Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Canadian Blogger Christmas Swap & Other Randomness

Okay folks, we're two days into the work week....we got this! My Holiday break is in T-3 days!!!

We've added our extra special Boston medals as a part of our Christmas tree ornaments. :)  Notice how Matt put his higher than mine, ;)
Canadian Blogger Christmas Swap
I was totally excited when Leigh mentioned the Canadian Blogger Christmas Swap! I had never ever taken part in one of these, obviously because I've only been blogging since February! LOL. My package arrived today!!! Lianne sent along this totally fabulous Christmas ornament, which may or may not have made me squeal when I opened it.....lol. I love how my little runner has earphones and a stylin' pony tail too. :)  She also sent along a card that I'm pretty sure this crafty lady made herself and is amazing! Thanks so much Lianne! Hop on over and check out her page will ya'?

Yesterday (Monday)
If you recall on Sunday here in Nova Scotia, we had a ginormous snow storm and I was forced to miss out on a long run and resort to the dreadmill???  I say that jokingly of course since I was forever grateful for the treadmill when the streets outside were of skating rink caliber! P.S. We are getting more snow tonight and an even bigger storm this coming Sunday! :( 

Because of the storm, the streets and sidewalks were absolutely treacherous on Monday. Driving to and from work was a real challenge which made me appreciate the fact that day 1 of my 18 week Marathon Training  Program started with 'Cross training/strength!'  I worked out at home for about an hour with ab and arm exercises. Watching ELF made the workout fly by! LOL. One of my favourite lines from the film: "I'm a cotton headed ninny muggins," LOL!!!

Still totally slippery and dangerous outside today from all of the ice. :(  But, Yay for my Yak Tracks!!!

My schedule called for a 3 mile run today. I took it nice and easy in fear of face planting on the street. Yep, it's that crazy out. But oh my, did it ever feel good to get out and RUN!

Check out my mini-tree on the front steps...hehe. :D
The Run
3.5 miles
29:26 minutes
8:19 avg. pace/mile

I'm so glad you popped by for a visit with GGR! Have a wonderful evening!

Mother Nature is not getting a Christmas Card from me. That is all.

Happy Running,
Heather ;)


  1. LOVE the ornament you received! I wonder where she found it? Either way, it's awesome. So glad it arrived :)

    1. Yes, I love it too! The Blogger Swap is super fun and I definitely want to do it again next year! :)

  2. Such a cute ornament!
    You have a snow day today!! That's awesome, now only 2 days until break:D

    1. it is cute....I love it!

      The Snow Day was the best Christmas gift ever!!! 2 days to go ;)

  3. Love the ornament! I'm buying Yak Traks today....it looks my first winter of running might be a bit challenging!!!

    1. Yes this Winter is certainly coming in in full force!

  4. Man, I should put my medals on the tree! Maybe when I have a few more, they'll be the only ornaments we need!

    I have two half days until break. It can't get here fast enough!!

    1. We were going to put all our medals on but it was much too heavy....LOL.

      I'm so excited to enjoy my Holiday Break of eating and relaxing :D

  5. I love that ornament! I bought a running shoe ornament from Target and my husband bought a beer mug one, haha.

    1. :0 Target has running shoe ornaments?! I'm going to get one tomorrow! LOL.

      I have to say that I'm pretty smitten over the one I received from Lianne though :D