Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Tunes, Birthday, Run & Pics off the Phone

Yes, it's back to the wind and grind of the work week. But hey, we need to hustle somehow to afford all those race fees and that super cool running gear. ;)

Tempo Tune
Let's kick this post off with an awesome tune you MUST add to your running playlist! Did that sound bossy? lol.  I'm just very excited about this one. It's "Demons," by Imagine Dragons! And you know what, I am still really digging their hit, "Radioactive" on my runs. Okay, so they're awesome. :) 

My birthday was pretty darn great. :) Courteney gave me some great treats...apparently she knows a little bit about me....LOL. Coffee, a subscription to Canadian Running Magazine AND a Road ID!!!!

I am so in love with my birthday boots from Matt. How cute are they!?

And, who doesn't love pizza and garlic fingers!?!? :D  Oh yeah, topped off with Cheesecake! ;) 

Monday  turned out to be a Rest day for me. I had decided I'd go run a short run with the group in the neighbourhood, but decided against it when I was sniffley and sore all day and I didn't want to provoke my already fragile immune system.  Yep....I'm playing it safe. 

Tuesday  was a pretty busy day at work, followed by a yearly check up at my {cough} Female specializing doctor, that rhymes with Rhino. ;)  He told me I'm as healthy as can be and also that I'm 2 lbs heavier than last year!!!! He quickly assured me it was '"All muscle. Clearly in my legs from all the training," {Raised eyebrow}. I'm sure it has nothing to do with my post-marathon food celebrations I've been having.  ;)

I was super pumped to try out my newest running gizmo tonight. Check this baby out: Now you see me. Now you don't............or do you???? ;) 
I've been looking high and low, as well as online, for a running vest to keep my core warm on cool runs, but not too hot on warmer days. I wasn't having any luck until Saturday when I found the Saucony LED running vest! There is a battery in the pocket that you can click to even make it flash, you know, all robotic. I justified it as my birthday treat to myself, and having some $$$ from your parents doesn't hurt either. ;) I remember a time I would have felt like a dork wearing this. But you know what: after nearly getting smushed into the asphalt on a few occasions, I think this light up vest is pretty darn stylin'!
The Run
7 miles
54:20 minutes
7:45 avg. pace/mile

Tonight's run was fuelled by my after school snack of pitas and hummus. This is such a Runner Friendly snack that's filling and good for you! I am already apologizing to my Literacy kids who I teach in close proximity for my 'Garlic' scent' that I will have tomorrow.
Phone Pics
So my phone has a bazillion shots on it. Some of them from the past few days can be seen here:
I don't even know what 'Titsworth' is, but I'm pretty sure I didn't pay for anything of the nature when I bought this headband. Lol.

Clearly I had to have a Red Cup on my Birthday!

Google knew it was my Birthday......that is strange for so many reasons.

Yes, because you are my homies, you get to see this lame tooth fairy with Strep.....I am THAT glamorous.... ;)

And some kisses for the road.  <3

Thanks again for checking in on GGR. Have a wonderful evening!

Happy Running,
Heather :)
The Lucky 7 Relay is in 12 days!!!


  1. LOVE LOVE the vest!!!!!!!

    I think you've been a tooth fairy for too many years now...it's time to switch things up!!!!! LOL

    1. haha...yes, but it's always such a big hit with the little ones!

  2. I've been looking for a vest too! Not sure I can afford a fancy LED one though. I think it looks great!

    The Tooth Fairy is an awesome costume! LOL

    The first time I noticed that Google knew my birthday I was totally freaked out!

    1. Most places replaced their vests with winter running jackets now, so I was all set to purchase one I found online, until I spotted this one at sport check. I would have never bought it if it wasn't a birthday thing. ;)

      My students loved the tooth fairy, lol. I had a bag with me that I put blocks in and told them it was teeth....you should have seen their faces!

      Yep....Google spooked me!

  3. Love the Tooth Fairy costume, consistency is key!

  4. Yes, Demons!! Definitely my favorite running song right now!!

    1. It has been on repeat since I downloaded it......... LOL :D