Sunday, 17 November 2013

Lucky 7 Recap: My Fastest 7km Ever!!!

Happy Sunday Runday everyone! Where were you lacing up today?

ErinCourteney and I headed to the Commons in downtown Halifax for the Lucky 7 Relay. This was my second year running this event and once again, it was super fun! Since all three of us blog regularly about our running adventures, we thought the name "Swift Bloggers" was quite fitting. :) 

If you know either of us very well, you understand that we do not turn down the opportunity to run in a tutu. ;) Courteney also made t-shirts with our blogs on them.....very neat!  And, as I surprisingly realized this weekend, I own two. Two Tutus. ??? Do not ask me why, as I have no idea. LOL.

For a chilly November day, running in shorts did not phase me.  I think it was my three layers of shirts on the top that kept my body roasting. And also makes me look a solid 30 lbs heavier I might add!
I was running the third leg today. As I cheered Courteney and then Erin, my stomach reminded me that I had not eaten anything since 7 a.m. My leg started at 11:30. Bless Erin's heart, she gave Courteney and I little goodie bags that had all the Winter running necessities in it. She's such an awesome Captain. :)  And, by necessities, I was referring to the mini packets of candy inside. I downed all three packs like nobody's business and began my race.
I started close to the front of the pack and I got many strange looks as if to say, "What the heck is a tutu-wearing runner doing near the front???" Well my friends, "chicking guys," while dressed as seen above, is much more fun than passing guys in just normal running clothes. Just sayin'. ;)
I ran my guts out, literally as seen above. Just remember, you only get to see the puking photo because I love you guys. ;) My run was 24 seconds faster than last year.

The Run
4.39 miles (7km)
30:28 minutes
6:57 avg. pace/mile (4:19 avg. km)

Ahh, the trifecta of bling....Such a sweet thing. :)

Post race, Erin and I headed to a nearby coffee shop to meet up with fellow blogger friend Janet for the first time ever in real-life! We chatted for two hours! I enjoyed all of the running and blogging chatter with these two fantastic gals, as well as the candy cane latte....mmm. Any other Halifax running bloggers out there???
Well I hope you've enjoyed my recap. If you are in the area next November definitely give this relay a try. They serve warm oatmeal in between legs for the runners......if you're motivated by things like food as I tend to be. ;) Also, since the 7km leg consists of doing loops around the Commons, you get to see your teammates cheering you 4 times before the finish. :D
Now go and have an awesome evening and thanks for checkin' out GGR!
Happy Running,
Heather :)
Next up: The Santa Shuffle 5km!!!


  1. GIRL POWER!!!

    No seriously, I love when I see women dressed "silly" and then they kick serious butt at races! GREAT job girl!!

    1. Thanks Ali! I will suggest running in a tutu at any opportunity available. It was so fun!

  2. Dang you are speedy! Congrats on a great run :)

  3. Just remember that only best friends would take a picture of you puking before asking how you are doing and rubbing your back....I know blog pics are important. LOL

    1. Blog pics ARE important ;) Thanks for the great shots!

  4. Great run as always! Xo

  5. So good to meet you!! I had a great time :)

    It looks like you weren't the only one to feel a bit sick at the end - I don't think the girl in blue in your finishing photo is loving life!

    Congrats on your super speedy time!

    1. Thanks Janet! So awesome to meet you too! :)

      Funny thing is I didn't even notice her expression at first! LOL. Needless to say, she wasn't feeling so lucky at that moment. ;)