Thursday, 14 November 2013

Parent-Teacher, 2 Runs & a Green Shake

Oh yes, it's nearly the weekend and there are zero complaints here! ;)  Not to mention that I have a race on Sunday!!! :D  This is no ordinary race either. It's a 1/2 marathon divided up between three team members, each who will run 7km. Super fun. Send some speedy vibes over to the Swift Bloggers!

After work today I headed out without even knowing how far I'd go for my run. We had snow flurries and it actually stuck to the ground a bit.  The sidewalks were completely clear though for my run. :) 

I ended up going out just past the post office since I felt so good, and then headed home. My recovery drink was the Blue Monkey Coconut Water. I am really acquiring a taste for this stuff. :) 

The Run
7.2 miles (11.5km)
58:26 minutes
8:07 pace/mile (5:03 pace/km)

Yep. It's parent-teacher time. My evenings leading up to parent-teacher looked pretty much like the below slippers/clipboards picture. The morning of, I got all fancied up with my favourite owl tee, which proved to be a huge hit among my students, and even my admin.! :D It's sort of hard to tell, but he has a gold sequin mask around his eyes. :)
Parent-Teacher day is always made better when a staff member makes THESE! Goodness, gracious, these were dandy. ;) It's a chocolate chip cookie, molded into a cupcake pan with a Hershey kiss in the centre!

Needless to say, I did not get a run in on Wednesday. :( Forced Rest day. I feel like parent-teacher was a 'Marathon of sorts.' ;)  Secretly, when the term "Marathon" is used to describe an extended period of TV watching it makes me twitch a little with annoyance, LOL.  I was totally exhausted at the end of all my interviews. The forced rest day just made me more eager for Thursday's Run! :D

Can we just talk about the moaning and crying that was going on at 6 a.m. this morning as I was checking e-mails??? Some little furry face diva thought that would be the best way to score some treats from the pantry, (raised eyebrow). No, it did not work.

I was totally pumped to run tonight after work since I had no run recorded in my log for yesterday. :0 Even though I was completely zonked from the late evening at work the night before, I was full of energy. The temperature was absolutely perfect and of course, I overdressed. Again. :S

The Run
8 miles (12.8km)
1 hr 3 min
7:54 avg. pace/mile (4:55/km)
My recovery shake tonight included:
  • 1 cup spinach
  • banana
  • frozen pineapple
  • almond butter
  • one scoop of whey protein
  • chia seeds
  • ice cubes
  • vanilla almond milk
  • blend & enjoy!

Have  you tried Rainbow Kale Salad? I have not up until recently and I must admit, it was a hit. :)  I've only had Kale in chip form, but this is definitely something I could get used to.

Tempo Tune
I will leave you with my newest addition to my Running Playlist. It's Pearl Jam's new single, "Sirens." I'm addicted to this song. Check it out. :)

Thanks for checking out GGR and have a wonderful evening.

Happy Running,
Heather :)
The Lucky 7 Relay is in 3 days!!!


  1. That half sounds so interesting! I think long races should always offer a relay option because it just sounds so fun!

    1. I agree! This is a very fun half. It's also a loop so you see your teammates a few times during their leg. :D

  2. I look at your evening race times and it still boggles my mind how you get your legs to move that're amazing! Could you taste the spinach in the shake? Green shakes scare me. LOL
    Can't wait for Sunday and the weather looks great!!!

    1. Haha....thanks Courteney!

      You cannot taste the spinach.....more so the almond butter. :) I add the pineapple for some citrus taste as well.

      Sunday will be super fun!