Sunday, 10 November 2013

Run Like a Champ, Eat Like a King ( or Queen)

Yep, that's been pretty much my motto these days. Running, followed by immediate replacement of calories spent.  No complaints here though. :)
After Yesterday's run, I headed over to the Mall to pick up a few things. First stop: Starbucks! My FIL gave me a Starbucks gift card for my birthday that was burning a hole in my wallet. I was looking forward to a tall Pumpkin Spice Latte with all my heart and soul.  I asked the cashier if they 'still made the PSL,' with my "Please don't shatter my dreams of the sweet goodness by saying No," facial expression. He completely read my body language as an opportunity for kicks, (raised eyebrow). "I'm sorry mam, we do not." (Immediate frown....dreams shattered).  "JUST Kidding!" he says. LOL.  What the heck?

After I shopped 'til I dropped....not really, I just like the saying, :) I became instant friends with the Candy Cane ice cream at Laura Secord! mmm.
Lola wasn't too sure about this shih Tzu ornament I bought......hehe. 

Matt and I had a 'date night dinner' after all of the shopping was done. I love these little chicken wraps, and who doesn't love pasta salad!?
Sunday Run
This morning I had true intentions of running 20km (12.5miles). That is until a few people in our local neighbourhood running group started posting pictures of their 13.1 mile stats! LOL. How could I run 1km less???? I really wasn't sure if my 'recovering from the marathon' legs would do it. I therefore ran at a nice easy pace for the total half marathon distance.

It was an excellent running day in the trail. I decided today that I'd count all the runners I saw. Once I got up to 15, I kind of forgot to keep counting, lol. Basically in my <2 hrs of running, I saw approximately 20 runners! 

I even saw a group of the Kilometres & Cocktails Running ladies. Some of us was really cool. :)

The Run
13.1 miles
1 hr 48 min
8:17 avg. pace/mile
I had a brunch date with my good friend Jana after my run. Jana and I had a lot to chat about. We're teaching the same things and her husband runs too, so she totally understands my 'craziness.'  
I can safely say my Runger was satisfied. :D I had to order the bacon:  During the first mile of my run I kept smelling Sunday morning breakfast bacon as I ran down the street...mmm. 

How was your Sunday Runday?
Do your friends/coworkers think you are insane when you talk about running?

In case you are wondering, I am planning on changing the name of my blog to "Girl MUST go running to burn off all the food she's eating!" LOL.....just kidding. ;)

Thanks for checkin' in on GGR and have a beautiful evening.

Happy Running,
Heather :)
The Lucky 7 Relay is in 7 days!!!


  1. 1:48 Half for an easy Sunday morning run, wow, no wonder you are a Boston Marathoner!!!!!

  2. Look at that breaky!! Is that Coras??

  3. nice little half marathon this morning:D
    I'm looking forward to my second red cup from Starbucks this Saturday at the Holiday Parade:)
    Have a good day off tomorrow!

    1. Yes, sort of like an impromptu half ;)

      I can't believe the holiday parade is already upon us!

      Enjoy the extra day off!

  4. Okay, I love PSL but I still haven't had one yet this season!! I think it's because I've been to busy to get coffee. I guess I'll need to grab some before Thanksgiving, because I think that's when it goes away. But now the egg nog one is back and I do love that... Now I'm conflicted!

    1. Oh you have to hurry and get one in! Last year I went in just before Christmas and they were no long making them :(

      I've had the egg nog one as well.....and the peppermint mocha! :D I Love them all!!!