Sunday, 1 December 2013

It's Goin' Down...I'm Yellin' "Timber!"

And I'm not talking about Pitbull & Ke$ha!

Check this out:
Yep. This is what I encountered on my long run this morning. I'm assuming this is from our mega wind and rain storm we had on Wednesday night. It was quite eerie when I came up on it all alone. :S The picture doesn't do it's size justice. There were massive roots propped up out of the ground as well. :( Poor guy.
I'm going to go ahead and tell you what my long run was fuelled by today.
Exhibit A: Extreme veggie nachos! We made these last night to go along with our chicken and garden salad......what a strange combo.

I started my run later than normal this morning since I had a whole week's worth of Coronation Street to catch up on. Wow, I sure missed a lot of happenings!

All set to go for this morning's long run. I ate oatmeal with strawberries along with a Starbucks Christmas Blend coffee for breakfast. :) 

Even with the leaves all gone, I still <3 this trail. Pretty soon it will be completely covered in snow and ice so I plan on taking full advantage during my daylight runs now while it's run-able. I do not even know if this is a word.

Today's run was much warmer than yesterday's. It was zero degrees when I headed out the door. It was one of those runs where I kept taking my gloves off, putting them on and so on and so forth. There were many frozen puddles and streams along the route today. It looked cold but oh so pretty.
I took a gel right before I encountered the giant tree in the path (around 9 miles). It was Salted know, my new favourite flavour. :D I could just eat this one even when I'm not running.
At 9.5 miles I ran into Nadia! We ran together for a bit and then she turned and headed back towards her home.
Runners from all over the city visit these trails on the weekends. I see so many familiar faces each and every time I run there. 

The Run
17 miles (27.2km)
2 hrs 23 min
8:27 avg. pace/mile (5:15 avg. km)

My protein recovery shake included: pineapple, spinach, banana, ice cubes, almond milk and almond butter.

Tempo Tune
Matt sent me a song a while ago and I completely forgot about it and what it was called, lol. Recently I heard this same song on the radio and came home to try and google it. Apparently I had the precipitation incorrect as I was searching "Rains in Mexico" and the song mentions "Snow in Mexico," LOL. The song is actually called Goodbye by Glenn Morrison. You must try is da' jam! I don't think I can pull off talking like that, lol.

So glad you came to visit GGR! Now, go ahead and have a beautiful evening.
Happy Running,
Heather :)


  1. I love seeing people I know in the trail when running!!!

  2. That's quite the tree! I wish I had a pretty trail around me...I think I'm bored of my routes lately. I love that your pre-long run dinner was nachos!

    1. That's funny you say that....I always admire the palm trees in the background on your photos. :)

      Nachos: Meal of champions! LOL

  3. Yummm those nachos look delish! Good thing no big trees fell on you while you were out!

    I'm looking forward to trying salted caramel GU once my miles ramp up a bit!

    1. Oh I know, this tree was massive!

      Hey you can always eat it as a dessert before Mileage climb! ;)