Friday, 10 January 2014

End of Week Catch Up & TGIF :D

My very first TGIF of 2014! :D  and I'm super grateful for it!

Tell me something great about your week!

First awesome thing about Wednesday : New Runner's World! It is a happy day when there's one of these babies in the mail box. ;) 

"Hey Lola, I'm going for a run now...."
 "Good, now I can have some piece and quiet!" LOL

Wednesday is always semi-long run day for me. It was a chilly run for sure, which means Vaseline took part in protecting my skin. That would explain my super glossy face. This isn't my Runner's Glow.
I ran in two different neighbourhoods for a very rolling hill run. I also wore multiple layers which made me feel once again like a parade float. :S

The Run
9.23 miles
1hr 15 min
8:13 avg. pace/mile (5:06 avg. km)
When I got home from work today, I was utterly exhausted and longed for Saturday morning. It appears this first full work week of 2014 didn't want to go down without a fight. I really didn't think I had the energy to go run.
Something magical happened when I scarfed down a few pitas and some hummus after school as a snack. I felt re-energized and headed out. The roads were completely clear-finally! It was chilly, which I think makes me run faster lately in an attempt to get the run over with quicker. ;) 
I ran the first mile at an easy effort and managed to clock in under 8 minutes??? Weird. It felt more like the mid 8s. Then I decided that I would run 'outside my comfort zone,' because as we all know: that's where the magic happens!
With each mile I ran some hard fast efforts in a Fartlek style with recovery runs in between. The Garmin was going the entire time with zero breaks for walking/stopping. Basically a steady run with fast bursts. Each mile got progressively faster, much to my surprise.

I love a Run that feels awesome from start to finish. <3
The Run
5 miles
36:33 minutes
7:19 avg. pace/mile (4:33 avg. km)

I refuelled immediately when I got home after pushing my muscles. There is a whole load of different berries with kale and spinach in that shake! It sure was amazing. :)

Dinner included roasted chicken breasts, Kale Chips, Garden Salad, roasted vegetables and some pasta salad. I'm still loving that Thai Seasoning that Heidi introduced me to. Thanks! I like to put it on Kale Chips with Sea Salt.

Friday TGIF!
REST day! And also my teaching partner's birthday. I brought her in a Tall Blonde Roast Coffee with a Birthday Cake pop. :) 

I am usually double fisted at work: Coffee in one hand, water in the other. :)

This fantastic mail was waiting for me in my mailbox when I got home today!!! Only 100 more days to go until the Big day!
Janice posted these super funny Runner Questions on facebook the other night and I was L'ing OL! 
Seriously, how many of these have you been asked??? LOL
What was your last awesome run?
Thanks again for spending some Friday time with GGR. Have a wonderful evening!
Happy Running,
Heather :)


  1. You're a trooper to be running out in the temps we had this week!
    Mmm, I haven't made those kale chips in forever. Must make them again soon!
    So excited for you to run boston in 100 days! :)

    1. I'm so happy you taught me how to make Kale chips! :D and for the thai!

      It's weird, I don't usually get cold running. Just my face. I tend to generate insane amounts of heat for a small person, lol.

      I am so excited for Boston this year, it's ridiculous.....!!!!!!

  2. OMG I can't believe it's only 100 days away!

  3. #15 ALL THE TIME. 25 more often than I'd like...I mean, not as fast as Mo Farah but faster than you? So excited to hear all about Boston, 100 days feels so close!

    1. Hahaha, I know! I love how people ask if I'm running 'outside in this?' (this=rain, snow, cold, wind, heat, etc.) LOL.

      Boston :D

  4. I went out last night and bought a new water bottle to see if that will help. And I still cannot find that Thai spice...I even had people at work look for me. Boo!

    1. Try leaving it out at room temp for a while....I LOVE drinking water like this. :D I will have to try and find you a bottle for your

    2. Of the thai seasoning that it. :D

  5. I love RW! I received their magazine the other day and was like WHOOP WHOOP!!!
    OMG! Yay for Boston!!!! That is so super exciting.
    I am hoping to go to Boston for the marathon this year and be a spectator!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have to check with my schedule and such but I am hoping!

    1. My husband was a spectator there last year but was supposed to run....he was injured :( He said it was very cool to see all the elites and the thousands of runners go by! I hope you go!!

  6. The girl I met at ballet who ran Boston... when i mentioned it, her friend was like "What? You ran the Boston Marathon? How FAR is that?" I cringed!! And then she asked how long it took her. The poor runner girl looked so embarrassed, I felt bad that I brought it up! (She said your name sounded familiar! She said from the PEI results, she thinks! almost famous!)

    In that top photo from Wednesday, I thought the wire from your ipod was a big hoop earring and thought "ooh, a fancy run!" LOL duh.

    1. Weird, I wonder who she is? Now I'm curious. I wouldn't say famous!!!

      Yeah, you know me......big fancy loop earrings for the run! LOL.

  7. Sounds like an amazing run! I'd love to be able to do 8 minute miles...but right now I'd rather be able to just focus on increasing my mileage so I can get to 26.2. I would have to say that my last best run was my long run last Sunday - 7 miles. Since it was on the treadmill, it was good for me because I made
    It through the "mental workout" too, which is always a challenge when i'm not outside. It can sometimes be difficult during the run, but I definitely feel victorious once I'm finished!

    1. Yes, increasing your base mileage is key first as you know. :) 7 miles on a're awesome! I can never get through that mental battle, lol.

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