Sunday, 22 December 2013

Rainy Sunday Runday

You know you're a runner when checking the weather becomes one of your favourite hobbies and your first thought is 'how it's going to affect my runs.' Yep, this was me all weekend. :)

I did take some time to wrap presents though. As you can clearly see, Lola was an awesome help {eyeroll}

Look who Matt's getting a gift from! hehe. This one may be running related. ;)
After yesterday's soggy sidewalk run, I decided that I'd avoid that route this morning. During the Winter, I like to scope out my route before hand via the car, if at all possible. When driving yesterday afternoon I noticed that the sidewalks weren't any better than they were in the a.m., even with all the melting that was going on . :(  My Sunday morning route would have to be modified.  
I ran a portion of my usual Winter Long Run Route where I run on basically every single street in my neighbourhood and a nearby subdivision. This makes for a great run with lots of rolling hills. I'm still in a bit of shock at how quickly we lost the trail system and how soon I've had to switch to the streets this year. :( The past two years I've run my Christmas day 10k on the gravel trail with NO ice or snow. At least I don't live in a crazy busy area with insane traffic and feel pretty safe on the side streets. :) 
It was drizzling when I left my house at 9:15 but still wasn't too bad. The salt trucks were out in full force and I saw two of them along my route. The temperature was dropping and by the end of my run the rain had turned to 'freezing rain.' This made for some very beautiful sights on the trees. Unfortunately I didn't bring my phone. :(  The up side was that the conditions were much better this morning than yesterday and I only ran through one puddle. :D
The Run
11.09 miles
1 hr 36 min
8:43 avg. pace/mile
I read about how important Protein is for Runners last night in my RW magazine  and I realized that I'd probably not had a protein shake in probably 3 weeks! So even though I was completely frozen after my run I mixed up this bad boy:
  • one banana
  • ice cubes
  • frozen pineapple chunks
  • mixed berries (blue, black and straw)
  • 4 tsp of chia seeds
  • 1 scoop of vanilla whey protein powder
  • 1/2 cup vanilla unsweetened Silk true almond milk  

My body was also craving salt! What else is new? I've been on the tortilla cracker kick lately and I  am loving these! They're also Gluten free if you dig that sort of thing.

Basically the rest of Sunday afternoon consisted of a bit of this........................

and a bit of that..........................................
Matt and I headed out for Mexican food tonight. I always get the BBQ'd mini chicken wraps with pasta salad and was devastated to find out that they no longer make the pasta salad! Don't fret: The sweet potato fries saved the day. ;)
This guy stared at us the entire time. I thought he was super cute. :) 
Week #1/18 of Boston Training = Complete! This week presented some challenging conditions with the two snow storms and the aftermath left on the sidewalks, but I got it done. :)
Depending on how my legs feel tomorrow, I may do a super duper easy 3 mile run followed by some strength work at home.
How was your week of workouts?
Are you all finished your gift wrapping?
Favourite recovery food/meal?
Thanks for stopping by GGR and have a wonderful evening!
Happy Running,
Heather :)


  1. I hope that this past week is not an indication of what all your Boston training is going to be like. Great job on getting out there and getting it done.

    1. Thanks!
      If the weather stays like this, I'll be ready for anything come Marathon Monday in April! ;)

  2. It was a little rainy here this weekend but it was super warm so I did get a few miles in!

    1. I can't imagine the feel of 'super warm' right All of my miles have been freezing or wet for the past weeks!

  3. Funny, I actually had my first protein smoothie in a while the other day too! I usually have some recovery protein in water or with a splash of coconut milk when I have it, but I really wanted some fruits and veggies with it the other day, so I got out the blender! I've been very consistent with my runs and workouts this week, although today was not so great of a run (just one of those days). The husband (who coincidentally is also Matt :D) and I are finishing up wrapping today and then headed to my parents house tomorrow evening! Merry merry Christmas!

    1. Great job for getting in your runs/workouts. Consistency is key!

      That is so funny your husband's name is Matt too! A few bloggers I've 'met' have husbands named Matt.

      I always feel better when I incorporate protein into my diet. At times it just comes down to me putting in the effort to prepare

  4. It's amazing to me how quickly winter came on for you northerners. I swear, climate change is wacky.

    1. This is the most abrupt entry into Winter we've seen in years. At least since I've been running anyway. All runs have been either freezing, slippery or

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