Saturday, 23 November 2013

Some Runnin', Some Eatin', Some Shoppin'

Howdy! ;)
I was about to write, "Happy Weekend," and realized that's the way I usually start every Saturday post. So let's go with "Howdy" today.

I've been kind of occupied with many many other work related things since I last posted on Tuesday. I'm essentially doing 2 jobs at my school and now that Term 1 is winding down, Assessments and Reports are 'a-calling!' Deep breaths and this magnificent mocha will get me through it. :D


Nadia and I met up after work on Wednesday for some Running Rambling (my favourite type of rambling by far),  and the before mentioned mocha. I travelled with her to Boston and have kept in contact with her ever since then.  I'm totally psyched for her to be returning to Boston for the 2014 Marathon and we talked a lot about training and future marathons. After our conversation, I was super pumped to get my run in.   
 Did you get a hug? 

I should tell you that I had only planned to do an easy 5 miles on Wednesday. Running at night, while attempting to run your Winter training loop in reverse, may lead to  you getting lost. Yep. That happened. I wasn't technically lost per say.  I just kept ending up at a dead end.....twice....before I found the street I was looking for. Goodness gracious.

The Run
6.4 miles (10.24 Km)
50 min 51 sec
7:57 avg. pace/mile (4:56 avg. Km)

I was totally exhausted when I got home from work today. Story of my life, lol. I decided I would run my loop the regular way since being adventurous gets me lost. :S I ran at an easy pace due to the fact that I hadn't taken a rest day since I couldn't actually remember when. Pretty sure it was parent-teacher day (Nov. 13).  Needless to say, my legs were stale. Therefore, I knew I'd better play it safe.

The Run
5.1 miles (8.16 Km)
42 minutes
8:15 avg. pace/mile (5:08 avg. Km)
Oh  yeah, look what arrived in the mail today!!!!
 I totally wore these around the house after my run. Even if it was just a 5 miler. ;) These will be the compressions worn at my next Marathon. Aren't they super cool!?!?

REST!!!!!!!  My School Board helped me out with this too since we had a PD day. :D  The day was still mentally exhausting, but I wasn't kept busy by 23 little 6 and 7 year I did walk almost 2 miles with Lola. But let's face it, the pace was nothing to be envious of. There were snails passing us on the sidewalk as she sniffed every fence post and piece of grass. :S

Rest days work people! I always feel rejuvenated after a day or two of rest. I am not always the cheeriest person on cette Rest day however. ;) 

I hit up the trail early this morning to do a medium steady run. After pounding the pavement all week my legs enjoyed the soft surface of the trail today.

The Run
7.5 miles (12 Km)
1 hr
8:05 avg. pace/mile (5:01 avg. Km)

 Matt always knows the key to my heart........leaving a Gatorade out for me as soon as I get in the door!
I am convinced that there is no better recovery meal than Cora's Waffles...mmm! Yes, I actually finished this ginormous pile of food + a side of scrambled eggs and 2 coffee. :)  Fuel for tomorrow's long run, right? ;) You'd think I could open my eyes a little more huh?

Talks about work, running, self-defence, clothing and other miscellaneous items, allowed 2 hrs to go by super quick for Erin and I!
After our brunch-date, I hit up the book store & the Running Room and got some goodies. :)
Nadia suggested I pick up 'Born to Run,' by Christopher McDougall. I can't wait to dive into it after hearing what she had to say about it. The other one is 'Run Faster'.......I've been meaning to pick this one up for a while now.  Today was the day. :)
Tomorrow I plan on running long. I haven't had a good long run in forever now and I'm dying to make myself completely drained and exhausted.......good times! ;)
Thanks again for visiting GGR!
Happy Running,
Heather :)


  1. Ummm....didn't you just run a 1/2 marathon 2 weekends ago for a training run? LOL You will love Born to Run!!! It continues to amaze me at the amount of food you can consume. LOL

    1. lol....totally not the same feel.

      My food consumption: be amazed, be very amazed ;) LOL

  2. love your socks! I read Born to Run and it is a good read!

    1. I am really digging the socks too :) I'm super excited to get report cards out of the way so I can indulge in some major reading about running :D

  3. Those compression socks are too cute...this is why I love ProCompression!! I wish they made the argyle in sleeves alone, and not just the full socks!

    1. This is officially my last pair, I think. ;) I get way too excited whenever I get a new pair. :D