Monday, 11 November 2013

Remembrance Day Run

I feel that I have had a very productive day on my day off.  Unlike some little furry friends. Yes I placed the Gorilla's hand there....hehe.
The flower beds finally got cleared out in time for winter and some of my summer things on the deck are now camping out in the shed until the spring. :(  I also vacuumed and conquered that mountain of laundry, okay more like an ant But it still felt productive!

With the changing of seasons my little Chinese Lanterns are changing too. I'd never seen the inside before, just the beautiful orange shell. Check it out:
Today's Remembrance Day Run with the neighbourhood running group was fuelled by:
Hot Chocolate Date with a friend. :) 
Yes, I am still loving my combat boots. :)
As well as this massive and explosive baked potato! The Hungry Runner Girl had recently been posting pictures of her baked potatoes and it really got me craving one! As you can probably see, Salsa is my favourite thing to top it with. :)
What's your favourite thing to top a baked potato with?
Remembrance Day Run
A group of us runners in the neighbourhood got together this afternoon for a quick jaunt through the trail.
We ran a total of 6 miles together.  It was great running weather once again today.  I thought I dressed considerably cool with my vest and long sleeve shirt, but my body clearly generates a lot of heat on the run since I was pretty much roasting by 3 miles in. 
After yesterday's 13.1 mile training run, I wasn't sure my legs would hold up today. But they did. :) My plan was to take it super slow and easy.  However when you run with a group, the atmosphere and running chatter can pull you along.  We ran a pretty steady pace together and talked the entire way! After we ran together, I ran the 0.3 of a mile home to shake out the legs since we stopped so suddenly and stood chatting. Which by the way I enjoy. :) 
The Run
6.3 miles
51 minutes total
8:10 avg. pace/mile
Now it's off to foam roll I go!
Thanks again for paying GGR a visit.  I am delighted when you stop by! :)
Happy Running,
Heather :)
The Lucky 7 Relay is in 6 days!!! 


  1. I can't wait to join you guys after baby. I went for a 6km run this morning, I'm a little slow for the group at this point;) Lola is always looking so relaxed lol!

    1. Lola chills like a player! ;) LOL

      You are not slow for the group! There were runners there today at every level I'm pretty sure. :) And you know what they say about a runner's body post baby! ;) Not to mention all that upper body strength you'll build pushing those running strollers!

  2. Looks like you caught Gorilla and Lola in a compromising position haha!!

    Those lanterns are amazing! Are they real plants?!

    1. LOL....I Know! They look quite cozy. ;)

      They are real. The lantern is usually covered by an orange shell in Sept-Oct. But now with the cooler air, they are breaking down. I had no idea what was inside until today!

  3. Finally getting caught up on my blog reading and am realizing I missed commenting on your birthday! I'm a bad blogger friend. Happy Belated Birthday :) It looks like you had a great day!

    That's so funny you had a baked potato - I literally just had one for lunch. I love topping mine with chilli and green onion! So yummy.

    1. Ha....I caught up on blogs Friday night! Thank for the bday wish. :) As a runner I'm enjoying getting older.....pretty soon, I'll only need a 3:40 for Boston! ;)

      I'm now hooked on baked potato! We've had them a few nights in a