Sunday, 3 November 2013

Never Judge a Run by the First Mile...

Happy Sunday Runday folks!

I am feeling a whooole lot better now since taking my meds. That being said, I AM being smart about recovery and taking things easy.  Never judge a run by the first mile. Definitely legit words for both of my weekend runs!

My body really benefits from taking 2 rest days! I usually do this before a race and with my strep infection this past week it was highly recommended that I take an additional day off from running.  I was super eager to go run today.  I planned a nice flat route (Coke plant and back) along the gravel trail. The run felt great!

My only complaint: I overdressed.  Matt told me to wear shorts and a t-shirt when he came home from his run.  But let's face it: that sounds like a less than genius idea when you're in a nice cozy house in your pj's and robe...and it's NOVEMBER! Mile 1: What is Matt talking about?! I'm definitely appropriately dressed! Mile 2: Holy Hannah, I'm roasting! Luckily I ran in layers and I could peel off my wind breaker to tie around my waist. I've always agreed with the statement "If you warm up during the first 10 minutes of running, you've overdressed," and today I didn't even listen to good advice. Shame on me.
The Run
7 miles
55:40 minutes
7:57 avg. pace/mile
Every almost birthday girl should come home from a run like this:

After my run I was highly motivated to indulge in some retail therapy. :D  This exhausted me so much I insisted we go out for almost birthday nachos. :D Since Lola isn't allowed in the restaurant she gets to have timbits at the drive through. She's very easy to please when it comes to food!

With an extra hour of sleep, I thought I'd be ready to head out for my run reasonably early today.  And then it started to it was quite windy. :S I do run in all kinds of weather, but with Coronation Street on and I having missed a couple of episodes this week it just seemed like the perfect excuse to hang on and see if the rain held up.  And then it did. :) 

Today was one of those runs that I didn't want to start, with it being so chilly and drizzly. Even 1/2 mile in I was thinking about how much more comfortable I'd be cozied up on the couch with Lola. I thought, "This is just going to be a crappy run."
Exhibit A: Lola makes it hard to leave and go run.

After a mile and a bit, I was proved wrong. I settled into my pace and enjoyed the crisp air.  There were a few other runners out and about as well which always makes me smile. I ran in the trail today at a super easy pace. My left hamstring talked to me the whole way if you know what I mean.  So I certainly didn't want to flirt with injury and played it safe. When I got home I foam rolled that baby to bits.

 The Run
10 miles
1hr 25 min
8:34 avg. pace/mile

Along with foam rolling, I added a protein shake into my recovery today as well. I find these to be very filling since I add in practically every fruit I can, chia seeds, almond milk, and protein powder. It makes 2 tall glasses! :0
I finally got around to downloading my pro shots of the PEI Marathon. Since I spent hard earned $$$ on them, I insist you take a peek. :)  

 So there you go. I hope you enjoyed them :D

Lastly, I need to show you how much our front entrance resembles an Asics store........
I hope you had a Runderful weekend and logged some smiley miles on the roads or trails, wherever you may be. Thanks so much for stopping by GGR and have a spectacular day!

What distance did you run this weekend?
Do  you get overly excited when it's your 'Almost birthday?'

Happy Running,
Heather :)
My Birthday is in one day! You still have Shopping time left. ;)
The Lucky 7 Relay is in 14 days!!!


  1. Love the Asics loyalty!

    I always underdress for a run. I just know I'm going to heat up, so if it's 65 or warmer, I dress like it's summer! Love the marathon pics!!

    1. We love asics in this house!

      I need to do something to remind me that I will heat up! Running when you're hot, just isn't