Wednesday, 11 December 2013

His Name is Israel and Mid Week Catch Up

Hey there,
remember me? ;)  

Tempo Tune
Back in July, I heard this song when I was home in Newfoundland. I fell head over heels in love with it and had no idea what it was called. I googled things I recalled from the song to see if that would give me a lead---no luck. Today when I stopped at the store to buy chicken I heard it! I asked the cashier if she knew the name of it.....yes, I do things like that. ;) Guess what: She did! His name is Israel kamakawiwo'ole and he actually passed away in 1997. :(  Check out "Somewhere Over the Rainbow," you will love it....I promise!

Long run day! Well, Semi-long run day. It dawned upon me yesterday that I would have to plot out my 18 week training plan for the Boston Marathon! And day 1 week 1 starts on Monday, December 16!!!

I decided that I'd better take this week as a scale-back mileage week instead of pounding the life out of my legs and feet before the first week of marathon training. :)  Therefore, I did an easy pace for a 1/2 marathon through the trail system. The temperature was once again frigid with strong winds. There was no rain or snow though, so it was all good. :)

The Run
13.1 miles (21.1km)
1 hr 51 min
8:32 avg. pace/mile (5:18 avg. km)

After my run, I went Christmas card shopping..............look familiar??? ;)

 Lola tries to sit so straight and proper for treats whenever she sees me with the <3

I also thought you wouldn't be able to go on without knowing and seeing what I had for dinner on Sunday. Thai stirfry......mmm!
Check out this sunrise! You know what they say about red sky in the morning................

 It makes for a messy snowy run that evening! It's a good thing we're not bears though ;)

I ran easy in the snow flurries around my subdivision and a nearby neighbourhood. The scenery was beautiful with all of the Christmas lights and snow covered trees.

I am always aware of my pace and gait when running in the snow. I've suffered very painful plantar fasciitis during winter running in previous years from trying to get my footing as well as trying not to fall. Therefore, I will not even flirt with that injury by running hard/long/fast in the snow! Especially when my body is adapting to the new surface. Post-snow run, I usually feel like I've went for a very long run on the beach with my legs being sapped of energy and feeling quite sore the next day. These runs for me are definitely based more upon effort than pace.

The Run
4.21 miles (6.7km)
35:25 minutes
8:25 avg. pace/mile (5:14 avg. km)

And what do you know, another snowy run! Secretly I have too much fun running when it's snowing out.....hehe. There is something very youthful about the feeling of a snow run. I also enjoy seeing my own fresh tracks as I circle around a street or go for a second loop on my route. :) 

The Run
5 miles (8km)
41 min 26 sec
8:16 avg. pace/mile (5:08 avg. km)

a nice surprise from the man :)

There was no run today since I had to stay super late at work for the Christmas Concert. But don't you like my flashy necklace??? ;)  My students sure did!

I am hoping to begin my Christmas decorating this weekend now that reports are all done and the concert is done! YAY! Don't worry: There will be Christmas pictures included as soon as the decorating commences. ;)

Well, I'm off to bed now. Watch that footing in the snow and have a wonderful evening!

Happy Running,
Heather :)


  1. Love that song! It was on Kate & 8 Plus Eight when they renewed their vows in Hawaii...sadly I know that, haha. So nice of your husband to get you flowers :)

    1. I wish I had known the name! I googled words like, "Man humming" LOL.

      I love getting flowers! :)

  2. be careful running out there! Sadie keeps slipping on our walks. I will live vicariously through you as you run in the snow because I feel it's a bit too risky for me to do so right now. I am going crazy though because I have only been doing yoga since my gym membership ran out. I want to lift some weights! We need to have a girl night soon!!

  3. Looks like your training is going swimmingly! I'm a little jealous...but your miles are motivating me to get going!

    Love that last pic! So pretty!!