Friday, 1 November 2013

My Week in Running and some REST

TGIF :D and I bet you really agree during this Halloween week!

Monday  Ran with the group for 3.4 miles total. You can read about it here.

Ran in a nearby subdivision with some rolling hills. It felt good to push my body again.  I also ran in my Kayanos that I wore at the PEI marathon for the first time since race day.  I feel a special bond with these shoes now. :)  There was even still dried red soil in the grooves of them!

The Run
3.4 miles
26:58 minutes
7:56 avg. pace/mile

Dinner: Chicken, Kale chips with sea salt & red pepper/garlic seasoning and bow tie pasta. :)
Sporting my new pop over from Target here! Note to self: Do not even venture into the clothing section of Target when you are just shopping for Halloween treats. You may end up
 spending $91! :0

The Run
6.25 miles (10km)
50 minutes
8:06 Avg. pace/mile

unexpected Rest day. A visit to the doctor after not being able to swallow all day determined that I did indeed have Strep. :(  FYI: I am already feeling better....gotta love antibiotics!

Dr's orders: "Drink tea and soup. You'll feel better."

My thing to do when I'm 'sick' is to drink honey/lemon tea. A first grade student of mine told me to do that in 2008! :) I still do it and it works!

After I left the Dr's office I ran into my speedy friend Erin at the Pharmacy! I love impromptu chat dates in the Band-Aid isle. ;)  It was great though since we got to spill about our current Runner problems. You know, blisters, injuries, sicknesses, less than stellar race and stuff.
Friday is usually my REST day anyway. But according to the Pharmacist, I need to take an extra Rest day this week due to the Strep. Okay, I guess. :(  Side note about the Pharmacist: During our consult about my meds I asked her, in a sort of panicked fashion, "When can I run again?!?!" Her reply: "Oh, I remember you!" LOL.  She is also the Pharmacist I interrogated when I got a sinus and chest infection before the Boston Marathon. She gave me a piece of advice since I always tend to get sick during marathon season: "You need a multi-vitamin."  Advice heeded.  Plus it doesn't hurt that they taste just like Skittles!!!
And did I tell you my birthday is coming up!? All presents welcome ;)
Yay....Birthday mail from my sister Carla! How well does she know me?! Super awesome smelly body gels, soaps and shampoo, Scented candle, Salty snacks and a Starbucks Card!!! Score!  Plus, she always puts cute stickers on the packaging. :)  Thanks!

Back to my Friday (Sick day) :( 
There is a lot of Friends reruns playing, some soup making is also happening and I may be in comfy sweats. Since I am out of the running game today, I chose to wear my Boston T-Shirt to remind me of my strength. It was between that and my Runalicious shirt that reads "Some girls chase boys, I pass 'em." I love that one!

As a heads up, I DO plan on running tomorrow morning. :) 

I love when you stop by to visit GGR!

Happy Running,
Heather :)
The Lucky 7 Relay is in 16 days!!!


  1. Feel better soon Heather!! I've been fighting a sinus/chest 5 for me on antibiotics and I'm still coughing up a storm! This week was actually a good week for me to be sick...not that it's good to be sick...I was the running clubs "Learn to Run Leader" so easy runs for me this week but like you I'm planning on a nice 10K early am before I take the group at 8:00am!! your soup recipe...I'm always looking for new ideas. Have a good weekend!!

    1. Thanks Janice, you too! Many runners I know are battling respiratory ailments right now. Recovery is key so it doesn't escalate!

      That must be cool leading a LTR group!

      Enjoy your weekend and Happy Running!

  2. Oh no, I've had strep so many times and it is not fun at all! Hope those antibiotics are kicking in and you feel better soon!

    1. Thanks Leigh....they are doing their thang. ;)

  3. ps- can you send me an email with your email address? It isn't linked when you comment on my blog and I need it for the blog swap :)

    1. I just emailed you my address. :D Thanks!

  4. Hey girl....I'm going to sing you the get well need to add the music in your head though..."Get Well...Get Well Soon...we want you to get well." Do you remember that Seinfeld episode???

    Can't wait to give you your birthday gift. :-) I kind of went outside the box this year. :-)

    1. hahaha, I want to watch that now! You can sing it if it is accompanied by a cake ;)

      And as long as I don't have to get in 'the box' it's all good. :)