Saturday, 18 January 2014

A Taste of the Trail & Saturday Randomness

I have some totally awesome news!!!
The trail was up and running for business today :D
I left my house and headed out towards the Coke Plant in an attempt to 'check out the conditions.' To my pleasant surprise, it was 99.9% clear with just a couple of patches of snow/ice that were small enough to run around. :D I was a happy camper!  Last year, I did not access the trail to run until April 7!!!
The first two miles were in complete led me to keep doing a shoulder check for bears or coyotes! My thoughts: "Am I totally alone in here because no one knows the trail is ready? Did I just hear something? (shoulder check) If it's a bear or a coyote what will I do? With no phone? I know: I'll climb a tree and scream with all my heart!"
And then I saw a man walking a dog.....followed by like a zillion runners and walkers who also got wind of the awesome conditions, so I was safe. ;)
The surface felt amazing compared to the asphalt pounding I've been consistently doing for the past few months. Not to mention how f-l-a-t the run was. :D
Non-Running Injury
My run today was at a mid effort pace. I wasn't going to push it after my knee's encounter with my steel door yesterday morning. :S
So, I'm putting the trash out, in my pajamas, and in an attempt to do it at the speed of lightning (so as not to be seen in my PJs), I totally nailed the side of my knee into my door. Good times. And big bruises. {Whiney music may now play}. The pain was something I'd compare to stepping on a Lego. In bare feet! :0 
As it turns out, I'm apparently hooked on baked sweet potato now. :) I guess there are worse addictions??? ;)  These are sprinkled with fresh parsley, sesame seeds, salt and pepper. I drizzled them with EVOO to bake. mmm.

Saturday Shenanigans
Look who got new furniture!!! (Costco does dog beds right!)

"Just chillin' in my new bed." ;)

 Post run today I met Erin for brunch. A Tex Mex Skillet makes for the most awesome recovery meal!

Aaaaaaand, we both showed up wearing the exact same H & M leg warmers!!! LOL. How does that happen?!
We were trying to decide if they were to be worn shuffled, (like mine on the left) or tucked (like Erin's on the right) when a lady turns around and confirms that both ways look fabulous! :) Too funny!

My mid-afternoon post-Costco drink .....

My Yoga teacher (also my school VP) gave me this spectacular recipe for Spiced Pecans. I decided to have a go at them this afternoon. Super easy and super tasty!
You just whisk one egg white with two table spoons of honey or agave nectar. Then toss in two cups of raw pecans and stir until coated evenly. After that you add 2 tbsp. of chilli pepper, 1 tsp cinnamon, 1 tsp sea salt and 1/4 tsp of cayenne pepper. Stir! Bake at 300 degrees Celsius for 25 min.

As I type, the street is completely covered by snow. :S Yep. The trail didn't last long. You've gotta use it before you lose it! My long run tomorrow is 14 miles. Hopefully conditions will cooperate!

Thanks for stopping by GGR. Have a wonderful evening!

What are your mileage plans for tomorrow?
Do you enjoy running the trails or the sidewalks?

Happy Running,
Heather :)


  1. Oh no! I hate when silly things happen like that happen! Hope your knee is feeling better. I love your leg warmers/boot socks too!

    1. My knee is still quite sore :( I'm super clumsy

      Leg warmers are awesome! I can't believe how much I love them and how warm they keep me :)

  2. Oh I love the trail. :) I am no supposed to run right now, but if I could, I try to get out on the trail on the weekends. :)

    1. I love the trail as well. :) It always smells so good with the trees! Our trail is super busy when the weather and conditions are good. I'm eager for Spring!

  3. I do love running on the trail (or I did), but am a little intimidated to go running on it now, because the first year that I moved into my house, I decided to go for a trail run (our backyard abuts against a state forest, so we have access to the mouth of the trail right next to our house!) and was a little over a mile away and tripped over a tree root, went flying and landed on my arm. I was convinced I had broken it...couldn't even feel my own arm, and it was ridiculously swollen! It was a 72 degree day and I had to walk the entire way back, caked in dirt, up a long (1-mile), steep hill. It was NOT fun. Turns out my arm wasn't broken (luckily), but was bruised pretty badly. I've only gone out on it a couple of times since then.
    It's funny, I never even think about coyotes or bears when I'm running in the woods, but I should, because we definitely have both around here! I worry more about getting lost or breaking one of my limbs (for the afore-mentioned reasons)!

    1. Luckily our trail is super flat and well-groomed. I have seen a coyote from a distance, but no bears....yet! I've heard nightmare stories about people tripping on tree roots. :S Not cool. Glad you didnt' break anything!

  4. Ok a) I need that skillet dish... YUM and b) there are BEARS? I would have a freaking heart attack. I love trails but I don't think I love trails where there are bears :( so glad you got to run off the roads though!

    1. I love skillet dishes. You sort of get a little bit of everything. :) Yes! There are bears!!! I haven't seen one, but others have. :0

  5. Love Lola's new bed....she is one spoiled little pup!
    Hope the roads clear up for your long run fun to have to wear yaktraks the day after running in the trail!

    1. Only the best for Lola! ;)

      The roads were excellent today!

  6. I’ve nominated & tagged you for the Liebster award!
    The questions & rules are on my blog if your interested!

  7. I'm going to need to try that pecan recipe. They're sooo yummy right out of the oven! I love baked sweet potatoes. My go-to recipe is: chunked sweet potatoes, brown sugar, sage, salt, pepper, EVOO. Bake, then serve sprinkled with goat cheese. They are AMAZING.

    1. Yes, definitely try it! And I'm trying your sweet potato recipe :D

  8. Yay for your trail being open! I remember last year that I ran our local trail with lots of snow and ice! I refused to let the weather determine my run. This year? I'm chicken! haha :)

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