Friday, 3 January 2014

What To Do On Storm Days

Since many East Coasters are getting pounded with a blast of winter today, I thought I'd make a list of things to do on Storm days.

Eat a nice breakfast: Let's face it. You're not rushing to get anywhere, hopefully. So put down the Special K and take the time to wash & cut up strawberries to prepare yourself some hot oatmeal to go along with that cup of Java. Okay I'm lecturing myself here.....not you guys. ;)

Figure out Numbers: I've been giving a ball park figure every time someone asked me how many half marathons I've run. This is because I honestly didn't know how many........until now! It's not even that many so don't get all excited, lol.  

Yes, after checking the medal rack, scanning facebook photos and hounding Matt with texts and calls at the office, we got the grand total. Just for fun you should take a wild guess first......................
 16! Now I can stop saying, "around 15 or so." :) 

Some other numbers I figured out today: 

2013 weekly and daily mileage: Since I ran 1848.63 miles in 2013, that averages 35.6 miles a week (56.96km).  In turn, this gives me an average of 5.08 miles a day (or 8.1km/day).  Just in case you were interested. Here's an interesting fact:  American Olympic Marathoner Shalane Flanagan ran an average weekly mileage of 91 miles/week!!!!!!!

Enjoy Christmastime windows: Whenever I see snow piled up on windowsills like this it reminds me of Christmas cards and such. :) 

Appreciate your REST days: As you know, I honour my Rest days on Fridays.......usually. If I have to miss a run throughout the week for work or other reasons, I sometimes pull the old switcheroo and run on Friday. It's easier to not get the urge to go run when there are monstrous snow drifts outside.

Roll & Stretch: I did some gentle leg rolling today since I had absolutely no reason not see how I love to roll? lol. Then I decided I may as well do a 2 min plank just because. I followed that with 50 crunches and called it a day Rest day. :) Lola thought she could bring her toys over and they could join in too, {raised eyebrow}.

Shovel a path out back so Someone can go out and play in the snow, {cough.......Lola}.  Don't worry, I put on actual pants and a jacket when I did the driveway. ;)

Hang Out with my favourite on again/off again couple...................

Stay Warm by drinking hot tea. I made steeped tea today with the 'Lime in the Coconut' flavour I bought from a friend who sold teas last year. It is truly amazing and I need to drink more of it. :) 

Do your Hair, ;)  I always see people with these gorgeous Fish Tail braids and I thought I'd have a go. Clearly I have some work to

Okay this is not really Storm-Day related but a little tip: The grocery store had these Cliff bars on sale yesterday and the  Cool Mint chocolate flavour is da jam! ;)  

Enjoy the rest of your Friday and thanks so much for stopping by!

Happy Running & Resting,
Heather :)


  1. I've taken on Fridays as my rest day as well - like you, it's easy at the moment with storms in the UK... and my legs are really sore from brick triathlon training yesterday. Lola is absolutely adorable :)

    1. Thanks Daisy, she sure knows she's cute too! lol.

      I feel like Friday is the perfect day to rest. I'm usually exhausted from the week and when it's a blizzard the decision is easy. :)

  2. It worked out well for your rest day to fall on the crazy blizzard day. I was thinking this morning that I better not see you running by lol!

    1. Heidi you are so funny! When I walked Lola early in the morning I actually considered a short run.....then my thoughts quickly changed by mid-morning when I couldn't see down the

  3. Ross and Rachel are my favorite on again/off again couple also. I need to take a tip from you and take a rest day. I just get so anxious and find myself all jittery. Your breakfast looks delicious!

    1. Love Ross & Rachel! :D

      Rest days are truly hard for me for the same reason. I jut 'know' that if I don't take one I ultimately burn out and get sick. :(

      It was delicious :)

  4. Hello!
    So I can not remember if I have commented on a previous post of yours but I wanted to say thank you for checking out my blog! I love meeting new bloggers and learning about their lives, especially runners!
    I'm not liking the freezing weather we are having! The high for the past couple of days has been 5 degrees! CRAZZZYYY! Unfortunately I don't have a gym membership so I can't run but I can work out in the second bedroom :)

    Hope you have a great weekend!!!!

    1. Thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog! I'm always looking for running blogs to follow. :)

      I don't really have a gym membership either...I just have a punch pass for 10 visits. Most of my strength training occurs in my living

      Happy Running,

  5. Today (Saturday) is my rest day. Sunday is my long run day, and I always try to take a rest day the day before and day after so my plantar fasciitis doesn't flare up.
    That tea sounds amazing!

    1. Hi there!
      Oh no my husband had planter fasciitis as well. that is one painful injury:( thanks so much for checking out my blog:) I also take Sunday as my long run day and a very easy day on Mondays:)

  6. I had a snow day yesterday and did a few of these things! Looked out the window... watched old TV showss (not Friends but FULL HOUSE haha!)... It definitely was a lazy day.

    1. I love full house!

      It certainly was a lazy day for me too :)

  7. You've reminded me that I need to learn to French braid my hair for races. Time to look up YouTube tutorials haha.

    16 HM?! I love that you've run so many you lost track. My January half will be my 5th!

    1. Braids are truly the best for running.....too bad I suck at them and use a million snap barrettes to hold them in place! LOL.

      those 16 are over 5 years of running keep in mind. :) I honestly had no clue but knew it was more than 13 and less than 20!!! Now I have a definite answer ;)