Saturday, 30 November 2013

Where Did November Go????

I'm sure you are aware that tomorrow marks the first of December. :0  This entire year is flying by before my eyes. November feels like it has been a blip on my radar since I've been buzzing about doing ten zillion things, possible exaggeration. I always feel this way during report card season. ;)

Running has been my saving grace. It has allowed me to pound away stress and embellish in mental clarity with each and every stride.

My zero running day, (mixed feelings on this one as you know).

I was able to join some of my fellow lady coworkers for an after school Yoga session though. The VP at my school is a Yoga instructor and is teaching the practice 2x a week. This was the first day my schedule has permitted me to go. I warned everyone before hand that my super tight legs might sound similar to twigs snapping during the workout. Never fear, all limbs are still in tact ;)

I will certainly take advantage of this after school Yoga throughout the year. My legs have been thanking me all day. :) My VP also left us with a very relevant piece of advice that we could all relate to: She told us that instead of being overwhelmed and stressed for all the things we have to do on our ever-growing list, be proud of what did accomplish today and feel success in that. I have already started to process this in my own thinking.

My day of course started out walking with my best chick. She demands that her workout comes before mine. Diva. ;)  Hmmm, look at that frost on the car windows...Brr!
As I headed out the door for my run, Matt said, "Gee you look like a runner." LOL.....I thought this was really funny.

It was a frosty early morning run. The trail was quite pretty though as I ran along with the trees glistening. :) I saw a few other runners today along the path. Not that many though. There was this one guy who I saw coming towards me in a fluorescent yellow jacket, which by the way was very cool.  I've seen him before but only on my runs. He yelled out to me, "You're fast!" I didn't know what to say so I laughed and shouted back "Thanks, you too!"  It's good to hear that when you feel like you're chugging along. ;)

Today was one of those days I didn't want to stop running. And I truly believe that if I didn't have to rush home to drop Lola off for her appointment, I would have ran further. Today was certainly an I <3 to Run day. :)
Sporting the Blue and Yellow on the
run today. :)

The Run
11 miles (17.6km)
1 hr 27 minutes
7:57 avg. pace/mile (4:56 avg. km)

November Numbers
Total mileage for the month: 176.34 miles (282.1km)
Total mileage for 2013: 1692.39 miles (2707.82km)

Post-run I headed out to run another bazillion errands. Note to self: Don't leave every single thing on the list to do for the weekend....LOL.

One particular errand was a trip to Lulu....Okay, that was not an errand---it was a TREAT! ;)  I ended up chatting with two of the workers there for a while about running, and then they couldn't get me to shush up! They're avid runners as well with aspirations to do the full Marathon at the Blue Nose........You can totally do it!

Someone had a doggy day at the spa. A.K.A. Lola is in dire need of a grooming. I just love how her groomer decked her out all festive. <3  
Now go and enjoy the rest of your weekend and thanks for stopping by GGR!
Do you count your monthly totals?
If yes, how far have  you run this month? Share your success!
Happy Running,
Heather :)
The Santa Shuffle is in 7 days! 


  1. You looked really strong when I saw you today!!!

  2. Running related question for you - have you always been fast or is it something you've had to work on? I really want to take time off my marathon time, but feel overwhelmed that I could keep it up for that long. Half marathon is no problem mentally though.

    1. Hey Leigh,
      Thanks.....I don't usually think of myself as a runner with speed as opposed to a runner with endurance. :) I run nearly every day and having high mileage seems to work best for me to stay 'fast'....word used loosely, lol. When I was routinely into strength training, I noticed a big change in my speed. With a strong musculoskeletal structure you will be your strongest and fastest as opposed to doing all cardio. I also incorporate at least one 'fast tempo run' a week into training. :)

      With the marathon the biggest muscle you'll need to train, is your brain. Trust me! Once you tell yourself you can't maintain pace, you won't. Go in confident and you'll have a spectacular race. :)

  3. "I love to run" days are the best!

    November is seriously the shortest month of the school year. I can't believe my students are on break in 3 more weeks!

    1. November totally zoomed by!

      I am eagerly anticipating Holiday break Report cards are burning me out! :0 Plus they're interfering with my running ;)