work on Friday.....including on me. :)
A student gave me one of these...........  and I may have had a spectacularly awesome cupcake as well....may have. ;)

I am learning to love how Fridays are my Rest days. Especially when I get a leg massage! If you haven't had one in a while, get one. Your legs deserve it.

How Matt and I do Valentine's day..............the right way!
Lola says 'hey.' :)
Apparently we are going to get yet another storm tonight and into tomorrow. I know, this is borderline ridiculous. How dare Mother Nature interfere with my weekend running plans. Tisk tisk.

I therefore decided to pull the old schedule switch-a-roo with my weekend runs. :S I am always very hesitant to do this. So basically Saturday looked like this: 7 planned mi and Sunday had a duration run....instead of a distance run, where I had to run 1 hr 30min. Long story short, it's still Saturday and I covered 11.2 miles during my 1 hr 30 min run in fear that more snow and ice pellets would crash my long running plans for tomorrow.
There are no complaints here though since the weather mimicked Spring-like conditions. :) That always makes me happy.

Now get out there and enjoy that sunshine! And of course, thanks for checking in on GGR.

Happy Running,
Heather :)


  1. Love your pizza! I do the switcheroo with my runs at least once every other week to make sure I get a quality workout done outside versus on the treadmill :) and you're not nearly as pasty as I am, I won't be braving shorts unless I get some sunless tanner on!

    1. Funny thing is I thought of you when I posted the pizza picture! LOL.

      I am definitely getting some sunless tanner before Boston!

  2. Wow that pizza looks amazing!!! I am sure you needed the carbs to help recover from all your runs! Love the Lola pic. ;)

    1. That pizza was truly tasty. I'd go back for seconds for sure!

  3. Haha I think we should all take leg selfies, I'm pretty sure I'd be the winner of having the whitest legs. I see you're getting ready for Boston in your Boston Marathon jacket. Some day I'll have one, too...

    1. Those leg selfies in the dead of winter are such a great idea, lol. ;)

      I love running in my Boston jacket. When I first got it I barely took it off!

  4. I just posted a photo of our heart-shaped pizza, too! I've never had to run in sideways snow. Good job on getting the run done!

    1. Thanks Tina!
      I have to check out your pizza, I mean blog, ;)

  5. Those chocolate apricots look amazing! I have never heard/seen those before and I love dried apricots! Also I love the heart shaped pizza....the hubs and I should have done pizza, what an awesome dinner idea :)
    Yay for spring-like weather. We had snow Thurs and Fri and it was so gloomy today :(
    Have a great rest of your weekend!

    1. They were real good. She just dipped them in some chocolate chips melted that she had left over.

      So much for spring-like. It's more like Ice Town here today :S

  6. Dude, how mean is it that I wanted to see your frozen eyelashes?! That pizza is adorable!

    1. time I promise!

      The pizza sure was amazing. :D

  7. Wise decision on the old switch-a-roo looking at the roads this morning!!! Where did you get your leg massage at? Physio has suggested I go...did it feel great???

    1. Very wise decision indeed!

      I go to the massage Therapist who works in the same building as my PT. She's small but mighty!